And the Threats Begin Over Christian Veterans Memorial

When I spoke to Steven Hewett the other night, I expressed my hope that no one would threaten him after the King, NC city council decided to settle the suit he filed and remove a Christian statue and flag from a veterans memorial. I knew that was unlikely to happen, of course, and it took a matter of hours before a “patriot” blog in North Carolina did exactly that.

The blog put up a picture of Steven and said, “If anyone finds his address, I’ll post it.”


The post was then updated with his address and phone number. And the very first commenter said, “If anyone finds his birthday and mothers maiden name I’ll F#*& up his credit!” Because that’s exactly what Jesus would do. And another commenter says, “Don’t whine. Just whack him.” Someone did blow the whistle on this:

Hi fellas. I’ve just notified the local U.S. Attorney’s office, FBI and local law enforcement. You do know how IP addresses work, right? Be well.

And the dumbass response:

Must be another little commie who opposes free speech.

Threats are not free speech. This is just another illustration of what happens when Christian privilege is challenged. The backlash that results is often threatening and violent.

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  • Reginald Selkirk
  • Modusoperandi

    Relax. Nobody will act on these threats. And if anyone does, he’s a Lone Wolf and we don’t promote or tolerate this terrible act of violence and, anyway, the “victim” deserved what he got and we have First Amendment rights and here’s another name and address of someone we hate and wink wink.

  • John Pieret

    What a bright light! The blogger, like the people in yesterday’s new story, asserts that the case has nothing to do with separation of church and state but can’t articulate why it doesn’t. And then he says “I can’t figure out why they’re removing the statue of the soldier.” That despite the fact that he has a picture of it showing a soldier kneeling in prayer before a cross (probably supposed to be a grave marker). If they had added some more grave markers (Jewish, Muslim, etc.) they might have been able to keep it.

  • eric

    @2: I somewhat agree with you. Then again, since it’s a NC blogger talking about a Michigan person, I think it probably is just bombast. This is an example of George Carlin’s “asshole driver” principle at work: ever notice how the less likely an extremist is to be able to come into direct contact with their subject, the bigger the asshole the subject is?

  • Richard Ewald

    Steven is a friend of mine, I’ve been cruising the various news outlet comment threads, the threats are all over the place. He’s been subject to this crap for 5 years.

  • Moon Jaguar

    The “patriot’s” blog page you linked to has disappeared. How unsurprising.

  • Richard Ewald

    Comparing this issue to the attacks in Paris, except he got the sides mixed up…

  • Modusoperandi

    Moon Jaguar “The ‘patriot’s’ blog page you linked to has disappeared.”


  • caseloweraz

    I saw precious little about North Carolina in that “Free North Carolina” blog.

  • carbonfox

    Looks like the took the page down? Brave patriots indeed.