Get Your Drive-Thru Prayers in Fremont, California

Need a minister to lay hands on you but don’t have the time to actually get out of the car and walk into the church? Desperate for some soul-quenching prayer but late for little Billy’s soccer practice? In Fremont, California you can swing by for a drive-thru prayer.

Holy Spirit Church in Fremont, California, lets drivers park in the car park before being blessed by its pastor through their window.

The first drive-thru service on November 17 proved so popular it will now run every weekday evening between 5pm and 6pm.

The church had been promoting drive-thru prayer through its newsletter and by word of mouth.

And then parishioner Lalu Paul stood at the busy intersection of Fremont Boulevard and Central Avenue during the Monday evening rush hour waving a sign that read ‘Drive-Thru Prayer.’

Around 35 motorists arrived during the service’s first hour – with one individual even arriving on bike.

And if you want to be baptized, just go through the car wash.

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  • erichoug

    Holy Crap that is frickin awesome! I think i’ll see if my HOA would let me put a drive up window in the house. There could be some serious $$$ in this without ever leaving home. Sweet!

  • lldayo

    Ughh, I don’t feel like having to go out to my car and DRIVING alllll the way over to the car park. Can’t they just post something on my Facebook page or send me a text? GOD this is SO much WORK!

  • moarscienceplz

    Fremont is where rich Silicon Valley types move when they have decided that San Jose is too rowdy for them. I’m only surprised they don’t sell cappuccinos to the cars waiting in line.

  • John Pieret

    Do you get to talk into a clown’s head to order a specific prayer? And do you get fries and a Coke with the blessing or do you have to order that separately with the McPrayer?

  • Raging Bee

    These guys win the Unintentional Honesty Award for admitting that all this church and prayer stuff really isn’t worth your time, and tailoring their “services” to people who understand this. Hey, they could take a tip from the highway-toll folks, and dispense their blessings via an EZPass (EZBless?) fob.

  • Michael Heath

    moarscienceplz writes:

    Fremont is where rich Silicon Valley types move when they have decided that San Jose is too rowdy for them. I’m only surprised they don’t sell cappuccinos to the cars waiting in line.

    When I lived in Fremont from 1989 – 1992 there were a lot of working class people exemplified by the Clint Eastwood character and his family in Every Which Way But Loose. There were also a lot of young professionals renting given the high price of homes in the Bay Area, which includes Fremont.

    Back then high-income didn’t necessarily equate to being wealthy given the incredibly high loan payments on a house if one borrowed money. The truly wealthy were those whose stock option prices became worth far more then the option price.

    I went to my son’s public middle school PTA conference once where a Fremont teacher informed me she had thirty-some students and around 8 – 11 first languages; I forgot the exact numbers given how long ago that was. But it was eye-opening.

  • Modusoperandi

    It’s like a parking space, except you don’t get out of your car and you’re polite and deferential to the bum who appears at your window with voices in his head.

  • http://dontlinkmebro F [i’m not here, i’m gone]

    Pff. Catholics can donate (or not) through the mail (probably even a phone call or email) and just ask some religious order or parish to say a mass for you. They’ll even send you a friggin’ card. These guys have no class, and are way behind on the convenience factor.

  • peterh

    “What fools these mortals be!” – Puck

  • JE Armstrong

    There was a mock radio commercial from years ago about the Right Rev. Billy Sol Hargiss drive-in church and baptismal car wash in Del Rio, Texas, if I remember the tag line correctly. Then it was a joke about how low religion might sink. Now?

  • JustaTech

    See, I think this is brilliant, just like the drive-through Pharmacy is brilliant. This way, if you’re sick and decide you want a prayer, you’re not going to go around contaminating an entire church full of people. This is a tremendous boon to public health!

  • anubisprime

    It is just an extension of the sheer dumbfuckwittery that personifies religion…hope they keep it up, one day the victims will all wake up and see the wizard behind the curtains, maybe then realize how the utter cheap tawdry crass bollix has been fleecing their naivety for years.

    When religion goes into hysterical panic mode and decides to flaunt all of its wares like Las Vegas, or dress it up like the ostentatious Blackpool lights or the Moulin Rouge, and most fundy web pages are already there cos, the mentally warped seem to like their jeebussing well flashy, it will dawn on the flock they have been well and truly had.

    Before the scam artists realize they have gone to far in search of marks and their cash, it will be far to late to roll the dignity back in to their pitch.

    Atheism does not have to do a thing, the cretins are well capable of screwing their scam up themselves with no outside help required.

    Desperation does that to a con trick that goes pear shaped, it tries to compensate for the falling interest so they over egg the souffle…it ends up as a sticky burnt and sickly mess on the kitchen floor.

    Going thataway at a fair rate of knots these days.

  • tsig

    Uh, ya want forgiveness with that?

  • Sastra

    There are plenty of Driv-Thru prayers. “I hope they remembered to give me fries this time” and “please let this be hot when I get home” are two of the most frequent.

  • PatrickG
  • mikeyk

    I live in Newark, an adjacent town; actually, it’s an enclave of Fremont. Maybe I’ll visit and see if I could get side of fries with the blessing. Or, at least super size it.

    Regarding the nature of the town, it is on the edge of Silicon Valley, but the area is very diverse in terms of ethnicity and earnings – the neighborhoods vary considerably. There are many Afghans, Indians, and Chinese in the area. Maybe the drive thru is an attempt to out compete the Muslims, Buddhists, and Sihks…

  • caseloweraz

    This could open up a whole new area for monetizing Christianity. In fact, it could open the floodgates. I can see the commercial now:

    “I know we should pray after every meal, but we can’t always.”

    “Haven’t you heard about Blesstine? Just chew one of these pleasantly flavored wafers, and your mind will automatically fill with reverent thoughts. Perfect for drivetime! Keep a package in the glove compartment for that morning commute to work. Pop a Blesstine and have a blessed day!”

  • caseloweraz

    Actually I think Tom Lehrer nailed it back in the 1960s:

  • hackerguitar

    I’m in Fremont, about 3km away from Holy Spirit, and I’m by turns horrified and amused.

    Fremont *is* a diverse community with people from all over the world (which is great), and remarkably *religiously* diverse, as well (IMHO less great). There are at least 7 xtian churches, at least one mosque/masjid, a Sikh temple, three Buddhist temples, and a synagogue within a couple of kms of Holy Spirit.

    I boggle when I consider the qty of houses of worship vs the quality of math and science education (generally excellent). I’m guessing that a relatively small percentage of the 220k-odd residents actually have a religious affiliation. Still, the churches manage to be an embarrassment, from drive-through prayer to mass pet blessings in the parks…

  • dshetty

    My wife goes to this church sometimes

    I’m going to try and convince her to use this service instead :)