Beck: Measles Outbreak Just a Tool of Government Oppression

I find it hilarious that Glenn Beck dismisses Alex Jones as a conspiracy nut that should be ignored when he routinely pushes the exact same conspiracies as Jones. For instance, he told his audience last week that the current measles outbreak is a hoax designed to get people to obey the government.

As Beck told it, “if you look at the 102 children in California who have been detected with measles, you look at where they came from, you see that the two cases came from 1) an Amish community and 2) a group of travelers who entered the U.S. from the Philippines. If you eliminate those two sources, there is no uptrend in measles.”

Beck and co-host Pat Gray then went on to assert that even though immigrants from the Philippines are responsible for the measles outbreak, the media won’t report that because their intention is “to make the case that you’ve got to obey the government” and get vaccinated.

“Do everything you can just to obey the government,” Beck said…

As usual, apparently nobody within Beck’s entire company could find five minutes to do some basic research on these claims, because if they had, they would have quickly realized that Beck’s assertions were entirely wrong.

As the CDC explained, there was a large outbreak of measles “among unvaccinated Amish communities in Ohio” in 2014, but that outbreak started when “unvaccinated Amish missionaries traveled to the Philippines and returned with the virus.”

The current measles outbreak has literally nothing to do with this 2014 incident and Beck’s assertion that the current outbreak can be tied to “this Filipino family or group of travelers” is entirely false as it was not Filipino tourists who brought the disease into the U.S. but rather unvaccinated Amish missionaries who brought it back to the U.S. from the Philippines in April of last year!

And hey, you know why the Amish are so good at spreading measles? Because they weren’t vaccinated. And if everyone else would get vaccinated, it wouldn’t matter if a few unvaccinated people brought measles back after going abroad.

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  • theschwa

    I assume Beck calls for dismissing Jones to hurt his competition, not because what he is saying is so strange.

  • Artor

    Hey, if you don’t count all the outbreaks of measels, there are no measels outbreaks. Do you even logic?

  • ArtK


    Perhaps we could give them both swords, a la Highlander. “There can be only one — conspiracy monger!”

  • Modusoperandi

    And hey, you know why the Amish are so good at spreading measles?

    Hard work and gumption, probably. I saw them raise, cover and paint a whole measle in just two days.

  • raven

    Beck and Alex Jones are competing for the same market segment. The Tinfoil Hat wearers.

    The Loom Zimmer 02/04/2015

    The other story began in December. Someone–we don’t know who–paid a visit to Disneyland in California. That person, who we’ll call Patient Zero,..

    AFAICT, we don’t know who patient zero is for the Disneyland outbreak. That fact doesn’t stop Glenn Beck from just Making It Up.

    This is common for Beck. I once tried to track down the source for one of his stories. There wasn’t one. He really just Makes It Up as he goes along.

    We do know who spread it though. 86% of those who came down with it were unvaccinated.

  • Modusoperandi

    And how do the Amish get back and forth to the Philippines, anyway?

  • wreck

    “And how do the Amish get back and forth to the Philippines, anyway?”

    A seahorse-drawn wagon, obviously.

  • wreck

    “And how do the Amish get back and forth to the Philippines, anyway?”

    A seahorse-drawn wagon, obviously.

  • Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden


    Your #4 was completely classic.

  • Evan Brehm

    Hey, this is sane compared to what Michael Savage is saying. Savage doesn’t think the measles outbreak was a hoax. Rather, he thinks that Obama is behind it as part of his campaign of “medical genocide” against Americans. Or something.

    I look forward to Adam Baldwin tweeting about how there’s no “hard evidence” that Obama doesn’t want measles in this country.