Savage Goes on Rant Against ‘Monster’ Obama

I still think there must be a secret competition among right wing pundits and columnists to come up with the most unhinged, extreme accusations against Obama. Michael Savage, who is downright deranged at times, did his best on the Steve Malzberg show, calling Obama a “monster” that the nation will be lucky to survive.

“If this country should survive this monster, there will be a psychological analysis of this president, who is a pathological liar,” Savage said. He then accused Obama of “sending Jeremy Bird,” a Democratic strategist, to launch an anti-Netanyahu campaign and of “manipulating an election in a foreign nation.”

Of course, Savage’s claim that Obama sent Bird to work for a group critical of Netanyahu is bogus, but that didn’t stop Savage from suggesting that Israeli officials arrest Bird anyway, urging them to “immediately arrest Jeremy Bird and the 273 progressive liberal Jew-haters over there” as “foreign spies.” He added that Israel should then put them in a prison with their Palestinian “blood brothers.”

Well as long as you’re being thoughtful and reasonable about this, Michael.


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  • StevoR

    What will these people do when Obama steps down peacefully and proves them all wrong and goes down in history as neither monster nor messiah but more just meh?

  • alanb

    What will they do? A find and replace: Obama -> Clinton (or whoever is the evil one of the day).

  • StevoR

    My guess Obama will be remembered in history mostly for Obamacare (Bout time USA!*) and being the first African American POTUS and that’ll mostly be it. Maybe for bringing the troops home from Iraq too and perhaps for elevating the fever pitch of Plutonian Over-The-Topness from the extremists like the (aptly named) Michael Savage here who couldn’t handle having him in power. It may recall that he was hamstrung by Congress and the govt shutdown’s, but in a few hundred years .. well..

    Obama – monster? Not even metaphorically close and pretty average as POTUS in the longer perspective probably behind Clinton (The first and male one that is) but ahead of Carter and Bush the lesser.

    * Ironic that history will footnote Romney’s role in this on the state level too.

  • StevoR

    @2. alanb : Won’t it be “interesting”to see what drives these Plutonian OTT rightwingers crazier -a black POTUS or a woman POTUS, I’m guessing we’ll get the chance to compare two terms of each in about nine years from now. Place your bets now folks, are they more racist than misogynist or is it going to be a tie! How many potential Democratic party anti-Christ presidents can there be before the suckers finally get ennui and stop listening to ’em?

    Go outside tonight, look up at Sirius the dogstar*, light leaving its surface right about now should reach our eyes about near(~ish) to when Hilary Rodham steps down at the end of her second term as POTUS .. we’ll know by then. Most likely I think. (& hope.)

    * Originally I had now but then I remembered its still daylight over your half the world & y’all gotta wait till the daytime star sets and illumination levels drop enough to see the sky properly..

  • StevoR

    Without access to a hypothetical parallel universe in which this different reality prevailed we’ll never know but I can’t help wondering sometimes what if Hilary Clinton had won the race in 2008 and it was her retiring at the end of this year with Obama to replace her in the role instead of vice-versa .. ???

    What if Obama and Hilary instead of fighting each other over the 2008 Democratic party nomination, they’d teamed up with Obama as vice-Prez and Hilary as POTUS? Still reckon that would’ve been the absolute dream team and ideal combo with Hilary serving first for two terms then Obama for his two.

    Even more poignantly, what a different world we’d be living inalready by now most like had Gore officially beaten Bush and by a wide enough margin as to have been undisputed POTUS back in, what was it, 2000? 2004? (Yeah,bedtime for me, pronto!) Sigh.

    Anyone else ever get the feeling they’re living in one of those centuries where everything goes wrong?

  • dugglebogey

    Wait. Who’s pathological?

  • Modusoperandi

    StevoR “Anyone else ever get the feeling they’re living in one of those centuries where everything goes wrong?”

    Sure, but on the other hand I have this delicious ice cream sandwich.

  • gshelley

    Let me get this straight, it’s OK for Congress to invite a foreign politician in the middle of an election campaign to come over and tell the USA what it should to, but if Obama refuses to meet with him, that’s interfering in a foreign election?

  • composer99

    gshelley, you’re looking at this through rational mindset, rather than wingnut mindset.

    Obama would have been “interfering in a foreign election” no matter what he did: meet with Netanyahu, not meet with Netanyahu, call Netanyahu a war criminal, call him a saint: whatever. He would have been “interfering” because Obama.

    By contrast, a Republican-led Congress can do whatever it wants, including inviting over a foreign politician to tell Congress what to do, because Republican.

  • scott

    @1 SteveoR- They’ll take credit for it, of course. Only the vigilance of Real Constitutional white (oops, said that out loud!) Americans kept the Muslim Kenyan Usurper at bay and drove him out in disgrace. He would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for these meddling conservatives and their talk radio hosts! Now, the next Demoncrat is even worse, so buy guns, gold, and survival chow from our sponsors!

  • thebookofdave

    …president, who is a pathological liar…

    This clipped quote brought to you by the Department of Repetitive Redundancy Department Agency. Really, Mr Savage, if that’s the most frightening description you have to offer, then you need to up your dose of caffeine (or meth, or weasel-in-shorts, or whatever else gets you going in the morning) before the show.

  • colnago80

    Just to be entirely fair about this, then President Clinton interfered in the 1999 election in Israel by sending his attack dog, the Raging Cajun James Carville to Israel to run the election campaign of Bibi’s opponent. Bibi returned the favor by intervening in the 2012 election in the US by all but endorsing Rmoney. Clinton’s intervention was more successful as Bibi lost and Obama won.

  • theguy

    “immediately arrest Jeremy Bird and the 273 progressive liberal Jew-haters over there”

    I think Shitvage is projecting here. I bet that bastard hates any Jewish people who don’t agree with his hatred of Obama.

    If you’re looking for somebody who makes Limbaugh look like Mr. Rogers by comparison, well, here you go.

  • busterggi

    I can’t understand why Savage is so pro-Israel when he is clearly an American Christian – I know I’ve heard him repeatedly say that America is a Christian nation and that he is an American. Its as if his real name was Weiner or something.

  • weatherwax

    I still believe is an elaborate, long running Poe.

  • magistramarla

    I will never understand why a gentle, intelligent, well-educated man who is a good husband and father can be called a monster.

    Oh yes, it has something to do with his skin color, right?

  • weatherwax

    …Michael Savage is an elaborate, long running Poe, I meant.


  • Akira MacKenzie

    SteveoR @ 1:

    …but more just meh?


  • StevoR

    @ ^ Akira MacKenzie : Rmoney would’ve been much worse yes. Mitt Romney was a terrible candidate and I’m glad he never made it to being POTUS. Ditto McCain although I don’t think would’ve been quite as bad as Rmoney.

    Rmoney would’ve been more “Aw shit! Were boned! ” than “Meh” to put it in Matt Groening terms.

  • StevoR

    Umm, we’re boned not were boned.