FTC Nails Dr. Oz’ Benefactor for Fake Diet Plan

Dr. Oz, the con man who has become very rich pushing medical scams on his millions of viewers, has been shown yet again to have endorsed and promoted a completely fake “miracle diet” on his show. The FTC has nailed one of the companies he’s been paid to promote and brought on his show.

The government is forcing one of Dr. Oz’s favorite supplement peddlers to pay out $9 million to consumers after making deceptive and unsubstantiated claims about weight loss products.

Several years ago, you had probably never heard of the green coffee bean supplement for weight loss. But after Dr. Oz featured the supplement on his daily talk show, it became one of the hottest weight loss wonders around.

Now, the Federal Trade Commission just announced a giant settlement with one of the supplement marketers who appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, Lindsey Duncan, as well as the companies he had a stake in, Pure Health LLC and Genesis Today, Inc.

On the Oz show, Duncan made miraculous claims: that the pills could lead to nearly 20 pounds of weight loss — and a reduction of 16 percent body fat — in 12 weeks without exercise. He said this was all backed by science. But he never mentioned his financial conflict of interest in companies that made the pills…

This isn’t the first time the FTC has taken down claims made on the show. Last September, the federal consumer watchdog settled another $3.5-million suit against Applied Food Sciences, the company that sponsored the retracted green coffee bean study.

Dr. Oz should lose his license to practice medicine immediately and be prosecuted for fraud.


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  • D. C. Sessions

    Dr. Oz should lose his license to practice medicine immediately

    He’s apparently a pretty good plumber (although getting old for that business) and a tenured professor of medicine. I doubt losing his union card will cost him much if anything.

  • Alverant

    Just like Kevin Trudeau and his “Natural Cures THEY don’t want you to know about” series. May his cheating ass rot in jail for years.

    (I had a job interview at his company some years back. Major crazy there. Their website claimed that if you joined you would be in contact with the Illuminati, the Brotherhood, and other secret societies … if you paid enough.)

  • Sastra

    Dr. Oz simply needs to quietly drop any references to “science” or “studies” and come right out and reassure his viewers that these are spiritual truths known through faith and other ways of knowing, like personal testimony. You can be sure of ‘miracle’ cures the same way you can be sure of miracles. His viewers may not know the difference, but authorities might.