Most Hilarious Overreaction of the Week

Despite having already been withdrawn, those Houston subpoenas are now being portrayed by the Christian right as pretty much the only thing going on in the world, the key to understanding everything imaginable. Lutheran pastor Laurence White went on David Barton’s radio show and offered this amusing bit of hyperbolic bullshit:

White remarked that by issuing these subpoenas, which have since been withdrawn, Satan had finally “tipped his hand.”

“What’s happening is The Adversary, in his arrogance and his pride, has become so bold that he’s tipped his hand,” White said. “He’s usually the great masquerader who hides his real goal, bit in this case, he made the mistake of revealing his true agenda.”

This is not a political debate, White declared, but rather proof that the “godless humanism of the religion that has come to predominate throughout our culture” believes itself to be so powerful that it can now openly seek to destroy Christianity.

“Christians may finally begin to recognize how much is at stake here and what we stand to lose,” White hoped. “This is about the integrity of our faith as Christians.”

Don’t you wish you lived in a world where “godless humanism” dominated our culture? Me too. The fantasy world that fundies live in sounds like a great place to me.

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  • eamick

    His church is a member of the Missouri Synod, the fundie Lutherans. Most other Lutherans would consider him a nut job, too.

  • John Pieret

    I have to admit we lawyers are the agents of Satan … look at all the lawyers who drafted (badly) the SSM bans, defended (badly) those bans in court and are (badly) advising state governments to spend lots of taxpayer money on hopeless appeals of lower court decisions in places the unconstitutionality of those bans is well settled!

    Oh, but wait a minute, there are lawyers on the other side as well …

    Neeeevvvveeerrrr mind!

  • colnago80

    Re earnick @ #1

    It is my information that the Wisconsin Synod is even worse.

  • Modusoperandi

    eamick & colnago80, I saw the Missouri and Wisconsin Synods rumble after a Ramones concert in ’81.

  • 12ab

    The Wisconsin Synod is much worse than Missouri Synod.

  • ArabiaTerra

    Here’s a conspiracy theory for you:- These subpoenas were never meant seriously, but instead were issued to rile up the right wing nut jobs to make sure they got out and voted in the mid-terms.


  • Modusoperandi

    12ab “The Wisconsin Synod is much worse than Missouri Synod.”

    It’s better, on account of their being no Synod like a Mid-West Synod, ’cause a Mid-West Synod don’t stop.

  • eamick

    @4: According to my quick check, the Wisconsin Synod is considerably smaller, so my point still stands.

  • dan4

    @6: “Plausible?” No, and if you think otherwise, you’re just being a left-wing equivalent of Alex “False Flag Tourette’s Syndrome” JOnes.

  • dan4

    Jones, not JOnes.

  • sugarfrosted

    @Dan4. Well you know who else denied something was a false flag? Hitler.He also did it… Oh no dan4 is on the inside.