Torture Report Released to Distract Attention From…

In today’s episode of What Is Obama Distracting Attention From Today, Rep. Peter King, one of the most ridiculous blowhards ever to serve in Congress, says that the whole thing was designed solely to distract attention from — drumroll please — Obamacare.

In an appearance today on Newsmax, Rep. Peter King claimed that the CIA didn’t torture anyone — calling their enhanced interrogation techniques “mild” — and decried torture critics for having a “‘hate America first’ attitude that is self-loathing, self-hatred.”

The New York Republican then told host J.D. Hayworth that the report came to light as a way to deflect attention from Jonathan Gruber’s testimony to the House Oversight Committee on Obamacare.

Wait, not from Benghazi? You know, with all this talk about distractions, one might think that Republicans are just trying to distract attention from the torture report itself.


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  • ArtK

    Is this kind of thing evidence that people like King have the attention span (and general personality) of a 3yo?

  • daved

    Anyone who states that these “enhanced interrogation techniques” are not torture should be required to under go them. Then they can report on whether their opinion has changed.

  • dmcclean

    More Peter King sanctioned “enhanced interrogation techniques”: (Just to pick one, plenty more where that came from.)

  • marcus

    @2 The brave Sean Hannity is ready to take the water-boarding challenge and submit himself to the technique to prove that:

    It is not torture!11!!!11!eleventy

    Any day now. Really. Just call and let him know. He’s ready. A little busy, so he might have rearrange some things. It’s going to take awhile. I tell you what… he’ll get back to you.

  • Modusoperandi

    Shouldn’t the report’s release be a good thing for Republicans? Shouldn’t they be bragging about all the people they tortured? Shouldn’t they be posing for photo-ops with the report?

    I mean, come on! You can’t beat the barbarians without being barbarians and torture is good and it Kept Us Safe® and if we’re in charge we’ll do it again!

  • Kevin Kehres


  • Ouabache

    Which is why Obama went on the Colbert Report to promote Obamacare… hey, wait a minute.

  • Dr X

    I’m still pretty sure that Hayworth is the unnatural love child of Foghorn Leghorn and Andy Devine.