Lively Declares ‘Great Victory’ After Getting .85% of Votes

Scott Lively is apparently intent on being as delusional as possible about absolutely everything. In the wake of his pointless run for governor, in which he received 19,192 votes — about .85% of the votes cast — he says he won a “great victory” because he put out some yard signs.

I want you to recognize what a great victory we have achieved in this campaign. Consider the facts objectively:

A Missionary Pastor with an inner-city church that seats just 45, mostly street-people, ran a part-time campaign, serving as his own campaign manager, with only 20-30 campaign volunteers (only about half of whom dedicated more than 40 hours to the effort), and a budget of just over $25,000. To a population of over 6 million people he put out just 50,000 pieces of literature, 300 bumper stickers, 400 yard signs, and for media advertising had only one 30-second radio spot for five days on two local Springfield radio stations plus a 2×3″ print ad in one edition of a regional newspaper in the Pioneer Valley.

Deliberately (by the prompting of the Holy Spirit) limiting his campaign activities only to those public appearances and media interviews to which he was invited (not trying to win the seat in his own strength but staying out of the way to let God pull the strings), he (by conservative accounts) handily won the two major debates in which he appeared, shocked the hosts, audience and fellow panelists in every forum with his boldness and candor, and preached the unvarnished Gospel of Jesus Christ in nearly all of the 30 or so public events in which he appeared.

Yeah, apparently the “Holy Spirit” wanted to watch you get beaten like a chicken-fried steak.

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  • brucegee1962

    How many homeless, sick, and poor could have been helped with that $25,000? Where in the gospels did Jesus say, “I needed a governor, and you ran to represent me”?

  • eamick

    he (by conservative accounts) handily won the two major debates in which he appeared

    And those “conservative accounts” are undoubtedly the only ones that had him winning.

  • John Pieret

    about .85% of the votes cast

    Yeah, but he got more votes than Baal, who was apparently a write-in candidate … or something …

  • John Pieret

    Oh, and he’s going to take that .85% of the vote and leverage it to “help the Christian conservatives take the GOP back from the RINOs.”

    I’m sure the establishment Republicans are quaking in their wing-tip oxfords.

  • teawithbertrand

    As I’ve said before, I’m thoroughly disgusted that this loon got ANY votes.

  • scott

    About 40 people in my town voted for this clown. Now I have to go around wondering which person I might meet on the street is really a humanoid hatemonkey in disguise.

  • erichoug

    Dood! This guy is an absolute wackaloon nutball Christian reconstructionist and he STILL GOT 19000 votes. If that doest scare the piss out of you, it damn well should!

  • scott

    It probably makes me a bad liberal to say this, but…

    A Missionary Pastor with an inner-city church that seats just 45, mostly street-people

    I’m not so sure that I would brag that my ‘church’ attracts mostly people who have literally nowhere else to be.

  • Kevin Kehres

    It’s a great victory, I tell you!

    So great that it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if he showed up at the statehouse on inauguration day expecting to be sworn in.

    Please please, pretty please?

  • moarscienceplz

    Oh, he’s not finished! As soon as Jesus performs the loaves and fishes miracle on those 19000 votes, he’ll be governor until the Rapture. Just you wait and see!