Obama to Create Special Envoy for LGBT Rights

President Obama continues to troll the hell out of the right wing, repeatedly doing little things that prompt protest and outrage that have little to do with policy. This time he’s creating a new special envoy to advocate for LGBT rights around the world.

The State Department has forwarded the name of Randy Berry, currently the consul general to the Netherlands, to the White House as the department’s pick to be the United State’s first special envoy for LGBT rights, a source familiar with the deliberation told BuzzFeed News on Friday.

Berry has overseen the United States’ consulates in the Netherlands since 2012, according to his bio on the State Department website…

The post will be a lead spokesperson for promoting LGBT rights around the world, which has become a key priority for the Obama administration, as well as coordinating discussions on the issue within the department.

An unnamed State Department spokesperson told the Boston Globe on Thursday that the Obama administration would create the position.

You can almost hear wingnut heads asploding all over the country, can’t you?

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  • Artor

    He should call the position “LGBT Czar,” for maximum head ‘sploding.

  • Sastra

    Oh please oh please oh please let Obama pick a Humanist Special Envoy to promote the rights of atheists around the world, eliminate blasphemy laws, and help stop countries from executing nonbelievers. I think we can pretty much promise him that this will make the wingnut heads spin around on their necks like tops and then asplode into pretty, pretty fireworks.

  • http://cycleninja.blogspot.com cycleninja

    @Artor #1

    Does that mean your Gayday has detected a Gay Czar?

  • http://cycleninja.blogspot.com cycleninja

    Gaydar, sorry

  • eric

    He should call the position “LGBT Czar,” for maximum head ‘sploding

    Well first, I don’t condone Obama picking a position name just to insult political enemies. Its kinda like a revenge-fantasy: something that makes a fun daydream but a lousy actual action. However I like a little revenge fantasy fiction as much as the next person, so in the spirit of it…while we don’t use a parliamentary system, I think “Minister in charge of LGBT issues” would also be a pretty good poke in the fundie eye.

  • llewelly


    He should call the position “LGBT Czar,” for maximum head ‘sploding.

    Obama is smart enough to know he doesn’t need to stoop to using a ridiculous term like “czar”; that’s the news media’s job. They’ll tack on “czar”, and Obama’s enemies will think he said it.

  • karmacat

    How about LGBT imam for double head explosion?

  • Trebuchet

    @1: “Sodomy Czar”, I think, is what the wingnuts will prefer.

  • Raucous Indignation

    That is absolutely fabulous! I will laugh all morning over this, thank you Ed!

  • lorn

    I suggest he wear a blood-red suit and a set of fake horns on his head at his first press conference. If we could arrange for his footprints to smoke, red velvet drapes and a couple of flaming braziers I think it would go over big. With a bit of luck a few wingnuts will vapor lock.

    This irony is that even the most restrained and conventional setting and dress it will, inevitably, be seen as being as I suggest.

  • jnorris

    Better the State Department establish a special office to help the butthurt leave the USA and take up new lives in exile when the SCOTUS rules for Same Sex Marriage.