Frank Gaffney Joins Chorus of ‘No-Go’ Liars

Deranged bigot Frank Gaffney has joined Tony Perkins and many other right wing demagogues in claiming that Dearborn, Michigan is now a “no-go zone” for non-Muslims that is ruled by Sharia law. This will come as a huge surprised to the 60% of people who live in that city who aren’t fucking Muslim.

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  • tbp1

    Oh, but they’re dhimmi, you know, even if they’re in the majority.

  • rationalinks

    I propose a new military operation, we will call it Operation Rust Storm, to free the good, god-fearing people of Dearborn and give them the freedom we know they want. Also, I hear they have WMDs…yeah…that’s the ticket.


  • Dr X

    He’s saying that there are No-Go zones in Europe and that it will happen in Dearborn, not that it has already happened in Dearborn. I think he’s talking nonsense, as usual, but the post is a bit misleading.

  • wreck

    The only no-go zone for these idiots is the land of sanity,

  • blf

    He’s saying that there are No-Go zones in Europe

    When some eejit on faux news said Birmingham, England, was a “no-go area” ruled by the dreaded imaginary mooslins (this was just after the Charlie Hebdo murders), he got called by “an idiot” by the UK Prime Minister (possibly the only thing the PM has ever been correct about).

    Faux news also said there were “no-go areas” (plural) in Paris (at least), and got subjected to a withering French-style satire led by a The Daily Show-ish French show, Le Petit Journal. Others jumped in, such as the French PM, who when asked about the claim, apparently said something like “I don’t watch [faux news], I watch Le Petit Journal.”