Kris Kobach: Idiot or Liar?

Kris Kobach is the right wing extremist secretary of state in Kansas. He’s especially big on being anti-immigration and anti-non-existent voter fraud. On his radio show, he agreed with a caller that Latino people could take over the country and engage in ethnic cleansing of white people.

Kobach made his remarks in response to a caller who asked, “What happens, if you know your history, when one culture or one race or one religion overwhelms another culture or race?”

Claiming that immigrant rights groups are “calling for the return of the Spanish territory, which could be almost half of the United States,” the caller warned, “When one race or culture overwhelms another culture, they run them out or they kill them. And it’s a bigger issue than just being Democrats. And they know in numbers, once the numbers are so bad, they can pretty much do whatever they want to do.”

“What protects us in America from any kind of ethnic cleansing is the rule of law, of course,” Kobach responded. “And the rule of law used to be unassailable, used to be taken for granted in America. And now, of course, we have a president who disregards the law when it suits his interests. So, while I normally would answer that by saying, ‘Steve, of course we have the rule of law, that could never happen in America,’ I wonder what could happen. I still don’t think it’s going to happen in America, but I have to admit, things are strange and they are happening.”

I love this pretense that the rule of law was some sacrosanct principle until Obama showed up in DC. Do these people take history at all? Or are they just lying? Violations of the rule of law began almost before the ink was dry on the Constitution. Let’s start, ironically, with the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts, which were blatantly unconstitutional and put in place almost immediately after the passage of the Bill of Rights. Then we can move on to the flagrant violation of so many treaties signed with Native American tribes, which the Constitution said were the “supreme law of the land.” Didn’t seem to matter a bit to the federal government.

How about Abraham Lincoln unilaterally suspending habeas corpus? That was a banner time for the rule of law, wasn’t it? We could also mention the Espionage Act, which destroyed the First Amendment for anyone protesting a war for decades (and is still being used to silence whistleblowers exposing government misconduct). And the internment of Japanese-Americans. And Gitmo. And I don’t remember a peep out of Kobach about the Bush torture regime, which violated not only the UN Convention Against Torture — again, part of the supreme law of the land under the Constitution — but also federal statutory law. Or about the Bush illegal surveillance apparatus, which continues to this day and is in blatant violation of the 4th Amendment.

The rule of law is, sadly, mostly a legal fiction. Does Kobach know that or is he just lying? Does it really matter?

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  • Modusoperandi

    Well, sure, mistakes were made. But this upcoming Race War is against genuine patriots and other white people!

  • John Pieret


  • macallan

    To us programmers an OR is by default inclusive.

  • macallan

    Well, programmers, mathematicians and other weirdos.

  • throwaway, never proofreads, every post a gamble

    It just ‘feels’ true.


  • Larry

    What happened to Teh Gayz wanting to chop off the heads of christians? Have they already been cast aside as the next greatest ever threat?

  • John Pieret

    What happened to Teh Gayz …

    They’re winning. Brown people haven’t yet.

  • raven

    Four states, including two of the largest, Texas and California are already majority nonwhite.

    I haven’t seen any ethnic cleansing of whites yet. Nor are whites fleeing by the millions.

  • colnago80

    And here I thought that it was the Muslims threatening to take over the country, impose Sharia law, and burn down all the churches. When are these clowns going to get their stories straight?

  • raven

    2050, the Latino population will total roughly 132.8 million people, or 30% of the total population.

    The USA is projected to go minority white in 2043.

    That doesn’t mean that Latinos will then be a majority. As Kobach doesn’t seem to know, there are more than two ethnic groups, white or Latino. Even in 2050, Latinos will only be 30% of the total population.

    Kobach might have to wait forever for his race war and ethnic cleansing. Decades out, between intermarriage and assimilation, the number of people that even identify as Latino might be lower than that.

    I’m still waiting for the Irish, Germans, Slavs, Jews, and Italians to take over the USA and slaughter the Anglo Saxon WASPS.

    PS It might have worked though. I don’t know many WASPs. They seem to have gone missing. Most WASPs these days have the W and P down but are lacking in the AS part. More and more are also lacking the P part.

  • whheydt

    Wonder how long it will be before Latinos will get reclassified in the right wing minds as “white”?

    As for WASPs….I *suppose* I could be classed as one. My ancestor that fought in the Revolutionary War appears to have been from an English family (last name Hall), though if one record I found is correct, he was actually born in Ireland. The rest of the ancestry (so far as I know it) is Danish, German, and French, so “white” is pretty much it. Being raised as a Unitarian, I’m at least theoretically Protestant (though as my wife comments at times, you can’t get much less religious than a fallen away Unitarian).

  • sugarfrosted


    Well, programmers, mathematicians and other weirdos.

    It’s even more annoying with most mathematicians; they also use “either … or …” to mean inclusive or, which drives me up a wall since it means exclusive or.

  • The Count

    What a deal. Keeping the base terrified and have them pining for the fjords when every mainstream American home had a June Cleaver, and doing the chores with her pearls on.

  • John Pieret

    When one race or culture overwhelms another culture, they run them out or they kill them.

    And who would know that better than white Americans?

    What protects us in America from any kind of ethnic cleansing is the rule of law, of course

    It did Native Americans a lot of good.

    Of course, I’m not advocating the ethnic cleaning of white Americans (heck, I’m one of them) but the hypocrisy of these people, who probably would support the expunging of the bad things Americans did from school textbooks, as has been done in Texas, is just so massively clueless that you want, at least, to kick them in the shins and scream “WAKE UP!!!!”

  • colnago80

    Re whheydt @ #11

    It is my information that Protestants are Trinitarians so they wouldn’t consider Unitarians as Protestants. In fact, even considering Unitarianism as a Christian sect is something of a stretch.

  • eddiejones

    … from the people who brought you the Koch brothers and Sam Brownshirt… BACK… Sam BrownBACK… you’re welcome…

  • Skip White

    Wait, if the Jew is using the Black as muscle, who’s using the Hispanic? Fuckin’ Illinois Kansas Nazis!