Another Law Firm Quits Boehner’s Ridiculous Lawsuit

For the second time, a law firm has been hired by John Boehner to file his infamous and currently non-existent lawsuit against President Obama and then quit before doing so. The new firm that quit was the one hired to replace the first one that quit.

House Speaker John Boehner’s still-unfiled lawsuit against President Barack Obama for exceeding his constitutional power is in more trouble.

For the second time in two months, a major law firm has ceased work on the lawsuit, sources say.

Attorney Bill Burck and the Quinn Emanuel firm halted preparations for the proposed suit in recent weeks, according to two sources familiar with the situation. Last month, the lawyer originally hired to pursue the case, David Rivkin of Baker Hostetler, made a similar abrupt exit.

A spokesman for Boehner declined to discuss the status of the House’s relationship with Burck and Quinn Emanuel. However, spokesman Kevin Smith said Wednesday evening that House leaders are considering having the lawsuit filed by lawyers already on the House payroll.

“The litigation remains on track, but we are examining the possibility of forgoing outside counsel and handling the litigation directly through the House, rather than through law firms that are susceptible to political pressure from wealthy, Democratic-leaning clients,” Smith said.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the pressure came from Republican-leaning clients, who know how stupid this is going to make them look. And any decent attorney knows that this suit will have a half-life of a few weeks at most before it’s dismissed by the court.

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  • bmiller

    I hope they at least billed The Orange One for a few hours at $1,000 per hour or so!

  • D. C. Sessions

    I wonder how many of those attorneys (including House staff) have pointed out that Rule 11 sanctions go against the attorney, not the client. And this one just reeks of “frivolous.”

  • Trebuchet

    I hope they at least billed The Orange One for a few hours at $1,000 per hour or so!

    I have no doubt at all that they’ve billed many thousands — to the taxpayers. Because nothing says “small government” like wasting tax money on political nonsense.

  • Jared James

    Litigation remains on track to discovering they have no justiciable dispute, about ten minutes after midnight on November 5th.


  • I hadn’t realized that Hollywood was in such bad shape that Kevin Smith quit making movies and started working for Boehner.

  • raven

    I doubt this will ever go to court.

    If it does, Boehner will most likely lose.

    Which means that Obama is in fact, not exceeding his constitutional authority!!!

    Which Boehner already knows anyway. It’s just smoke and mirrors.

  • xuuths

    This is like the firm hired to do the credits for Monty Python’s The Holy Grail, which have been sacked.

  • dmcclean

    That result wouldn’t actually entail your conclusion, raven @7.

    Actions exceeding the president’s constitutional authority, unconstitutional actions for which there exists a person with standing to sue the president, and what the president can get away with are three separate categories with a fairly complicated Venn diagram.

    That said, Boehner certainly knows that this whole sham is smoke and mirrors. And he hasn’t even gotten around to unleashing the smoke yet, so it’s mostly just mirrors and mirrors. 🙂

  • Pianoman, Church of the Golden Retriever

    Speaker Orange-Glo is making himself look bad by making these lawyers look scrupulous!

  • The Boner might actually be dragging this out as otherwise he has to go with impeachment since the Repugs don’t recognize impeachment is not just a referendum. Or, he might be dragging it out to await the Repug Senate so impeachment is actually feasible and we can really waste the next two years. Governing is certainly not on the agenda.

  • Chiroptera

    …House leaders are considering having the lawsuit filed by lawyers already on the House payroll.

    I can hear whimpers from the lawyers’ offices: ” Oh God, please no!”

  • Donnie

    #8 @xuuths

    I am sure Boehner will hire some Llamas to file the lawsuit at the last minute and at great expense.

  • Crimson Clupeidae

    I’d be willing to take this case. It won’t be cheap, but I would do it for the greater good.

    First, he’ll have to pay to put me through law school……

  • Why is this so hard. I’m pretty sure either Orly Taitz or Larry Klayman would take the car pro bono and the outcome would be the same.

  • pickwick

    @5, ModusOperandi:


    That’s a fantastic idea, actually. Lawyers are plentiful and more easily harvested than radioactive materials, and by splitting them, we should be able to supply this nation’s power needs indefinitely. They’re a renewable resource, too: just open additional law schools as needed.

  • jnorris

    I thought the first firm bailed because they used all of Mr Boehner’s money.