Wingnuts: Christianity is Going to be Outlawed!

The completely unhinged Janet Porter has produced a new documentary that features the usual lineup of wingnuts — David Barton, Mike Huckabee, Louis Gohmert, Steve King, etc. — claiming that we’re headed toward a totalitarian dystopia when gay rights activists outlaw Christianity. Because that’s totally realistic, right? We’re going to outlaw the religion held by 70% of the population. If you think that’s going to happen, please hold your breath until it does.


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  • Larry

    My, my, don’t they love themselves some strawman persecution.

  • John Pieret

    I particularly “liked” Huckabee’s confusion of free speech with the denial of service to gay people in businesses of public accommodation. I guess we deprived Lester Maddox and his ax handle of their freedom of speech.

  • dugglebogey

    Christianity is going to be outlawed?

    From your words to God’s ear!


  • raven

    Wingnuts: Christianity is Going to be Outlawed!

    The completely unhinged Janet Porter has produced a new documentary that features the usual lineup of wingnuts — David Barton, Mike Huckabee, Louis Gohmert, Steve King, etc. — claiming that we’re headed toward a totalitarian dystopia…

    1. More Reefer Madness movies? The 21st century will be known for hysterically funny fundie xian movies.

    2. These paper trails prove highly useful. In the near and far future both, to document the intellectual and moral bankruptcy of xianity, especially the right wing extremist fundie form.

    That is part of what doomed Rick Satanorum. There was a long paper trail of him hating birth control, hippies, educated people, college students, and sex among other things and his blatant hypocrisy. It made him look like a warped Dark Ages Pope wannabe.

  • raven

    Santorum: States Should Have The Right To Outlaw Birth …

    thinkprogress. org/…/santorum-states-should-have-the-righ…

    Jan 3, 2012 – Rick Santorum reiterated his belief that states should have the right to outlaw contraception during an interview with ABC News yesterday, …


    Now Rick Santorum Thinks COLLEGE Is A Liberal Conspiracy

    www .businessinsider. com/rick-santorum-college-liberal-…

    Feb 27, 2012 – Rick Santorum added a new line of attack to his culture war rhetoric this weekend, arguing that colleges and universities “indoctrinate” students …

    Among Satanorum’s hates are birth control and universities.

    He also has three degrees from good public universities that he uses to makes many millions of dollars. The hypocrisy is stunning.

    Rick the Dark Age Pope has even admitted recently that he should have been a little more careful about letting his inner kook out. I disagree. We needed to know that.

  • joachim

    Of course Christianity is not going to be outlawed. Atheists don’t have that kind of political power.

    But when they have had that kind of power, MILLIONS of believers have died. Oh, they will try saying it has noting to do with atheism, but it is only lying sniveling cowards who do.

  • raven

    But when they have had that kind of power, MILLIONS of believers have died.

    The time when xians had power was known as the Dark Age.

    Tens of millions were murdered.

    The xians so far are way ahead on body counts.

    Joachim don’t you have anything better to do than babble like an idiot? There are after all, still crusades to launch, witches to hunt down, heretics to kill, and Jews and Pagans to slaughter.

  • raven

    Hard to estimate how many people the xians have killed since they gained power under emperor Constantine.

    The fall of the Roman empire knocked over by Arian xians from Northern Europe, the wars of the middle ages, the Reformation wars, the US Civil War, the Taiping Rebellion which was the bloodiest war in history, Word War I, World War II, Vietnam, Iraq, Balkans, and so on.

    It’s probably around 50 or 100 million. Doesn’t take much to get xians to kill. They are doing it right now as I type to someone, somewhere.

  • howardhershey


    It is no doubt true that millions of Christians have died since Christ’s time. So have millions of pagans, Muslims, Hindus, and atheists. It may even be true that tens of millions have been murdered. What is more, millions will die in the future. Dare I say, billions.

  • llewelly

    ” Oh, they will try saying it has noting to do with atheism”

    Leopold and Mobutu were Christians. Should we blame their enormous death counts on Christianity?

  • Sastra

    So why aren’t these Christians up in arms about the potential criminalization of ‘Christian Science?’ They’ve got more direct evidence on that one. Treating childhood illness with prayer instead of legitimate medical treatment used to get a pass, but could now get you thrown in jail.

    Panic in the streets of Faith! A clear victory for secular rationalism and common sense! A blow against “religious freedom!”

    I doubt this will be included, though. They don’t want to align themselves with such blatantly testable faith-based claims. Or a “heretical” Christian sect.

  • Sastra

    joachim #6 wrote:

    Atheists don’t have that kind of political power.

    But when they have had that kind of power, MILLIONS of believers have died.

    What, in Australia?

  • rabbitscribe

    #12 Sastra:

    ABSOFUCKINGLUTELY!!! Have you seen the place? The inter has already become completely depopulated!

  • savoy47

    These people see the writing on the wall. Religion always plays the long game and plan from one generation to the next. They see the demographics for the upcoming generations. They can see the secular wave coming and there is no high for them to find.

    The biggest fear of authoritarian conservatives is payback time. They fear that they will be treated the same way that they’ve been treated the other. And there are quite a few others that have been the victims of all that Christian love. The nightmare of the master is being on the receiving end of the whip in the hand of his slave.

    Sure they’re 70% now but it was not that long ago that they were 90% and it won’t be long before they will be 49%. These people see their world collapsing around them. They are fighting to maintain their way of life and they fear the future and their place in it. They are scared, desperate and dangerous.

  • dingojack

    Sastra – great to see you’re right up on current events!



    BTW Did you know that Princess Victoria has been crowned as Queen of England?!?

  • raven

    Sure they’re 70% now but it was not that long ago that they were 90% and it won’t be long before they will be 49%.

    1. US xianity is dropping 1% of year. It’s going to take 20 years to go below 50%, 2035. Very unlikely I will be alive then!!!

    Make it go faster!!!

    2. It might not take that long. To call US xianity a religion isn’t working. It’s a collection of religions without much in common but similar names. A fact even some xian scholars are starting to see. And it is known that many “xians” are just box checkers, census xians who have no knowledge or involvement with religion.

    3. People leave the religion in order of best and brightest first. Which doesn’t give them much of a future.

    4. It’s my impression, that the crumbs from the bottom of the bag are getting more and more extreme and dumber. This probably isn’t a good sign either. Seems like the uglier they get, the more ex-xians there should be.

    This is admittedly, using common sense, which is always hazardous. For all I know, being extreme and stupid is an attractant, not a repellant.

  • anubisprime

    raven @ 16

    Make it go faster!!!

    The tipping point has already been reached, the first breach in the xtian bulwark has cracked it wide open, most polling on the question these days returns dismal news for the theists, that 1% a year will very soon cascade and it will become a stratospheric upsurge in numbers.

    Possibly 5 years will offer a vastly different sociological landscape.

    All it needed was for folks to start leaving religion behind for others to suddenly cotton on to the fact that despite the personally dire and catastrophically ominous warnings about abandoning jeebus, it was all lies and con, the veil is lifting and a bright new world based on realism and rationality beckons, and freedom….that above all, simply freedom from oppressive and divisive dogma, it is the siren song of humanity that they hear, and it will be heeded rather sooner then later.

    The dissolution of theocracy as the only game in town has begun in earnest, the resultant chain reaction will do the rest.

    End of Christianity as a power base certainly, and there will be the mentally frail that will cling to the meme…but it will only be exercised in terms of how society treat each other. how the commandments are the general default in human relationships and not in the terms of who controls who!

  • felidae

    I just saw the results of a survey of incoming college freshmen and the percentage of those having no religious affiliation has increased from around 20% to 28% in recent years, so the xians have something to worry about as the correlation between ignorance and religious belief is proving to be strong. Information available on the net is causing many people to abandon belief in sects like the LDS and Jehova’s Witnesses in droves

  • theignored

    People like Ken Ham can see that their ideology is starting to slip:

  • StevoR

    @12. Sastra : What, in Australia?

    Sadly Julia Gillard (Aussie PM from 2010 to 2013) wasn’t in power for long enough. the current – hopefully only another day – Prime Minister Tony Abbott also goes by the nicknames “Captain Catholic” and “The Mad Monk” and is a far right wing extremist. However, there’s going to be a leadership spill called for tomorrow which may,see him replaced by the more reasonable Malcolm Turnbull. Maybe.

  • StevoR

    Again with the Biblical marriage stuff?

    Well again with this informative clip by Betty Bowers on what that actually means :

    Have these fools ever read their own book I wonder?

    Oh and as for their question “are there any other clubs at high school” that focus around sex, well, yeah, aren’t there the whole creepy “purity balls” virginity cult clubs there?

  • dingojack

    Stevo – OT but have you been following #I’mStickingWithTony?

    Bwhahahahaha!! Some comedy gold (and then there are the tweets that sarcastically mock him).

    😀 Dingo


    For example:

    Treasurer Joe Hockey says: “‪#‎ImStickingWithTony‬. Our Govt needs more time. We’re 1.5 years into a 3yr term. We’ve still 2.5 years left”

  • anubisprime

    theignored @ 19

    The views of 1,000 twenty-somethings, solidly raised in the church but no longer attending

    That is quite an admission and the surprising point is that these are kids raised and steeped in the mythology since birth.

    I cannot imagine the stresses ,strains and heartache that must cause the brightest among them, because surely it would that is inescapable.

    Wherefore now the adage…’Give me the child and I will give you the man’ ?

    It seems that is not quite the whole story, maybe it should have the caveat of …’Give me the child. I will keep him ignorant, uneducated, and fear drenched, then fill the child with bigotry and hatred and then I will give you the man’

    Relevant statistical data effectively teamed with powerful apologetics

    Excuses spun while-u-wait!

    The study found that we are losing our kids in elementary, middle school, and high school rather than college

    Well maybe by that time a certain rationality based on reality has entered the kids cognitive processes.

    But I am fairly sure that college is every bit as important to fine tune the analytical.

    This is an alarming wake-up call for the church, showing how our programs and our approaches to Christian education are failing

    Err..Duuuhhhhaaa!…you think?

    They are creating their own demise…that will ultimately be their fate, atheists and atheism will have little to actually do…the theists are literally poisoning themselves and the more they panic the more they will lose.

    And they have neither the wit not wisdom to re-evaluate their dogma.

    Desperation tends to take them to the edge, they have no where else to go, and their own mental imbalance will toss them over into the abyss where the tar pits hunt in packs.

  • StevoR

    @22.dingojack : Not on Twitter but I have seen some great stuff on facebook including a great image of Julia Gillard laughing captioned “The former Prime Minister was deeply sympathetic to the current PM’s troubles.”

    A cartoonist (who occassionally also appears on ABC radio 891) ‘First Dog On The Moon’ also has some great stuff on this too. Looking forward to tmorra and hopefully a new PM even if it is still a Liberal.* Ideally Turnbull who is halfway reasonable and not far right wing.

    * Note to US readers – that word means ‘conservative’ over here.

  • StevoR

    @ ^ That’s “I’m not on twitter’ ..

  • dingojack

    Nah – I don’t see the LNP having enough balls to spill Half-term Tony. Look to ever dropping polls and an electoral wipe-out of epic proportions* – followed by a ‘Queensland Labor’ style come-back.



    * On current showing the LNP would lose 33 lower house seats. LAB 88, LNP 57, GRN/INP 5. By 2016 it’ll be far worse.

  • kantalope

    theignored @ 19

    amazing that Hams solution to the problem is his favorite hobbyhorse – need to emphasize the inerrancy of the bible; that will convince those kids.

  • colnago80

    Re StevoR and dingojack

    Unfortunately, it appears that ole Tony the phoney dodged the bullet

  • StevoR

    @ ^ Colnago80 : Yeah, sadly he has – for now. Abbott’s leadership is still probably mortally wounded and hopefully he”ll go next time & the replacement will be someone more moderate and reasonable. Hopefully too the ALP will get back in power next election. Hope dingojack #26 is right about that part!

  • dingojack

    Hardly a ringing endorsement when 31% of colleagues want you out (particularly when no candidate has stepped forward).