Beck: It’s Amazing No One Knows What I Just Made Up

We all make false claims once in a while. We hear a story and assume it’s true, pass it on and it turns out to be false. But it becomes rather amusing when someone does that while being haughty about how amazing it is that no one but you knows this incredible “fact.” Glenn Beck, come on down:

Glenn Beck received an advance copy of “The Imitation Game,” the new film about Alan Turing’s effort to crack the Nazi Enigma code during World War II and his eventual suicide after he was prosecuted for being gay, which was a crime at the time.

On his radio program today, Beck raved about the film, seizing upon the legend that Turing had taken his life by eating an apple laced with cyanide which, Beck claimed, has been secretly immortalized in the logo for Apple, which consists of an apple with a bite taken out of it.

“That’s a salute to Alan Turning,” Beck said. “Nobody knows that. Nobody knows that … Isn’t that amazing?”

Turns out nobody knows that because it isn’t true. The man who designed the logo explicitly debunked that rumor:

And there is a whole lot of other lore about it. Turing the famous supposed father of computer science who committed suicide in the early 50’s was british and was accused of being homosexual, which he was. He was facing a jail sentence so he committed suicide to avoid all that. So, I heard one of the legends being that the colored logo was an homage to him. People think I did the colored stripes because of the gay flag. And, that was something really thought for a long time. The other really cool part was that apparently he killed himself with a cyanide laced apple. And, then I found out Alan Turing’s favorite childhood story was Snow White where she falls asleep forever afrer eating a poisoned apple to be woken up by the handsome prince. Anyway, when I explain the real reason why I did the bite it’s kind of a let down. But I’ll tell you. I designed it with a bite for scale, so people get that it was an apple not a cherry. Also it was kind of iconic about taking a bite out of an apple. Something that everyone can experience. It goes across cultures. If anybody ever had an apple he has probably bitten into it and that’s what you get.


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  • timgueguen

    I wish I could make up a silly story about Beck and have it gain traction, like that his real name is Yuri Golgolov, and that his whole career is just a Russian plot to make Americans stupid.

  • birgerjohansson


    Actually, Beck´s father was Max Zorin, KGB agent.

    Here he is solving a conflict with a business associate.

  • richardelguru

    Not only that, but I’ve read that there is some doubt that he committed suicide rather than suffered an accident.

    It’s only Wiki, but here’s a link

  • Armored Scrum Object

    Turing the “supposed” father of computer science? Them’s fightin’ words.

    Okay, one can argue that the contributions of Church, Boole and Shannon, among others, are unduly overshadowed by such a designation, but come on.

  • Dave Maier

    Well, there is the story – which I first heard mentioned here, I think – that Beck raped and killed a young girl in 1990. As everyone agrees, there’s no evidence whatsoever to suggest that he did, but then (as everyone then goes on to point out) he’s never denied it to my knowledge.

  • Dave Maier

    That was in response to timgueguen @1.

  • eamick

    The guy who designed the logo got it wrong, too. Turing was not “facing a jail sentence” when he died; he had finished his post-conviction probation, which involved hormone injections, a year earlier.

  • peterh

    Some actually bother to listen to much less take at face value things Beck says? Who knew?

  • Donnie

    I thought the bite from the Apple was a tribute to Eve for taking a bite of the Forbidden fruit of knowledge. I am amazed no one else knew what I just made up either. Can I have my $400 million now, please?

    Ed, I will take a check – just let me know when i can cash it or when it is in the mail. Thank you.

  • nnwest

    Reminds me of Assume the Position with Mr Wuhl: “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”

    Making stuff up has worked for us for hundreds of years. We don’t need no fact-checking.

  • Area Man

    I can’t wait until Beck shares with us his undeniable facts about the Procter and Gamble logo.