Saudi Arabia Imprisons More Dissidents

We already know about Raif Badawi and his lawyer, who are political prisoners in Saudi Arabia. Now the Saudi government has sentenced three more lawyers to many years in prison for daring to criticize the government for doing things like imprisoning lawyers for criticizing the government.

A Saudi Arabian court sent three lawyers to prison for terms of between five and eight years on Monday for criticising the country’s judiciary and justice system in messages on Twitter, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Since the 2011 Arab uprisings, the US ally has grown increasingly intolerant of any dissent or criticism aimed at the government, the country’s ruling Al Saud family or the official clergy which provides judges for its Sharia Islamic courts.

The three lawyers, who were not named by local media, were convicted of prejudicing public order through tweets which contained opinions against the ruler, and expressed contempt for the judiciary and undermined it, SPA reported.

Throwing critics in prison, that’ll teach people to criticize the government. Funny, though, not one person in our government has suggested that we need to bring some freedom to Saudi Arabia with an invasion. All our talk about spreading freedom and democracy, which we pull out to justify every unjustified war we want to start, doesn’t seem to apply to our allies — especially when we get a lot of oil from them.

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  • colnago80

    Actually, oil imports from Saudi Arabia are not all that high. About 7% of the oil consumed in the US comes from Saudi Arabia (21% comes from Canada). The importance of Saudi Arabia is their contribution to total world oil production (about 8%).

  • matty1

    I would suggest a kind of effort to bring freedom to Saudi Arabia, not through war of course but I can think of a few things that would at least show willing.

    -Cancel all arms contracts and make any future contracts conditional on improvements in human rights

    -Get a senior politician to visit Saudi and make a speech calling for better human rights

    -Have your ambassador in Riyadh send a formal objection to the king every time this shit happens

    -Make a public offer to grant political asylum to anyone charged with a crime based on criticism of the government etc

  • Chiroptera

    …especially when we get a lot of oil from them.

    Well, admittedly, they are an important ally in our War Against the Planet.