Let’s Help Put Foundation Beyond Belief Over the Top

As my readers likely know, I am the media relations coordinator for the Foundation Beyond Belief. It’s only a few hours a week for very little pay, but I do it because it’s an organization I really love and support. The goal of FBB is to demonstrate humanism at its best by supporting efforts to improve this world and this life. And for the last four years, we’ve done exactly that in so many ways.

In 2015, we’re rolling out two entirely new projects, the Humanist Service Corps and Humanist Disaster Response teams. That means higher costs to pay for those programs, for which we’ve set up an end-of-year fundraising drive that needs to raise $75,000 in order to do everything we need to do in 2015.

The Dogma Debate broadcastathon Dec. 6 and 7 helped us reach about 80% of that goal, but we still need $15,000 more to make sure we can maintain and expand our efforts to help put humanist values into action.

In the past, the readers of Dispatches from the Culture Wars have been extraordinarily generous in supporting causes, so much so that I’ve probably overdone it and asked help for various good causes too many times. But this is a big one for me and for organized humanism in general, so I’m going to ask once again. I’m asking my readers to pitch in and help raise $2000 of the final $15,000 FBB needs.

My blog gets 10-15,000 unique visitors a day. If even 20% of my readers give a single dollar, we’ll easily reach that $2000 goal. Thank you so much for reading my blog and for being so generous to causes that matter.

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  • thompjs

    Tried to donate via credit card and site is hung in Chrome on Windows 7

  • thompjs

    Used Paypal and that worked.

  • wscott

    Great organization! I’ve had them on a monthly payroll deduction through work for a couple years now. I completely agree it’s past time for us secularists to step up our charity game, which is still overwhelmingly dominated by religious organizations.

    Speaking of which, for those of you who have charitable campaigns through your workplace, especially for government workers, remember that you can usually write in any qualified charity even if they’re not listed in the program materials. And the more of us write-in secular groups like FBB, the more likely they’ll be added to the list next year, which greatly increases their exposure.

  • gerryl

    Just recommended a grant from my Fidelity DAF. Noted it is for the Dispatches challenge. May take a few days to go through the mail.