Steve King’s Weird Rambling About Burr – Hamilton Duel

Sometimes Rep. Steve King says things that just make me shake my head. Okay, so he does that almost every day. But this is one of the more bizarre things he’s said, a weird, rambling diatribe about Obama violating his oath of office and something something…the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton? Wha?

The Iowa Republican told host Greg Corombos that the nation’s founders would be aghast at Obama, who he said violated his oath of office “as if his word means nothing.”

“It’s been 210 years since Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr fought a duel over honor. Life and death over honor, honor meant that much to our founding fathers and they did not imagine that a president would dishonor his own oath in the fashion that he has done,” King said.

King said that he, on the other hand, is fulfilling his oath by voting against Boehner and insisted that the speaker would be ousted from his position if only other members of Congress took their oaths of office as seriously as he does.

Uh, okay. The founding fathers did not imagine that a president would violate their oath of office? For crying out loud, John Adams did that by signing the Alien and Sedition acts almost before the ink was dry on the First Amendment. Of course they could imagine that, it was the primary reason for checks and balances, the separation of powers and the provisions for impeachment. If they could not have imagined such a thing, they would have just appointed George Washington king and went home.

And I love how the fighting of that duel somehow provides evidence of how seriously the “founding fathers” — as a group — took “honor” (whatever the fuck that is) and their oaths of office. Never mind that the duel had nothing to do with anyone violating their oath of office, it was a personal spat, or that Burr was indicted for murder and became a fugitive afterward. Right wing thinking is really hard to follow sometimes.

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  • John Pieret

    Right wing thinking is really hard to follow sometimes.

    There’s your mistake!

  • Larry

    He violated his oath of office, eh? Well, bring up the charges, bitch. Let’s see what cards you’re holding. Otherwise, you’re just spouting BS to be consumed by your in-bred teabagger supporters.

  • scienceavenger

    The Iowa Republican told host Greg Corombos that the nation’s founders would be aghast at Obama…

    Well of course they would be. They’d be wondering what the house nigger was doing pretending his dark 3/5 ass could be president.

  • Dr X

    I think he’s saying that Florida Rep Dan Webster should kill John Boehner.

  • ArtK

    For some reason, I’m seeing King in that old “Got Milk?” commercial where they guy is trying to say “Aaron Burr” with a mouth full of peanut butter sandwich.

    I really wonder if King would like it if we went back to duelling being a semi-acceptable way of settling disputes. I would certainly hope that he would practice his quick draw a lot, as well as taking lots of fencing lessons. He manages to offend a lot of people.

  • abb3w

    Like the idiots who attacked Charlie Hebdo, he appears to have a confusion about the main difference between honor and reputation. Duels were about the latter.

  • moarscienceplz

    The Burr-Hamilton duel merely proved that even Founding Fathers can be childish imbeciles, so of course it would be an important touchstone for today’s conservatives.

  • matty1

    I read somewhere that the idea of making George Washington king was suggested and he turned it down. Is this true?

  • bushrat

    Do you know what else the Founding Fathers would have been ‘aghast’ about…a half black president. Let’s all hope that Mr. King pulls his head out of his ass some day. I doubt that will happen, but who knows.

  • Area Man

    I’m starting to think that accusing a sitting president of having violated his oath of office, without any colorable claim, should be considered an act of treason.

  • abb3w

    @8, matty1

    I read somewhere that the idea of making George Washington king was suggested and he turned it down. Is this true?

    Poking the internet turns up that one of his colonels, Lewis Nicola, in a letter dated May 22, 1782 suggested that monarchy might be preferable to the bumbling republic of the colonial congress. That apparently went no further.

    Google-fu also indicates that at least one draft of his inaugural address disavowed interest in monarchy, so the worry might have been in the newspapers of the time. On the other hand, he also disavowed that he was doing it for personal enrichment, so it may just have been trying to assure the new nation of his honorable motives.

    I can find no indication in the debate notes on the Constitutional convention that anyone attending thought monarchy a good notion; rather, it was an outcome that everyone was trying to preclude. The continental congress was fractious enough that there might have been some lone nut in favor, but more generally the states at that time were all too jealous of their prerogatives for the notion such a figure of central authority to get much traction.