We’ve Got a Matching Grant

A generous reader of Dispatches has been kind enough to offer a $500 matching grant for my Foundation Beyond Belief fundraiser. The goal was $2000 and we’re just over $1000 now, so that would be enough to beat the goal. So every dollar you donate right now will be doubled! Click here to donate. And thank you so much to Michael Fuller for his incredible generosity.

"Radical human sacrifice? Radical? Radical, really?I'm surprised he didn't call it socialist or liberal too; ..."

Swanson Thinks Burning Man Wants to ..."
"I think Swanson has confused Burning Man with the Wicker Man."

Swanson Thinks Burning Man Wants to ..."
"Men and women of the (whole) cloth have been fleecing the multitudes ever since . ..."

Swanson Thinks Burning Man Wants to ..."
"Yeah, but who can write their name in the snow the best?"

Trump’s Meaningless ‘Shift’ in Afghanistan Policy
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  • thebookofdave

    Okay, I’m in. Thanks, Michael Fuller.

  • mfuller

    My pleasure. It’s the least I could do. Well actually the least I could do would be to pray to a non-existent divine being.