Worldnetdaily: All the News That’s Fit to Ignore

Larry Klayman is suing Obama on behalf of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Worldnetdaily is trying like hell to pump up the story, so much so that they’re breathlessly reporting routine, indeed mandatory, orders from the court as if they’re real news. Like the fact that the judge wants a schedule of pleadings and motions is apparently newsworthy.

A federal judge has ordered attorneys to submit a schedule of conferences, meetings or hearings that concern a filing by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio requesting a preliminary injunction to halt President Obama’s amnesty program.

The issue arose Wednesday when attorney Larry Klayman of FreedomWatch, on behalf of his client, Arpaio, filed the request in a lawsuit that had been brought only hours after Obama’s amnesty announcement on Nov. 20.

The “Order controlling preliminary injunction proceedings” came Thursday from U.S. District Judge Beryl A. Howell in Washington.

It requires Klayman to submit proof of service of the complaint and motion for preliminary injunction by Dec. 9.

He also must “confer with opposing counsel regarding a mutually agreeable schedule; and (3) submit a joint proposed schedule to govern the preliminary injunction proceedings.”

Wow, really? The judge issued a perfunctory and mandatory order that is issued in every lawsuit? And this is news? The news would have been if he hadn’t done so. This is what is always done. And as the order says, Klayman hasn’t even provided proof that he served the complaint yet (I’m sure he has, but that just shows you how utterly ordinary this is). They might as well have reported that the judge cleared his throat and took a sip of coffee.

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  • Athywren; Kitty Wrangler

    This just in: Speaker takes breath before beginning speech! More on the hour.

  • otrame

    My basic rule is that anything in the WND is a lie. If they say the sun rises in the east, I assume that is incorrect until proven otherwise.

    For instance, this little tidbit.

  • zippythepinhead

    otrame @2: Sorry my sarcasm detector has been rather flaky. You know that “worldnewsdailyreport” (a news/sarcasm site) is not the same as “wnd” (world net daily, an often satirized site)? The article is you site is a hoax article, but if you have an example where wnd quoted wndr, we’d love to see that.

    And yes it is a LIE that the sun rises in the east. It’s the earth that rotates (from west to east). Ha, ha, ha.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    The news would have been if she hadn’t done so. … the judge cleared hiser throat …


  • thebookofdave

    Every motion filed, every judicial order, and each procedural step is a separate maneuver in a desperate battle waged by Freedomwatch: cosmic struggle against a vast criminal empire, a chance for Larry Klayman to stand tall against the Obama juggernaut’s final plan to extinguish America’s dream of freedom, and another excuse to pass the hat.