Palin Babbles About Billy Graham

This video is both amusing and annoying. It’s a perfect example of why Tina Fey was able to do a spot-on impersonation of Sarah Palin without actually changing her words at all. She’s self-parodying. She’s talking about Billy Graham and just babbling incoherently and endlessly. I especially like when she said that Graham had a special anointment from God to “stay out of the politics of it all.” Seriously? This is a guy who sat in the oval office with Richard Nixon talking about how those evil Jews were out to get them.

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  • tbp1

    If you follow the link and see the comments, you will note how many people actually think this is eloquent, and are impressed that she did it without a teleprompter.

    I got nothin’ to say to that. We are truly doomed.

    As for Billy Graham himself, he might not be the worst of the televangelist lot, but that’s pretty much damning with faint praise.

  • scienceavenger

    The teleprompter comments are sarcastic. It’s a meme in the rightwing echochamber, undiminishable by any evidencial method, that Obama cannot speak intelligently without a teleprompter. It is very useful though in identifying residents of said chamber and saving time that might be otherwise wasted trying to reason with them.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Graham had a certain charisma — but if you look at this old broadcasts (which are run perpetually in my neck of the woods), you’ll see that his extremely narrow view of Christianity paved the way for the Ray Comforts and Ken Hams of the world. This one way and this one way only and no other way but this way which is the only way.

    I have no doubt that Graham firmly believed in what he was saying, unlike the current crop of grifters and conmen (see above for two shining examples). They’ve all got their eyes on the prize — the fat wallets of the confused, gullible, and frightened.

    I know Graham and his wife liked to go out to dinner at nice restaurants — they both tippled a little bit. (I believe his cocktail of choice was the Manhattan.) So says someone close to me who served them on multiple occasions.

  • David Simms

    “It’s a perfect example of why Tina Fey was able to do a spot-on impersonation of Sarah Palin without actually changing her words at all.”

    I’m no fan of Palin. But, it always bugged me how people believed it was Palin who actually said that she could see Russia from her house. She didn’t say that. This was Tina Fey, and it was a joke.

    Palin DID say that you can see parts of Russia from parts of Alaska, which is actually true.

    But, the joke got turned into a meme, and people (still) falsely attribute this to Palin. Palin has said enough dumb stuff on her own. There’s no reason to make-up things.

  • felidae

    Happy Birthday, from one grifter to another!

  • scienceavenger

    Palin DID say that you can see parts of Russia from parts of Alaska, which is actually true.

    Yes, but the joke was based on her claim that this qualified her as a foreign relations expert vis-a-vis Russia. So while Fey’s joke was not an exact quote, it truthfully captured the spirit of Palin’s comment, which is probably why it stuck so. Contrast this to many of the GOP memes running around (57 states, you didn’t build that, lipstick on a pig, etc.) that completely misrepresent the spirit of what was said and turned them into complete fictions.

  • Area Man

    #6 beat me to it. We should be careful to separate fact from fiction, but what Palin actually said, when placed in context, isn’t much less ridiculous than the parody version.

  • busterggi

    Babbling senselessly about Billy Graham is the nicest way to talk about hi.m

  • tubi

    Sounds like Sarah sees starbursts whenever she thinks about Billy Graham.

    And the thing about Graham meeting with Nixon in the oval office happened longer ago than last week, so it’s out of Palin’s recollection limit.

  • OmegaMom

    David (#4) is correct…and this is one area which was truly ill-presented by the media. Alaska does an immense amount of negotiations/interactions with Russia by virtue of being so close and sharing the Bering Strait. There is a huge population of Russians in Alaska, and it’s not left over from Seward’s purchase…there is an ongoing to-and-fro of Russians and Inuits from Russia into Alaska. ESL in Alaska is not taught in Spanish; it’s taught in Russian. Public notices in hospitals are in both English and Cyrillic. There are fishing disputes to settle, water boundaries to determine, immigration questions, more.

    That said, while I know what she was talking about, she did a lousy job of articulating it to Outsiders.

  • dingojack

    OmegaMom – that might be true in your area, but Wikipedia* notes that, as of 2005, Alaskans are:

    18.3% German, 11.0% Irish, 8.5% English, 6.5% French, 3.8% Norwegian, 3.7% Native American, 3.3% Italian, 3.0% Mexican, 2.9% Scottish, 2.7% Polish, 2.5% Swedish, 1.9% Dutch and only 1.4% Russian.



    * NB: Not known for it’s rigorous accuracy. If you can find more accurate, creditable and timely data it would be much appreciated.