Greenwald on the Torture Report

Glenn Greenwald points out something important about the newly released Senate Intelligence Committee torture report findings: We didn’t need it. While it provides a lot of detail, it has been undeniable for many years that torture was carried out, that it was covered up, that it didn’t help a bit and that no one was going to be held accountable for it.

The Senate Intelligence Committee today will release part of its “torture report.” The report is the by-product of four years of work (2009-2013) and is 6,000 pages long. Only the Executive Summary, roughly 600 pages, will be released today. Even some of that is redacted: the names of CIA agents participating in the torture, countries which agreed to allow CIA black sites, and other details. For months, top Democrats on the Committee warred with the Obama White House due to the latter’s attempts to redact far more vital information than even stalwart CIA ally Dianne Feinstein thought necessary.

None of this has been in any plausible doubt for years. Recall that Gen. Antonio Taguba, who led an official investigation into prisoner abuse, saidin 2008: “There is no longer any doubt as to whether the current administration has committed war crimes. The only question that remains to be answered is whether those who ordered the use of torture will be held to account.” Gen. Barry McCaffrey said : “We tortured people unmercifully. We probably murdered dozens of them during the course of that, both the armed forces and the CIA.” Nobody needs this Senate report to demonstrate that the U.S. government became an official squad of torture (with the American public largely on board).

Still, this will be by far the most comprehensive and official account of the War on Terror’s official torture regime. Given the authors – Committee Democrats along with two Maine Senators: Angus King (I) and Susan Collins (R) – it’s likely to whitewash critical events, including the key, complicit role members of Congress such as Nancy Pelosi played inapproving the program (important details of which are still disputed), as well an attempt to insulate the DC political class by stressing how the CIA“misled” elected officials about the program. But the report is certain to lay bare in very stark terms some of the torture methods, including “graphic details about sexual threats” and what Reuters still euphemistically and subserviently calls “other harsh interrogation techniques the CIA meted out to captured militants.”

Important parts of the Obama administration engaged in all sorts of gamesmanship to prevent the report’s release, including a last-minute call from John Kerry to Feinstein in which the Secretary of State warned that release of the report could endanger American lives (a warning affirmedyesterday by the White House) And a vital part of President Obama’s legacy will be his repeated and ultimately successful efforts to shield the torturers from all forms of legal accountability – which, aside from being a brazen breach of America’s treaty obligations, makes deterrence of future American torture almost impossible (Obama did that even in the face ofsome polls showing pluralities favored criminal investigations of torture).

To see how little accountability there still is for national security state officials, recall that the CIA got caught spying on the Senate Committee and then lying about it, yet John Brennan kept his job as CIA Director (just as James Clapper is still Director of National Intelligence despite getting caught lying about NSA domestic spying). Any decent person, by definition, would react with revulsion to today’s report, but nobody should react with confidence that its release will help prevent future occurrences by a national security state that resides far beyond democratic accountability, let alone the law.

And where are all those Republicans who’ve been screaming about the rule of law? Throwing a hissy fit about even acknowledging that we committed torture, much less prosecuting for it (which hasn’t happened and isn’t going to happen). And Obama has been in bed with those hypocrites the entire time.

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  • marcus

    Well at least they put that rat that squealed in the slammer!

    Because America!

  • dingojack

    A dollar will get you — a dollar, he’ll be the only one.


  • Modusoperandi

    Now that you Liberals finally “know” what “we” “did”, can we close the book and move on and stop looking and in no way learn from this “disaster”?

  • Loqi

    And ahm proud ta be an ‘merican

    Where at least ah know ahm free…

  • Donnie

    Modusoperandi says

    December 11, 2014 at 10:42 am

    Now that you Liberals finally “know” what “we” “did”, can we close the book and move on and stop looking and in no way learn from this “disaster”?

    American learned from this disaster. Hell, even The Onion reported on it. Don’t create Torture Reports. Problem resolved.