BarbWire Runs Another Christian Reconstructionist Column

Matt Barber doesn’t seem to think that any extreme is too extreme for his site BarbWire. They already run columns by Christian Reconstructionist Lee Duigon, now they’ve added Phillip Stallings to their roster. Stallings is described as a “Former Seminary Student, Reformed Christian Apologist and Political Theonomist.” What does that mean? It means he’s a Christian Reconstructionist, as Right Wing Watch points out:

Stallings is identified on BarbWire as a “Political Theonomist.” That’s a term used by Christian Reconstructionists who believe government should be enforcing their interpretation of Old Testament law, like Gary North and Michelle Bachman mentor John Eidsmoe.

Turns out that’s exactly what Stallings believes. His Twitter feed links to a Christian radio show on which he spent nearly half an hour on August 25 arguing that the government should execute homosexuals – or “sodomites.”

It’s my position that the role of the state is morally obligated to obey God’s law…I am for lawful execution of the homosexual.

When the show’s surprised hosts pushed back and asked whether he would support other things called for in the Old Testament, like the stoning of rebellious children, Stallings said God commanded whole nations to be destroyed “all the way down to their children” and that the rebellious son in the Bible was “refusing their parents’ commandments and was openly rebellious in the community.”

And, yeah, I’m for what the Bible teaches in that regard, along with the murderer, and the rapist, and the kidnapper, and in this case the sodomite.

Does Barber agree with this? I don’t know. But he clearly thinks promoting people who hold such a barbaric view is okay.

Update: Barber removed the post from his website and tweeted at Right Wing Watch thanking him for pointing out that Stallings wants gay people put to death. But his site routinely publishes columns from Lee Duigon, who is also a Reconstructionist, and recently published one by Steven Anderson, who has also called for the execution of gays.

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  • theschwa

    “And, yeah, I’m for what the Bible teaches in that regard, along with the murderer, and the rapist…”

    So…forcing the victim to marry her rapist? Oh, to live in such a paradise!!

  • Mike Morris

    Barber thanked RWW? Really? I can only guess at the backlash he got to force that reversal. That might mean there are barbwire readers with a biblical threshold against old testament bullshit.

    Might be tough for old Matt to thread that fund raising path.

  • anubisprime

    Joyous be the xtian that can murder teh gheys’ and his own children with no legal, or other, repercussions!

    Fuckin’ psychopaths!

  • dhall

    Do any of these folks follow Jesus and his alleged teachings, or just the Old Testament stuff? I get a little confused as to which parts of the bible they’ve actually read and chosen to follow–in the broad sense–I know they cherry pick, but they seem to have left the entire New Testament out with their cherry picking.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Well, marrying the rapist only applies if she’s not married.

    If she’s married, both of them are put to death.

  • Scientismist

    From the original article:

    Columnist Philip Stallings bemoans growing support for LGBT equality among millennials, blaming it on “the public school system’s indoctrination of wickedness.”

    Yep, I agree. It’s that “Pledge of Allegiance” what done it! You can only live so long with the hypocrisy of having “Liberty and Justice for all” chanted before a history class before something is going to snap (though mixing in some God-talk may help some to wash it down).

    I’m sure Stallings understands that the triumph of sodomitic wickedness really began about 50 years ago, when states started decriminalizing sin. It’s a lot easier to pretend that you have the moral high ground when you can farm out to the state authorities the dirty work of enforcing your bigotry and hatred, and when all your gay friends and relatives are silenced by fear.

    I remember having that conversation with my father, who understood that “people do that sort of thing,” but wanted to know why they had to talk about it. I told him, point blank, that silence is death. I think he eventually understood after I explained the “pink triangle” to him.

    It has taken about three generations to reach this point, where even the professional bigots balk at talk of a death sentence; and true “liberty and justice for all” will take many more. And, I fear that outside the Western democracies (the ones that Justice Scalia derides as “post-Christian”), it will take hundreds of years, if it ever happens, for the hatred enshrined in religion to burn itself out.

  • Nick Gotts

    “Reformed Christian Apologist”? I suppose it means he’s an apologist for “Reformed Christianity” a.k.a. Calvinism, but it sounds like he was once an apologist for Christinaity, but has now realised how unhealthy that was and given it up, possibly in favour of more wholesome activities such as drug-fuelled orgies!