NOM’s Funding is Dropping Like Trevor Berbick

An obscure reference in a headline? Yep. I’m channeling my inner Dennis Miller (and yes, I feel dirty). The Human Rights Campaign reports that funding for the National Organization for Marriage is declining rapidly, dropping by 50% between 2012 and 2013.

A white-hot spotlight focused on the issue of same-sex marriage over the last few years hasn’t translated into financial success for an organization whose self-proclaimed sole purpose is to “protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it.” In a time when virtually every nightly newscast, political debate, even television series delves into discussions about marriage rights for gay and lesbian couples, the beleaguered National Organization for Marriage (NOM) can’t seem to raise enough money to cover its expenses. According to analysis of the organization’s 2013 tax filingsdone by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), NOM raised $5.1 million in 2013, dropping by over 50% since 2012. Just 2 donors accounted for more than half of the organization’s funding – further evidence that everyday Americans have little interest in furthering NOM’s extremist agenda. In addition, the NOM Education Fund also dropped by nearly $3.5 million in funding — a drop of almost 70% since the previous year. NOM ended the year more than $2.5 million in debt.

“NOM should start figuring out that people aren’t willing to give their hard-earned money to an extremist agenda that’s going nowhere,” said Fred Sainz, HRC Vice President of Communications. “If I were Brian Brown, I’d be worried that my two or three mega-donors are soon going to come to terms with the fact that they’d largely be better off flushing money down the toilet. Americans certainly aren’t buying what NOM is selling, and it’s only a matter of time before the trickle of money keeping the lights on at NOM HQ dries up.”

Poor Brian Brown. He may actually have to get a job. Or go on welfare. But I’m sure if he prays about it really hard, things will turn around.

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  • Larry

    Every scam christers create to fleece the flock eventually runs out of gas. You can only prophecy doom and gloom for so long without having anything come true before even the most rabid sheep shrugs his shoulders and goes eh to the next one. At that point, its time to move on to the next crisis or thing that their angry old man in the sky really, truly hates and start the funds flowing again. After all, those mansions and jet planes don’t pay for themselves.

  • Donnie

    Well, I assume that Brian Brown has been paying himself a nice salary and putting a good amount of that donor money into an IRA for his retirement as ‘salaries and expenses’. Else, there is always a PR flack position in his local GOP’s office.

  • John Pieret

    Why, that’s so sad! What is America coming to when a bigot can’t earn a living inciting other bigots? … [Sniff] … I’m sorry! … I can’t go on …


    P.S. That reference wasn’t so obscure … to old people like me.

  • parkjames

    Oh god, please tell me that headline is in reference to my favorite boxing moment of all time:

  • Michael Heath

    Ed reports:

    The Human Rights Campaign reports that funding for the National Organization for Marriage is declining rapidly, dropping by 50% between 2012 and 2013.

    We shouldn’t presume that the correlation in N.O.M.’s funding dropping mean’s God’s decided to allow gay people to have equal protection. Just like some Christians argue that declining numbers of devout Christians means Christianity will become a more powerful force because only the truly saved will be congregants, the same magic prayer spell is true here.

    You see each dollar contributed to N.O.M. will be less polluted from money coming from those that have abandoned following God’s edict we hate gays and abuse gay children in the the churches. No more cafeteria bigots no siree, instead the money gained now will come from only the purest bigots. So Jesus will be even more committed to striking down the sodomites and their enablers; also because he’ll hear the remaining prayers better.

  • Area Man

    An obscure reference in a headline? Yep.

    There are far worse things you could reference when it comes to “going down” and an anti-gay organization. I won’t go there.