Franks: Immigration Order the ‘Death of the Republic’

I feel bad that over the last few years I’ve paid so much attention to Michele Bachmann, Steve King and Louis Gohmert and not nearly enough attention to Trent Franks of Arizona, who is every bit the intellectual lightweight that the other three are. In a discussion with Islamophobe Frank Gaffney, he declared that Obama’s immigration orders are the “death of the republic.”

While speaking yesterday with Frank Gaffney, the Arizona Republican said that Obama is “dividing the country in some very significant ways and I don’t think that he serves either the illegal immigration community or the cause of the rule of law or justice in general in any way when he makes these kinds of unilateral decisions.”

“I think that there’s probably nothing that this president has done or is doing that is more dangerous to the fundamental foundation of this Republic then ignoring the Constitution and betraying his oath of office” he said. “There is something very frightening about a president who simply aggregates this power onto himself and ignores the very oath that he took that president.”

“Without trying to sound overwrought, it literally could be the death of the Republic because once the chief executive officer of any republic all of the sudden begins to ignore the rule of law to hold himself unconstrained to the Constitution and to the truth of his own words, if that should become a common practice of presidents, then that little unpleasantness with England we had is something we should probably apologize for,” Franks added.

Except it already is common practice. The immigration order that Obama gave was virtually identical to orders given by every president since the 1950s. So how come Reagan’s order wasn’t the death of the republic? Or Bush 41’s? Or Bush 43’s? I guess it only applies to black presidents.

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  • gshelley

    Have any of the Republicans tried to explain why the orders were unconstitutional or lawless? If so I missed it. I just read an article with a headline something like “Republicans slam legal justification” and had hoped it was something other than the outrage and special pleading I have seen everywhere else, but alas, it was more of the same

  • Dave Maier

    “Without trying to sound overwrought”

    Seems like he’s got a natural talent for it then.

  • Artor

    Look guys, I know the people you’re pandering to are ignorant dumbfucks with the memory span of a fruit fly, but the rest of us can actually remember things done by Bush & Reagan, etc. Do you think you could at least come up with some less transparent bullshit to spew?

    Who am I kidding? Of course not, because the pandering weasels are also ignorant dumbfucks with the memory span of a fruit fly.

  • Kevin Kehres

    Since these orders don’t grant immigrants anything other than temporary status to not get deported, I can’t see how it’s the death of anything other than sanity among the teabaggers.

  • busterggi

    “So how come Reagan’s order wasn’t the death of the republic? Or Bush 41’s? Or Bush 43’s? ”

    No REAL (TM) Republican ever did such a thing, its all Commie Muslim Gay Atheist propaganda, even the video, audio and written records.

  • Crimson Clupeidae

    gshelley @1: I have seen an article of that sort, but I’m not sure I want to go looking for it again. It was one long ‘what St. Reagan did was different because reasons…and reasons…and some other reason’, with not a single one of them really different.

  • John Pieret

    I can’t see how it’s the death of anything other than sanity among the teabaggers.

    Something that has never existed can’t die.

  • howardhershey

    Simple. Obama is allowing them work permits. He isn’t just not sending them to immigration hearings for deportation. With work permits! Where are we going to find the busboys too afraid to claim their overtime wages or go to the authorities about wage theft? Where are we going to find the nannies too afraid of ‘la migra’ to go to the cops when they get sexually abused? Where will we find the day laborers? Clearly that is what will cause the downfall of the republic.