Newsmax Pushes Anti-Vax Views From Discredited Doctor

It seems to be a mantra these days that the anti-vaccination crowd is part of the left, but there are plenty of voices on the right that are pushing that nonsense too. Rand Paul, Michele Bachmann and many others have spouted all manner of bullshit about it. Newsmax, the online conservative site that runs a lot of the right wing email scams, is pushing one of their favorite scammers, a doctor they feature on their site and send out emails on behalf of who is all about the anti-vax thing.

Childhood vaccinations for viruses like measles and chicken pox should not be mandatory and, in fact, may cause serious health problems, says board certified neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, editor of The Blaylock Wellness Report…

“There’s compelling scientific evidence that vaccines are not as safe as they’re being proposed. In fact, there [can be] significant, serious problems, including death, seizures, encephalitis and severe brain damage. This is well documented in medical literature.”…

“If you could demonstrate that vaccines never caused serious neurological damage or caused serious health issues, then fine, that’s one thing.

“But they can’t demonstrate that and what we’re seeing is a dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases since they’ve added so many vaccines to the vaccine schedule. Those include increases in neurological damage and impairment in learning, memory and speech.

“So we’re seeing a dramatic increase in all of these disorders as the number of vaccines increased,” he said…

Blaylock said the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as drug manufacturers that make billions of dollars in profits from the vaccines, claim they are 99 percent effective.

Yes, those evil drug manufacturers making billions of dollars preventing diseases for which they could make many more billions of dollars treating. Blaylock is a well-known conspiracy nut. He thinks the Soviet Union was responsible for creating AIDS and spreading VD in the United States. He rants endlessly about the New World Order and claims that the Affordable Care Act was really designed to euthanize the elderly. He also sells his own unregulated supplements with all sorts of bizarre and unsupported claims about the miracles they will work when you take them, including preventing cancer. In short, he’s a serious wingnut.

But Newsmax makes a lot of money off the guy, so I guess that makes it all okay. And the guy from Newsmax who emailed me wanting to pay me to put their widget on my sidebar just couldn’t understand why I said no and mocked him for it.

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  • Modusoperandi

    He thinks the Soviet Union was responsible for…spreading VD in the United States.

    “Hyello, American Comrade Citizen. Vud you lyak to engage in coochie cooch with fellow American Comrade Citizen who is me?”

  • composer99

    If anything, the inclusion of anti-vaccine attitudes in organisations such as Newsmax makes it likely that over time the political right will soon be the primary haven for anti-vaccine sentiment.

    Not to say there won’t be left-wing anti-vaccine types floating around, but there’s no equivalent of the all-encompassing right-wing scam/noise machine.

  • hackworth

    Did the guy from Newsmax ever read you blog? Of course it could be the case that he has, and assumes that seagulls are a large segment of your audience.

  • Alverant

    Two things they leave out in “the left does it too” is:

    1) They’re on the fringe of the left and don’t have any big-names to support them while the anti-vax from the right have heavy hitters like Ran Paul

    2) The left is doing more to push vaccinations while the right is trying to stop them because “gubment healthcare = cummunism” or some other such nonsense.

  • richardelguru

    Modus, that’s the best offer I’ve had all day!

  • busterggi

    Vaccines are all sciencey so of course the right-wingnuts are against them. Prolly contain fluoride!

  • John Pieret

    In short, he’s a serious wingnut.

    FIFY. No politics needed to identify the crazed.

  • SC (Salty Current)

    This reminded me! I posted about the Republican scams last year. I looked into Blaylock a bit at the time and noted his antivax claims in my post. I’d forgotten about that aspect.

  • D. C. Sessions
  • shay

    Blaylock thinks Vitamin C can treat Ebola.

  • notruescott

    The guy is apparently a very deliberate con. He leads off with the true fact that vaccines are not 100% harmless, then goes on to suggest that the correlation between the rise of “neurological issues” (read that as autism spectrum disorders), immune disorders, and the increase in vaccination is causal; but he never actually makes that claim, or indeed any other except that the manufacturers have the audacity to try to make money on the products they sell (the filthy bastards).

    Whatever helps you sleep at night, I guess.

  • Ichthyic

    if you want to see the big money pushing antivax, look to the naturopathy industry, which has grown to enormous proportions over the last 20 years.

    people like Mike Adams use the antivaxer routine as their own anti-science bludgeon, in order to hock their natural foods and naturopathy crap.

    seriously, that industry is the primary driver of this shit, and you can trace the money state by state. go look at the influence they have had in California, and it will be obvious.

    this is not a gop thing, this is not a demo thing, this is a pure woo thing.

    goes across political boundaries, just like religion does.

  • Ichthyic

    start by looking at whatever this site is pushing first: