Savage Goes Full Godwin Over the Immigration Order

You knew it was going to happen. In fact, less than 24 hours after President Obama announced his executive actions on immigration, Michael Savage went full Godwin, comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler. Even more bizarrely, the comparison was to Hitler’s invasion of other nations.

“He’s in a long line of others who have taken the law onto themselves and said they’re not taking the law onto themselves, others who have said they’re acting within the law while they’re acting clearly outside of the law,” he said. “When Hitler invaded a neighboring country, he said he was simply taking back German land on Lebensraum, ‘living room.’”

Hitler, Savage explained, “took a neighbor’s countries away, but he didn’t do it illegally, he said he was doing it perfectly legally, like Obama.”

Let’s put this into syllogism form and see how it holds up:

P: Obama did something that I think is illegal (even though the Supreme Court and virtually every legal scholar says otherwise and every president for the last 70 years has done the same thing without a peep from Savage or his ideological allies).

P: Hitler did things that were illegal.

C: Therefore, Obama is like Hitler.

Yeah, not exactly a logical argument. But it isn’t intended to be. It’s just demonizing rhetoric with no basis in fact. It’s selling fear. What else does right wing talk radio have other than that?

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  • D. C. Sessions

    What else does right wing talk radio have other than that?

    Enormous listenership, revenue, and political influence?

  • busterggi

    Savage is a festering bowl of contradictions, bad history, worse science, inferiority & superiority, pride in ignorance while wanting his listeners to call him Doctor, and Christian white supremacy (even though he is Jewish) who treats & calls his fans ignorant morons. He can only be safely taken in very small doses.

  • matty1

    No I think it’s more like.

    P1: Hitler invaded countries to destroy them

    P2: Not having everyone who crosses the US border physically thrown back by a giant catapult is the same as allowing a military invasion

    C 1: Obama is destroying America

    C2: Obama is Hitler

  • kosk11348

    Not even illegal! Savage is criticizing Obama for staying within the bounds of the law. So the syllogism should really be: “Obama did things which were legal. Hitler did things which were legal. Obama is like Hitler.”

  • fifthdentist

    Actually, it’s more of a contrast than a comparison: Obama is trying to prevent the deportation of people that many in his country find undesirable; while Hitler tried to deport a group of people who were unpopular in his country to Palestine. It was only when the German invasion of Russia and Poland brought a lot of the Jews with the unusual hats and beards under German control, plus the end of cooperation from the British on sending Jews to Palestine once the nations were at war, that there had to be another solution found, one that was in most cases final.

  • colnago80

    Re fifthdentist @ #5

    Actually, Eichmann recommended sending the Jews of Germany to Madagascar in a position paper written in 1935.

  • theschwa

    Obama is SO in favor of this new Immigration, he is going to invade other countries, just to get all those illegals who do not want to come of their volition!!

  • tiredofusernamerules

    The Poles, Danes, Hollanders, Belgians, French, Greeks, Luxumbourgians, and Soviets might disagree that Hitler’s invasions were legal.

  • Area Man

    Yeah, if there’s one thing Hitler and the Nazis were known for, it was their tolerance of foreigners and people who were ethnically different than they.

    If you wanted to make Hitler comparisons, it would be far more appropriate to make them with the opponents of immigration reform, seeing as how they’re driven primarily by ethnic nationalism.

  • roggg

    Full Godwin? So you’re saying he toned it down a notch form his usual level of rhetoric?