Huckabee’s Brilliant Foreign Policy Ideas

All governors face questions about whether they have any understanding of foreign policy when they run for president because it’s not something they’ve usually dealt with, so Mike Huckabee is trying to show that he has a firm grasp of the issues. FAIL.

In a video posted on YouTube by an attendee, Huckabee can be seen speaking at an event organized by David Lane and featuring remarks from David Barton and Bob McEwan and declaring that America was founded by God and that the key to political success is national spiritual revival.

“We’re at a place in our world right now where nobody trusts America, nobody believes in America, and sadly nobody fears America,” he said, adding that he doesn’t “care if people like us around the world” because the only thing that matters is that they fear us. “I never want this country to get to the place where people do not fear the United States of America. But I don’t want to get to the place where this country does not fear God because if we don’t fear God, nobody will fear us.”

Ah yes, rule by fear — a central tenet of fascism. And then add religion into it as well. Unfortunately, this kind of empty, pseudo-macho rhetoric is very popular on the right.


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  • Larry

    A foreign policy taken from The Godfather.

    And if by chance an honest man like yourself should make enemies, then they would become my enemies. And then they would fear you.

  • dingojack

    Ah foreign policy dictums straight from Caligula:

    “I don’t care that they hate me, as long as they fear me”.


  • Jeremy Shaffer

    I never want this country to get to the place where people do not fear the United States of America.

    Every bully on every playground and school yard in the country would agree with this statement.

  • Sastra

    But I don’t want to get to the place where this country does not fear God because if we don’t fear God, nobody will fear us.”

    Why yes, there’s no way this could go wrong.

    The strange thing is that this implies we had no reason to fear the Soviets. I never noticed conservatives being particularly unconcerned with the dangers of communist countries.

  • eric

    We’ve got roughly half the world’s supply of nuclear armaments coupled with more reliable launch systems than Russia. We’ve got a conventional military that while not the biggest in terms of numbers, is probably globally recognized as more powerful than any other 2-3 militaries on the planet combined. We’ve toppled two governments in the last 10 years while all other countries combined have toppled, well, none (maybe we give Russia half a mark for Ukraine). This is coupled to a political system that last year averted a national credit default by literally hours. Not weeks or days, but hours. If that isn’t enough to make people fear us, Huckabee, then what the frak do you think will? Do you want a US aircraft carrier sitting off every port city?

  • Doc Bill

    Jon Stewart was right on the mark when he implored Huckabee to beg for his job back at Fox. Huckabee is too stupid even for the Party of Stupid.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Of course, there is a slight drawback to being feared. It only works when you’re not only stronger than any of your enemies [1], you have all of your enemies. Forever.

    And as hisory teaches us, dominating the world with an iron fist is very, very expensive. Ultimately, empires fall. And iron-fisted empires don’t go down gently — they go down in fire and blood.

    Maybe not in the lifetime of the Bushes or Huckabee, but almost certainly in the lives of my children.

    [1] If you are intent on making others fear you, then they are your enemies. Whether you want to admit it or not.

  • John Pieret

    But I don’t want to get to the place where this country does not fear God because if we don’t fear God, nobody will fear us.

    Is he running for caliph of ISIS? That seems to come right out of their owner’s manual.

  • dingojack

    Dear Huckster:

    If you are big and I am small:

    You are lumbering, I am nimble;

    you are irksome, I am welcomed;

    you are seen, I am hidden;

    you there and I am everywhere…


  • my2cents

    I don’t know what is more disturbing. The fact that someone would be so comfortable spouting such a fascist ideology or the fact that an audience cheers it.

  • Trebuchet

    But he’s dodging the real question: Can he see Russia from his house?

  • scienceavenger

    The best thing about Huckabee is that he renders Frothy Santorum redundant and irrelevant by overlapping all of his issues, and with better political skills. The worst thing about Huckabee is he’s a skilled enough politician to pull this off.

  • colnago80

    Sir John Fischer said it a lot more succinctly: Fear god and dread nought.

  • raven

    Huckabee is starting to remind me of Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin.

    He is rather stupid and not at all well educated, a couple of no name bible college degrees.

    1. The USA spends 40% of the world military budget. It’s a lot, ca. 20% of our budget. How much more would we have to spend to raise it noticeably?

    And where would that money come from? I know, they would take it from children and old people, just cut social security, food stamps, and public education. Very xian.

    2. This is a big part of what doomed the Soviet empire and the Roman empire. The Soviets had a first world military on a third world economy base. And the Romans got overextended and after a many centuries, just couldn’t keep their military machine going.

    3. The christofascists might find this sort of war talk appealing. Until their kids start coming home in boxes. There is a downside to war. People get killed and some of them are either you or people you know. Many of us have seen the latter.

    4. Live by the sword, die by the sword. A warrior always wins every battle. But the last one. Most of the wars lately haven’t done anything for the USA. We lost in Vietnam and Iraq is still a mess.

  • blf

    I do not live in USAlienstani but am a “natural born” USAlienstani and carry a USAlienstani passport. The idea that someone is supposed to fear the country that issued me my passport would very probably cause nothing but problems and might, potentially, create an actual risk to me, my visitors and friends, my property, my neighbors and colleagues, and so on… but accomplish nothing useful other than allow politicians to yell they have a bigger penis.

    FECK YOU, Huckabee!

  • Who Cares


    About the Ukraine. The toppling of the government there was done with the blessing of the US in response to the bribing, by Russia, of the government there to reject the west. Granted I think it is more that the western handlers lost control of the (neo-)nazis, fascists (Guess Putin doesn’t like competition) and other extreme right wing groups they used as shock troops.

    Everything else done by Russia has been a response by that coup d’etat. Russia didn’t (and doesn’t) want an actively hostile government that is beholden to western interest in control of their only warm water port. So they took it back. Which caused quite a few people in Washington to flip out, Russia was supposed to just sit there and do nothing, and reacted in a way that a raging bull in a china shop could take pointers from. This resulted A) in the inability to resolve the Ukraine mess in a quick way B) the switch from passive support (ignoring smuggling, supplying intel) of the east Ukrainians by Russia to active support (after the shooting down of the plane, which Russia didn’t do or supply the gear for and the sanctions imposed on Russia by that incident, for example Russia setup an unified military command staffed by ‘retired’ HQ personnel from the Russian army).

  • StevoR

    @blf : FYI I’m pretty sure you’re able to swear and say eg . FUCK on this blog if you want to!

    Fuck Huckabee!

  • StevoR

    I don’t think Australia and other allied nations eg. Canada, England, Israel etc .. fer the United States of America. Well not for the usual value of “fear”anyhow.

    There is (I would have said obviously but seemingly not?) such a thing as loving and respecting and supporting other nations even major powers instead of doing their will only because of fear and convincing other nations to work together for common good.

    Is that above sentence and are those basic concepts really just so alien and strange and whatever that Huckabeee and his ilk find them unthinkable and unviable as better alternatives here?

  • combinatorialimplosion

    Interesting to find Huckabee channeling Lucius Accius, by way of Caligula(!): “Let them hate me, so long as they fear me”