Voices in Glenn Beck’s Head: Obama, Clinton and Soros

Glenn Beck is listening to the voices in his head again, and you’ll be surprised to hear who those voices belong to: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and George Soros. On his show Tuesday, he imagined this hilariously ridiculous conversation between the three of them in 2008:

In fact, Beck said, he is pretty sure that this plan was all laid out in a secret meeting between Clinton, Obama, and George Soros way back in 2008.

Admitting that he has absolutely no evidence to back any of this up, Beck nonetheless spun out his theory about how Soros ordered the unions to back Obama in the Democratic primary as a message to Clinton to “back off” and get out of the way so that Obama could become president, at which point he would implement so many radical policies that he would transform the nation but also become wildly unpopular as a result.

That would then allow Clinton to run in 2016 by pretending to be a moderate who can save the nation, thereby allowing her to waltz into the White House and complete the total transformation of our country.

“You will be the mother of the country, where [George] Washington was the father of the country,” Beck imagines Soros having told Clinton. “And [Obama] will be remembered as the mother-blank of the country.”

“I believe a conversation like that is likely that it happened” he said.

The only thing remotely surprising about this little fantasy is that it didn’t include the ghost of Saul Alinsky as well. Where are those “radical policies” that Obama was supposed to pass? Name one. Obamacare? It’s the Republican alternative to health care reform from 1993, for crying out loud. It’s virtually the same policy passed by Romney in Massachusetts. Not remotely radical.


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  • gshelley

    Well, the level of support for Israel is not totally unconditional, and they have been willing to put out some extremely tepid criticism.

    They reversed the no abortion policy for foreign aid I think

    Not sure either of those really count as radical though

  • scienceavenger

    Loony hallucinates verbally. Why should we care? When Beck holds political office, I’ll care what he thinks. Right now he’s just Rush Limbaugh with lower ratings and less sanity.

  • matty1

    Noooooo, not a mother blank

  • The drone program is pretty radical. Not prosecuting war crimes is pretty radical. Breaking international diplomatic protocol to have an allied nation force down the plane of a sovereign country’s leader to search it for a whistleblower is pretty damned radical. I’m sure that’s the sort of thing Beck is referring to. It must be, because anything else would be pure hyperbole and Beck would NEVER do that…

  • John Pieret

    That would then allow Clinton to run in 2016 by pretending to be a moderate …

    Hillary (would you rather have Ted Cruz?) Clinton is only a “moderate” in something like Putin’s Russia. The best reason for voting for her is that Ed would have even more exploded wingnut brains to post about for at least FOUR MORE YEARS!

    (Hillary, where’s you’re birth certificate?)

  • gshelley


    I thought of those, but decided to dismiss the things Bush also did

  • dcsohl

    I understand where he’s coming from. I, too, find it hard to believe that the Democrats didn’t run on Obama’s record but instead ran away from him, thereby handing huge gains to the Republicans. But, Beck, sometimes people are just stupid; it doesn’t always mean conspiracy when people do the unexpected.