Alex Jones: Don’t Worry, Rand Paul is Lying About Moderation

Alex Jones, who has loudly endorsed Rand Paul’s inevitable presidential campaign, did him no favors on his radio show when he told people not to worry that Paul seems to be sounding more moderate these days because he’s just lying for political purposes to help him get elected.

I’ve known Rand Paul since 1995. He’s been at Austin [home of InfoWars], we’ve interviewed him. I am one of the first people to ever get him on air, probably the first. I know Rand Paul and I know he’s for real. That’s why even though he has played politics with them and come out and said some things that they want to hear, the Atlantic Monthly and others are saying ‘don’t believe him, he’s nuts like his father,’ because yeah, he is a constitutionalist patriot like his father and they know that. He’s playing politics with them, like Clinton played politics in saying he didn’t want your guns or Obama did. Well, he’s doing that on the opposite end, and they know it and they don’t like it and they’re coming after him. Rand Paul is awesome.


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  • dugglebogey

    Wasn’t that great when Obama and Bill Clinton took all the guns?

    Wait a sec…

  • matty1

    Who is he addressing that had their guns taken by Bill Clinton?

  • StevoR

    @ ^ matty 1 : Beats me.

  •!/TabbyLavalamp Tabby Lavalamp

    So Alex Jones is saying that Rand Paul isn’t a moderate. Well, stopped clocks and all that…

  • Modusoperandi

    And Obama really doesn’t want your guns. He’s already got too many to count, due to his membership in the New Black Panthers. If anything, instead of coming for your guns, he’s coming for your white daughters. He’ll ply them with the marihuana, too.

  • Kevin Kehres


    And rap music. And that jiggly jiggly dancing that gets the boys all het up.

  • raven

    Oddly enough and rather dismayingly, Alex Jones is probably right here. I guess a blind squirrel can find an acorn every once in a while.

    Rand Paul is almost certainly trying real hard to pass as a normal person. He is bright enough to realize there are few who are as cuckoo as he is.

    His father, Ron Paul did the same thing for decades. Since he retired his inner kook has been running freer.

  • gshelley

    Did I miss the bit where Obama was lying about not wanting people’s guns and took their guns?

  • Modusoperandi

    gshelley “Did I miss the bit where Obama was lying about not wanting people’s guns and took their guns?”

    Did you miss the big fight where the Democrats brought forward popular but ineffective legislation to mildly restrict firearms purchases, watch it get whittled down to irrelevance, then fail and/or get filibustered and abandonded, leaving pretty white people free to continue occassionally killing roomfuls of other pretty white people?

  • tubi

    According to some of my co-workers, Obama really just wants all your ammunition.

  • Kermit Sansoo

    Mr. Jones, I think you should just wait until somebody wins the Republican nomination, then spend your time reassuring the Tea Party crowd that he is not nearly as moderate as he’s pretending to be, we’re just fooling those stupid liberals. [wink, wink]


    The logical part of me want to say “that he or she is not…” but the knowledgeable part of me knows that no way is the GOP going to nominate a woman. Maybe for Veep.

  • lorn

    I’m assuming Alex Jones is ‘playing politics’ pretending to have a brain.

  • dan4

    Yeah, Ron Paul, the guy who’s recently been defending the idea of succession is such a “patriot.”

  • sezme

    Jones could be reading the dictionary and I’d still find his voice grating.