Ellison Invites Perkins to Visit a Mythical Muslim ‘No-Go’ Zone

Rep. Keith Ellison, a Muslim congressman who represents Minneapolis, has sent a letter to Family Research Council leader Tony Perkins offering to take him to the place he claims is a “Muslim no-go zone” in that city. He also claimed the same thing about Dearborn, Michigan.

Dear Mr. Perkins:

I am writing regarding your recent comments about my hometown. As you know, I represent the 5th district, of Minnesota which includes most of Minneapolis. You recently said that you believe parts of our city are so called “no-go zones” where state and federal laws are subordinate to Sharia Law. Having lived in Minneapolis for over two decades, I can assure you this is not true. But I would like you to come see firsthand that Minneapolis is an inclusive and thriving city completely under the jurisdiction of local, state, and federal authorities. The Muslim Americans in Minneapolis help make our vibrant and diverse place to live.

If you accept my invitation it may represent an important step toward interfaith understanding. I would be glad to organize meetings with local and federal enforcement as well as community leaders.

I hope Ellison is not naive enough to think that Perkins might accept his invitation. Perkins has no interest whatsoever in the truth, he’s interested in selling fear to keep donations flowing in. He is a professional liar.

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  • John Pieret

    Perkins has no interest whatsoever in the truth, he’s interested in selling fear to keep donations flowing in.

    No, no! Tony won’t go because Ellison is a MOOSLIM and it’s all a trick to have Tony in an orange jumpsuit kneeling before some guy with a sword!*


    * Barely more fantastical than the wingnut narrative.

  • Chiroptera


  • sanford

    Even if he doesn’t go Ellison should send invites to all who believe in these no go zones.

    60 minutes did this story last year about a muslim extremist in London. . http://www.cbsnews.com/news/recruiting-for-isis-60-minutes/ http://www.cbsnews.com/news/face-to-face-with-an-islamic-extremist-campaigning-for-isis/

    The second link is to the overtime segment that was on line.

    Producer Randall Joyce, who has traveled with Ward to Syria and other warzones, tells 60 Minutes Overtime that seeing extremists on the streets of London, trying to impose Sharia law on total strangers, was “a very strange experience. You keep kind of looking around to remind yourself where you really are.” While these areas they look at might not be no go zones. I don’t know if that as a westerner I would want to go to it.

  • dingojack

    No, the purpose is to show that Perkins is an out-and-out liar for Jesus. It’s not gonna phase ‘true-believers’, but it’s gonna make the crucial ‘swing voter’ think twice, and ‘thinking’ is definitely not what the Rethugians need!


  • moarscienceplz

    Obviously, these sneaky mooslims have a Potempkin Constitution that they can erect in any neighborhood at a moment’s notice and appear to be normal murricans. But , once Perkins leaves, minarets will pop up in every corner, complete with imams calling for mass beheadings of every Christian. All true (Christian) Americans know this, so there’s no point in going to look at these areas.

  • http://drx.typepad.com Dr X

    @4, it’s difficult to get a sense of how commonplace that sort of harassment is. Obviously, non-Muslims walk around the neighborhood and that woman in the short skirt argued with the men who told her she’s not supposed to dress like that in a Muslim neighborhood, but is that constant or did they have to wait around with their secret cameras for that sort of incident? In any case, the harassment of the woman and the gay man would go viral if it happened in this country.

    I will say I had a weird encounter in Chicago last summer. I shoot a lot of street photography and on a couple of occasions went to shoot in a heavily Hindu and Muslim neighborhood (Devon Ave — for anyone from Chicago). I have no concern about safety walking around the neighborhood day or evening, it’s a reasonably safe neighborhood, but on one of two days that I shot photos, a Muslim guy stopped his car in the middle of the street and told me it was a very bad idea to take photos in this neighborhood. People will have a problem with that, he said. I was chatting with a friendly UK visitor of Indian ethnicity and taking his photo when this happened. I suppose that could happen in another neighborhood, and I just ignored him, but my thought was more irritation than fear. Like, fuck that, I don’t care what people in this neighborhood think. I have a right to do this just the same as I do in any other goddamn neighborhood. Public space. No expectation of privacy. I can shoot.

    Maybe it was just a one off, but I’ve never had someone stop a car before or since to suggest I stop taking photos.

  • StevoR

    The idea of Muslims taking over and remaking certain areas of Western cities isn’t limited to US politicians. Here in Oz, we’ve had right-wing journalists making similar claims – which have then been debunked by others for instance :


    Of course, Tim Blair, the journalist in question did actually make a quick visit to the feared Sydney “Muslim land” but only saw what he wanted to and didn’t really learn much.

    Which could also be a problem if Tony Perkins took up Congresscritter Keith Ellison’s invite. Still I think it would be a good idea for Perkin’s to take Ellison up on his offer and y’never know, it might help and couldn’t hurt that much. Hope it happens but doubt it will although the likely unwillingness to take up the offer speaks for itself in a way too.