Gheen Thinks Sheriffs Should Arrest Obama Over Immigration

A group of right wing county sheriffs are going to hold a protest in Washington, DC on Dec. 10 over Obama’s immigration policies. William Gheen, the flagrantly racist head of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, thinks that while they’re there, they should arrest Obama for his executive order on immigration.

Gheen, of ALIPAC, said he had a suggestion that he wishes the sheriffs would consider when they pay a visit to the nation’s capital next month.

“If the sheriffs are heading to Washington, how about suggesting the sheriffs take some of their best men to D.C. and they use their power and ability to arrest the president of the United States?” Gheen said. “I think if the sheriffs are going to Washington on Dec. 10 and the president continues to violate the Constitution of the United States, that they should consider arresting the president of the United States. What if the sheriffs decided to use their power to do this?”

Yeah, that will go really well. Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson of Massachusetts, the bizarre extremist behind this protest, explains what he thinks Obama is really up to:

Hodgson said he believes there’s more to it than just Washington lacking the will to do what’s right. He believes the Obama administration has sinister motives.

“They want to build a socialist system,” he said.

And how do you do that?

“You overburden the existing system until it collapses,” he said. “We can’t let it happen. Our Founding Fathers would disown us if we let it happen.”

He can’t really be that fucking stupid, can he? Try to imagine some scenario by which that could possibly happen. Even if this was the plan, how could it possibly be implemented? Congress is going to declare socialism to be our new system? Really? Fucking morons.

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  • schmeer

    This little corner of Massachusetts has quite a lot of racist Tea Party doofuses who vote for Hodgson or Shawna O’Connell. Every election season the number of Republican lawn signs depress me.

  • John Pieret

    Yeah, that will go really well.

    At least we’d find out if the Secret Service had straightened out its problems.

  • Modusoperandi

    I’ve already got my tickets, and we’re under way. We’ve chartered a bus for an “Arrest Obama” tour. The bus driver is a nice man in a black suit, with black shades and he keeps talking to his wrist. So is every second person on the bus, too. They’ve been so helpful. They cleaned and safety’d all our guns. Even the illegal ones! Explosives, too! They even gave out handcuffs, to save time arresting Obama when we get there, and they showed us how they work by putting them on us, too. We’re staying in an out-of-the-way resort, in Hazelton. Hurray for Freedom!

  • Chiroptera

    Heh. Is the District of Columbia really in the jurisdictions of all those sheriffs? Where’s John Cleese when we need him!

  • d.c.wilson

    Please do it. I so want to see one of these Barney Fifes try to conduct a raid on the Whit House or try to get into hot pursuit like Roscoe P. Coltrane with the president’s motorcade. Post of a video of it on YouTube with Yakkity Sax playing.

  • ffakr

    Has anyone seen any of these goobers address the obvious jurisdictional problems that their theories pose?

    If a po-dunk county Sheriff is the ultimate law of the land [because.. freedumb?].. and any said Sheriff has the jurisdiction to leave their County and arrest the President of the United States.. wouldn’t that imply that there are no jurisdictional limits to their power? Doesn’t that imply that they could also operate with impunity in ANY jurisdiction?

    Can’t Mayburry’s Sheriff set up a lucrative speed-trap in Shelbyville?

    What’s the limits of a Sheriff’s power in their eyes? They can do whatever they want until they run into someone who doesn’t back down? <– then they fall back to persecution whining mode?

    Seems like they're really advocating for a system of local warlords.

    As far as I recall, I didn't vote for William Gheen. I certainly didn't empower him to arrest my President.

  • Phillip Hallam-Baker

    I was rather disappointed by the GOP response so far. Its like they are just going through the motions pretending to be outraged like their base expects while not really caring much. I was hoping we would see at least a few strokes but its been fairly tame.

    At the end of the day the GOP reps don’t have the power to make this decision. And having opposed it tooth and nail they are guaranteeing a large Latino turnout in 2016 because folk won’t want to see their parents deported.

    I would like to see Obama do more to make the GOP mad. Lifting the sanctions on Cuba would be a good follow on. And of course recess appointments to fill every open judicial seat with board members of the ACLU. The GOP isn’t going to fill any of them in the remainder of Obama’s term.

  • whheydt

    Just wait until they try something and find out about all the types of equipment they *don’t* get given to play with…and what the relative firepower is.

  • badgersdaughter

    @ whheydt #8: I hate what you said, and love you for saying it. Nobody wishes harm to others, of course, but there’s that frustrated, screeching part of our brains that just wishes the wankers would get a taste of what they inflict on us, eh.

  • magistramarla

    I’m worried about the safety of any Hispanic folks (even if they are American citizens) who happen to live in the jurisdictions of these sheriffs. For that matter, even any Hispanic folks who might happen to drive through their jurisdictions.

    I’m very worried about the safety of my Mexican daughter-in-law.

  • sezme

    The Founding Fathers are going to disown us? Isn’t a bit late for that.

  • jnorris

    Operation American Winter is go! Just in time for your last minute holidays shopping.

    There are 3,007 counties in the USA. Expect 3,007 sheriffs to protect ‘Murika.

  • grumpyoldfart

    Congress is going to declare socialism to be our new system? Really? Fucking morons.

    Yeah, your current system is much better: police can confiscate private property whenever they like, and businessman can buy politicians over the counter without even being secretive about it. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

  • narciblog

    One thing I’ve noticed about these people calling for Obama’s arrest. They’re always expecting someone else to do the arresting. They never have the guts to make a citizens arrest themselves.

  • whheydt

    Re: badgersdaughter @ #9…

    It’s a sort of intelligence test. What does one of these guys do when confronted with an M-1 Abrahms tank? Is he smart enough to give up immediately, or is he dumb enough to try for a fire-fight?

  • comfychair

    They’re just longing for the good ol’ days when a Sheriff still had the power to deal with things like this by simply having the troublemakers shot and then buried in a levee.

  • robertfoster

    Better arrest Biden, too. Then you can have Pres. Boehner. Now doesn’t that have a nice ring to it?