Klingenschmitt Loses Court Case Against the Navy

Ever since Gordon Klingenschmitt was discharged from the Navy, he’s been lying about the reason. He claims it’s because he “prayed in Jesus’ name” but it was really because he disobeyed a direct order and Navy regulations by appearing in his uniform at a political protest. He’s also been suing the government, to no avail. The Court of Federal Claims ruled against him this week:

In this case, Dr. Klingenschmitt alleges that he was wrongfully discharged from the Navy and seeks an award of backpay and allowances and benefits retroactive to his separation date and reinstatement as a chaplain. Incident to that claim, he seeks removal of references to his 2005 and 2006 fitness reports and the CARE board’s recommendation from his record…. He also asks that the Court vacate his court-martial conviction and direct that references to the conviction, including the letter of reprimand issued pursuant to his conviction, be removed from his record…. Dr. Klingenschmitt’s complaint also includes a potpourri of other claims that appear to challenge Navy policies which he claims violate the First Amendment, RFRA, and 10 U.S.C. § 6031(a)….

the Court finds unpersuasive Dr. Klingenschmitt’s argument that his First Amendment right to practice his religious beliefs was infringed by Captain Pyle’s Order that he not wear his uniform to the media event held in Lafayette Park in March 2006. Captain Pyle’s Order was based on Navy regulations that prohibit the wearing of a uniform in connection with political activities…. The Order did not limit Dr. Klingenschmitt’s right to engage in any religious practices (including presenting an opening prayer at the event or invoking the name of Jesus in his prayer). It simply prohibited Dr. Klingenschmitt from engaging in this activity while wearing his uniform at what was clearly a political event and not, as Dr. Klingenschmitt seems to suggest, a bona fide religious service.

Therefore, taking this infraction into consideration in deciding whether to recertify Dr. Klingenschmitt as a chaplain did not violate either his First Amendment rights or RFRA.

Just another fake martyr lying so he can claim to have been persecuted when he was really just refusing to follow regulations and direct orders. You can read the full ruling here.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    Activist judges!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kemibe kevinbeck

    And don’t forget that this guy’s about to be seated as a member of the Colorado state legislature, provided Jesus doesn’t come-a-calling first.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Well, what did you expect – demons have possessed the Court of Federal Claims too!

  • Artor

    Hell, Klingyshits was a disgrace to the uniform when wearing it on base, let alone wearing it to a Teabagger rally. I’m surprised he ever passed any kind of entrance standards in the first place. The guy is a slimy invertebrate vaguely shaped like a human.

  • Mike Morris

    Chaps is so obviously unhinged, Colorado Springs ought to be ashamed.

    I suppose this rejection of Klingy’s claims will have no effect on the mindless voters who elected him.

  • John Pieret


    Your link appears to be broken. Here is a working one:


  • John Pieret

    Does this mean that Klingenschmitt is now officially “Dr. ex-Chaps”?

  • John Pieret


    Ultimately, as with the 2005 fitness report, Dr. Klingenschmitt’s challenge to the … the validity of the 2006 report relies entirely upon an argument that Dr. Klingenschmitt’s activities and public pronouncements about Navy policy (which he characterizes as part of a “crusade to restore religious freedom”) had angered Navy officials. … According to Dr. Klingenschmitt, in rejecting his claim of discrimination based on protected activity, the Board failed to “read between the lines and make reasonable inferences.” … Dr. Klingenschmitt again fails to appreciate that the … decision declining to draw an inference of retaliatory motives was based on the narratives in the 2006 fitness report, whose factual basis Dr. Klingenschmitt does not challenge. On its face, the enumeration of acts of improper conduct by Dr. Klingenschmitt contained in the report provided ample support for the ratings contained in the report. Those acts provided a sufficient basis to permit [a finding] that any protected activities by Dr. Klingenschmitt were not the but-for cause of the downgraded report.

    So, ultimately, Klingyshit thought he had the right to wage a religious crusade against the Navy command without any consequences. That’s more delusional than all his talk about demons.

  • Al Dente

    From the court order:

    Finally, the Assistant Secretary also relied upon the fact that “the Chief of Chaplains, your community leader, recommended denial of recertification and processing you for administrative separation.” He concluded that Dr. Klingenschmitt “d[id] not possess the character, leadership, or professional traits needed to successfully serve as a naval officer.”

    Getting bad fitreps and being court-martialed will get your dumb ass tossed out of the military.