Deace Interviews White Supremacist

There’s a two part law concerning right wing talk radio: No host is too extreme that an elected official or major player won’t go on the show, and no guest is too extreme that a host won’t bring him on and treat him respectfully. Case in point: Steve Deace bringing on a white supremacist to talk about Ferguson and Obama.

White nationalist commentator Peter Brimelow, the editor of VDARE, joined Steve Deace last week to discuss the reaction to a grand jury’s decision not to indict a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer in the shooting death of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown.

Deace told Brimelow that he thought President Obama — who opened his remarks on the grand jury decision by urging protesters to act “peacefully” — had not done enough to prevent violence and looting in Ferguson, and that the president should “have gone down to Ferguson and led peaceful marches and marched with the family and preempted the thuggery we saw on display last night.”

But Brimelow disagreed. “Actually, you know, I think the criminality in the American underclass is so great that nothing other than force can stop it, frankly speaking,” he said, arguing that President Obama should instead have sent the National Guard into Ferguson.

“The problem is that they’re fundamentally on the side of the rioters,” he said of the Obama administration. “We’re in a very bad situation here, you know, a lot of people in the federal government are fundamentally anti-American.”

No such thing as too extreme. They’d bring on the ghost of Adolf Hitler, who would, of course, tell them all the reasons why Obama is the second coming of…Hitler.

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  • Chris Rhetts

    Its been less than 3 years since this jackass (er, Brimelow) was a featured speaker at the CPAC convention in Washington. As you may recall, the venue there was a panel of speakers hosted by ProEnglish, which appeared under the revealing title: “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity.” The speakers there comprised a virtual galaxy pseudo-intellectual bigots. John Derbyshire’s speech there should be required reading for anyone looking to understand how these people dress up ordinary racism and try to package it as rational social policy.

    Sometimes I get so tired of hearing right wing blowhards claim that liberals are always playing “the race card”. For crying out loud, this was the CONSERVATIVE Political Action Conference! – attended by all the leading REPUBLICAN contenders for the presidential nomination (Romney won the straw poll).

    Liberals keep playing the race card because with their obvious endorsement of asshats like Peter Brimelow ET AL, conservatives keep dealing it to us.

  • Trebuchet

    The President, of course, can’t send the national guard in. That’s up to the state, and the governor did just that. Of course, they didn’t do anything to protect the black part of town….

  • Dave Maier

    So Deace says that the President should have “gone down to Ferguson and led peaceful marches and marched with the family.” Interesting. Myself, I’m thinking that if he had done that, the ensuing right-wing freakout would have been visible from space.

  • Pianoman, Church of the Golden Retriever

    Translation: “Obama is black (or half-black, if you prefer), therefore anything and everything he says or does, including anything and everything he doesn’t do or say, is wrong, wrong wrong ! “

  • abb3w

    @2, Trebuchet

    The President, of course, can’t send the national guard in.

    While there are a few precursor steps, he does indeed have the potential authority to do so, under 10 USC 332 and 333 — the Insurrection Act, the paramount exception to Posse Commitatus. (That was what Eisenhower used for desegregation of Little Rock.) Contrariwise, the riots would have to get a lot worse before he could do so under 332. Nohow, while existing conditions by some extreme stretch of the imagination might (after meeting the requirements of 335) presently allow doing so under 333, that would have to be in support of the protestors, under the theory that the indolent efforts of the prosecutors (and governor) with respect to the grand jury constituted conspiracy to deprive Fergusson’s black community of their right to life.

    That would seem a pretty drastic response indeed. From where I sit, federal indictment on a “color of law” case would seem more appropriate; however, the language of the law says “such measures as he considers necessary”, which effectively grants a phenomenal degree of discretion to the president.