Christian Coalition of Alabama Opposes Anti-Sharia Referendum

There’s a ballot proposition in Alabama, Amendment One, that would ban any application of “foreign law” by state courts, a measure that is pure anti-Muslim demagoguery. In a surprising development, the Christian Coalition of Alabama has come out against the measure and is criticizing people like Pat Robertson and Bryan Fischer who support it.

Does that make Amendment One a good idea? No, says Alabama Christian Coalition president Dr. Randy Brinson, speaking on behalf of one of the state’s largest network of evangelical Christians. Brinson supports the statements posted by Christians Against Amendment One.

“This is a tremendous waste of effort. It’s is a waste of time and it costs money,” Brinson said Thursday morning, talking with between seeing patients at his medical practice in Montgomery. “This just creates a whole new headache for people involved in foreign adoptions or who get married in another country. My frustration is that people — good people — get behind something like this just because they want to score political points with the Christian community. But it’s redundant – you don’t need to amend the constitution to address these issues. I just don’t think they thought through this particular thing.”…

The unintended consequences Brinson foresees if Amendment One passes is the creation of a new layer of prejudice against Alabamians who are attempting to do business, whether commercial or personal, with people in other countries.

“I understand the sentiment behind this, but Sharia law is not going to be implemented in Alabama, it just isn’t,” Brinson said. “And this would just be another stigma for Alabama, another way of saying to other countries: ‘We don’t respect your laws.'”

“Alabama law – or laws from outside the state — either comports with the law of the United States or they don’t,” Brinson said. “This is just silliness. It’s all something that lawmakers can trumpet back to constituents that they’re protecting Christian values, but they need to be working on other stuff.”

The referendum is sponsored by Sen. Gerald Allen, who is, in fact, an advocate of his own version of Sharia law. This was the same guy who sponsored a bill to ban all books by or about gay people from libraries in the state.

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  • John Pieret

    Dr. Brinson, you seem like a thoughtful guy who has taken the time to learn about this issue and think it through. So, why are you an evangelical Christian again?

  • chilidog99

    What? Reasonable Christians in Alabama?

    Who would have guessed ?

  • Modusoperandi

    The unintended consequences Brinson foresees if Amendment One passes is the creation of a new layer of prejudice against Alabamians who are attempting to do business, whether commercial or personal, with people in other countries.


  • Francisco Bacopa

    I am 100% in favor of Amendment One as a protective measure against Dominionists and other loonies. After all, The Bible is foreign law. Perhaps this is why the Christian Coalition has come out against Amendment One.

  • Larry Kearney

    What? Reasonable Christians in Alabama?

    Comparatively speaking.

  • bmiller

    Francisco makes a good point. Given what the Constitution REALLY says (contra David Barton and his ilk), the United States is not a “biblical republic”. So…could this be a protective law? (Not serious, but….)

  • busterggi

    Ah, but what does the Alabama True Christian Coalition say?

  • dingojack

    Alabama True Christian Coalition?!?

    [spits contemptuously]


    – True Christian Coalition of Alabama.

    😉 Dingo

  • Dr X

    @4 & 6 There’s still an Alabama Mormon or two with their American book. Maybe they’ll see this as an opportunity.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Is this the same Randy Brinson, chairman of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, who claimed that prayers halted the BP oil spill a few years go?

    July 19, 2010

    GULF SHORES — About 100 people gathered in a beach pavilion at Gulf Shores early Sunday to pray for people and wildlife on the Gulf Coast. They also prayed for an end to the oil crisis. The participants said God, not BP or the government, holds the key to resolving the disaster. The president of Evangelical Environmental Network, Mitch Hescox, said it was God that gave engineers the wisdom to finally cap the spewing oil. The chairman of the Christian Coalition of Alabama, said it wasn’t a coincidence that BP announced the cap was working shortly after Congress called for a national day of prayer for the gulf.

  • robnyny

    It’s pretty common for international banking transactions to have documents governed by various countries’ laws. American Constitutional law also relies on. British common law. Letters of credit rely on non-US law.

  • Pseudonym

    @John Pieret: “So, why are you an evangelical Christian again?”

    I’m not an American evangelical and never have been. However, I’m reliably told that there is a significant subset of evangelical Christianity in the US who remember (or were told) what things were like before the late 70s and would be very happy to turn back the clock.

    Jimmy Carter is an evangelical Christian. Bruce Waltke, who celebrated Roe v. Wade in Christianity Today, was an evangelical Christian. The “moral majority”, Falwell, Robertson, and their ilk, are actually upstart newcomers.

  • anubisprime

    Rabid fundy jeebus creepers never ever act in a rational manner, but when they do act, and it appears to be rational, it is invariably because they see an advantage to their own delusional circle jerk, but remember any such appearance of rationality would only ever be an illusion at best.

    Maybe this has more to do with establishing dominionism in their promised land, or something else equally as vapid!

    Possibly some smart assed xtian law undergraduate has pointed out that Christianity is in fact originally an import from the holy land, that firmly puts it in the frame for being banned itself if this legislation goes through…cannot be to careful the devil works in mysterious ways!

  • matty1

    @12 As I understand it the politicisation of Evangelical Christians in the US was the result of very specific circumstances, including the influence of those you mention. In Europe Evangelicals rarely seem to form a voting block and can be all over the place politically. I’ve met born again, young earth creationists who are Che Guevara fans.