Fischer: Roy Moore = Martin Luther King

Even as someone who chronicles the bizarro world in which the Christian right thinks they live on a daily basis, sometimes one of them says something so galactically idiotic that it even leaves my jaw agape. Bryan Fischer is often the one to do it and here he does it again:

Fischer laughably asserted that it is the federal judge, not Moore, “who is standing in the courthouse doorway … in defiance of both the law and the Constitution,” before praising Moore and the probate judges who are refusing to grant marriage licenses to gay couples as the heirs of MLK.

“What Judge Moore and these probate judges are doing is in the finest tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr.,” he said. “They are waging the civil rights battle of this decade, using nonviolent protest to do it.”

In the bizarro world of Planet Wingnuttia, Christians are the victims of gay oppression and discrimination and bigots are the heroes bravely fighting against those things. The mind fucking boggles.


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  • Loqi

    Yes, I’m sure people in the future will look back with scorn and revulsion at that time George Takei proclaimed, “marriage equality now, marriage equality tomorrow, marriage equality forever” and then didn’t try to block the doorway to a local courthouse.

  • Sastra

    The only way this analogy could even come close to working is if we picture gay rights activists as trying to storm the church doors in order to force the congregation and their minister inside to perform a gay marriage — and Judge Moore is standing heroically in front, protecting their right to education. No, wait. Gay activists are standing before the door, preventing people from getting into their own church!

    No, that’s still pretty screwed up — this analogy is a tough one.

    What Fischer and Moore and all the theocrats are doing of course is thinking of the United States of America as being just like a Christian church — a church which has kindly opened its doors to “visitors” of different faiths but they’re welcome to watch. They can’t get up to the pulpit and take over. They’re only guests.

    Homosexuals sit in the back. Yes, they’re allowed because they might answer an altar call and change back to straight. Converts tell the best faith-promoting stories.

  • wreck

    Roy Moore = Martin Luther King

    And I’m the Sultan of Brunei! This is fun! At least it is if you’re 4 years old, which is about the level of thinking that Fischer is exhibiting here. Why don’t the people just grow up, act like adults, and stop having tantrums over something that has absolutely no affect on their lives?

  • Mr Ed

    I remember it clearly, George Wallace bravely stood in the door of the school to prevent black children from getting an education. LBJ’s armed thugs grabbed him and started to drag him off when Martin Luther King jumped in to the doorway and proclaimed at the top of his voice, “I am Spartacus.”

    Now we know why conservatives have been so hell bent on rewriting text books.

  • erichoug

    I’m starting to find that the only way conservative christians communicate is through dog whistles. “Community Organizer” doesn’t mean someone who helps improve the neighborhood he lives in and helps his neighbors, it means…well hell, I don’t really even know but it’s bad.

    “Oppression” means, any restriction on someones ideology even if the restriction is 100% reasonable and designed to protect the rights of other citizens I.E. not allowing teachers to force Jewish students to pray to Jesus.

    I don’t think that people on the left are that much better. Frankly, it gets tiresome. We don’t really talk about issues anymore, we don’t really weigh the pros and cons of a position, we simply exchange sound bites.

  • erichoug

    Mr. Ed @#4

    I like your version of history better than the one I learned in school.

  • Loqi

    With how badly they misunderstand the concept of things being equal (gay marriage != marriage, but Roy Moore = MLK), one can only assume that people like Fischer were *really* bad in math class.

  • Modusoperandi

    So Roy Moore is a subversive and a tool of International Communism? /Bircher

  • theguy

    “doing is in the finest tradition of Martin Luther King, Jr.”

    Typically, civil disobedience and non-violence don’t include advocating the death penalty for homosexuality, as Rudolph Moore has done. If that filth Fischsticks is defending Moore, does that mean he supports that as well? I’d assume so.

  • Loqi

    Oh boy, the KKK just endorsed Martin Luther Ki….err…Roy Moore. Funny that.

  • dan4

    @9 “Rudolph Moore…” Uh, who? Wikipedia says that Roy Moore’s birth name is “Roy Stewart Moore.” No “Rudolph” in there.