The Best Defense Agema Fans Can Muster

Found this absolutely hilarious defense of Dave Agema, the Republican National Committee member from Michigan who recently posted what he called a “very enlightening” article that claimed blacks are a danger to everyone they meet and got censured by the RNC. It’s pretty much the Platonic ideal of a wingnut screed:

The people behind the most recent attacks on Dave Agema are agenda driven, progressive leaning, Fifth columnists. We are at a crossroads in America as Persecution of Faith and people of Principle is a daily part of our Lives. The radical homosexual agenda is the spear point being used to destroy good men of character who dare to take a stand, speak out, and espouse principles. The current attacks calling Dave Agema a racist are no accident, nothing is more toxic in our current culture than Racism, it is the Logical Weapon of the moment, based on the current issues and struggles facing America.

I am a lifelong republican, I proudly voted for Ronald Reagan, and have cast a straight ticket ballot my entire life until 2014. As I watch people of faith continually shunted to the side, Taken for granted, and publicly Ostracized, I can no longer NOT stand for Faith and Values FIRST! I will stand with Dave Agema, even if it costs me any and all political capital I may have. A third party is not the option I want to see, but it will be the only option left, if CHRISTian Constitutional Conservatives are thrown to the Jackals yet again. There is an awakening occurring in this once great nation.

Dave Agema is outspoken, he speaks plainly and clearly, he is easily understood by the common man, the Principled man, the people seeking truth and Hope in a world gone mad. Does he mince words or temper his voice? Of course not. That is precisely why he is so respected and Loved among His Friends, Supporters, and constituency. That same Frankness and Outspoken Truthfulness, also makes him the obvious target for those looking to drag down those of values and Principle. It also unfortunately makes him an easy target, as too often the easy way out is the way chosen by so many, without the same Moral Fiber.

Randomly capitalized words? Check.

Repeated mention of Christianity for no apparent reason? Check.

Nothing even attempting to address the criticisms? Check.

Blaming it all on political enemies rather than addressing the issue? Check.

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  • Sastra

    I got Bingo.

  • tfkreference

    I thought it was Modus – except he would have said the same thing in three sentences, with a side of innuendo.

  • Modusoperandi

    Randomly capitalized words? Check.

    It’s not random. Important words are capitalized. You Liberals have “faith”, Us Conservatives have “Faith”. You have “truth”, We have “Truth”.

    Foreigners might have invented English, but Us Americans perfected it.

  • roggg

    I didn’t see any defence of Agema in there at all.

  • theschwa

    As I watch people of faith continually shunted to the side, Taken for granted…

    But what people of faith do have are a very particular set of skills, skills they have acquired over very long careers. Skills that make them a nightmare for people like you, who care about grammar and proper use of capital letters.

  • Area Man

    Notice how wingnuts play the “Principles” card only when said principles are indefensible?

    If you think he’s unfairly been called a racist, make the case that he’s not a racist. If your defense is that he’s a “Principled man” who “espouses principles”, and how dare anyone call him a racist because of it, you’re effectively admitting that he’s a principled racist.

  • John Hinkle

    …without the same Moral Fiber.

    I tried evil, but my morality just won’t take a crap. Now there’s Moral Fiber! And if you want extra strength help, there’s Cheney Fiber!

  • Lance Brannigan

    How about actually reading the entire Letter and not just selected out takes. |

    Agema reposted an Article from Col Allen West’s website that West shared, and called “a must Read” and “Quite possibly the most racist article ever”

  • dingojack

    ‘Agema Brand Moral Fibre’: when you couldn’t give a crap!


  • caseyboucher

    I hate to go all Godwin here, but between scapegoating a minority as a fifth column implicit in some sort of conspiracy to destroy the country, the blatant appeals to ethnonationalism, and the implications that theirs is the only legitimate party, these wingnuts are looking more like Nazis every day.

  • logophobe

    Strong effort, failed to mention communism or threaten divine retribution. B+

  • eric

    agenda driven, progressive leaning, Fifth columnists.

    Okay, so I know there’s a trend on the right to call anyone left of the speaker a RINO. But seriously, you’re going to claim that the Republican National Committee is filled with fifth columnist progressives? Srsly?


    Agema reposted an Article from Col Allen West’s website that West shared, and called “a must Read” and “Quite possibly the most racist article ever”

    West said those things about the article, Agema did not. What Agema said about the article was: “Very interesting article by a Public Defender. We are in a cultural battle. Very enlightening for anyone who is concerned about crime in America…”

    Note also that he is obviously and specifically calling the original article interesting; he is not calling West’s commentary interesting. We can be sure of this because West is not a public defender, the original author is. So there can be no doubt that Agema is promoting the original article, not West’s repudiation of it.