Weber: Gay Marriage ‘Destroying the Foundation of the Family’

Rep. Randy Weber has a problem. What can you do to get noticed when you’re in Congress and you’re from the same state as Ted Cruz and Louis Gohmert? Do your best to keep up with the Joneses by making incredibly stupid and hyperbolic statements like these:

Weber, who was on “Washington Watch” promoting a bill he wrote that would make it harder for the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages, told James that Americans who oppose marriage equality should urge their state legislatures, county commissions and city councils to “pass resolutions that say, ‘Look, we support the traditional view of marriage, one man and one woman for life.’”

If this happens, he said, “maybe that will be a groundswell where people can get behind this and say, ‘Look, we’re tired of activist judges just systematically destroying the foundation of the family by throwing out a lot of these laws that people have voted for.’”

Excuse me, Congressman Weber…I have a question. Will it destroy the foundation of your family? No? Okay. Will it destroy the foundation of any family you know? No again? Fascinating. So it doesn’t do anything to harm the foundation of any actual families, yet it somehow undermines the foundation of the family. Is that your final answer?

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  • Artor

    Also, “…one man and one woman for life.” So no divorce, ever, then? Yeah, I’m sure you’ll get a lot of support from the Evangelicals on that one. None of them ever get divorced, you know.

  • wreck

    “Look, we support the traditional view of marriage, one man and one woman for life”

    So he wants to outlaw divorce? I’m sure that will be real popular. What a dope.

  • Artor


  • wreck

    Darn you Artor! Darn you to heck!

  • Trebuchet

    Of COURSE it’ll destroy the foundation of his family. Why, the jackbooted thugs in lavender will be marching him off into a forced gay marriage any minute now! They might even make him marry Louie Gohmert.

  • Loqi

    They might even make him marry Louie Gohmert.

    You gotta warn people before you say things like that, man. Not everyone wants to read explicit descriptions of torture.

  • Mr Ed

    ‘Look, we support the traditional view of marriage, one man and one woman for life.’

    As noted above no divorce but that is only part of it. As marriage is the foundation of society anything that threatens marriage should be seen as a serious crime and punished accordingly. Abandonment, alienation of affection and adultery should be made serious felonies. Married individuals should be able to go to court to force their spouse to meet their “marriage obligation”. That may seem extreme but marriage is the thin line keeping us from hedonistic anarchy and “marriage obligation” is part of marriage.

  • scienceavenger

    Look, we support the traditional view of marriage, one man and one woman for life.

    You do? So we can expect your proposed legislation outlawing divorce when exactly?

    And what are we, 1st graders who need to be told to look all the time? I wish this start-all-sentences-with-look spell that has infected nearly everyone in the media would be lifted. It inflames my OCD something fierce.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled teatard bashing, already in progress…

  • dugglebogey

    I am totally against judges throwing out laws that allow men and women from being allowed to get married.

    This seems to be what this stupid ass is worried about.

  • Modusoperandi

    I’ve mentioned this before, but thank goodness the Establishment Republicans took the party back from the fringe in the last election.

  • busterggi

    Wake me up when Weber starts denouncing divorced Republicans.

  • Sastra

    When they say “the foundation of the family” they mean “God” — better known as “my religion.” God is the foundation for everything good or nothing would exist at all. Love, morality, and procreation needs a Creator.

    Generations of happy, healthy, bouncing non-christian families is the nightmare they don’t want to face. Either we have succeeding generations of happy, healthy, bouncing families who worship God-as-I-know-Him … or it will be a long, unhappy, sick, drooping trail of the Damned marching into a well-deserved destruction. Everybody knows that.

    Sinners are in denial.

  • caseloweraz

    Weber: Look, we support the traditional view of marriage, one man and one woman for life.

    Great! Now, Mr. Weber, which man and woman would that be? I suppose you mean Mr. & Mrs. Al Bianci of Hollyhock, Virginia.

  • brucegee1962

    If hetero wingnut politicians weren’t hypocritical, they WOULD go after divorce first, and teh gayz second. Something about getting your own house in order, or doing something about the log in your own eye before the speck in your neighbor’s. After all, Jesus very explicitly denounced getting divorced and remarried as a form of adultery, whereas he didn’t say one word about homosexuality.

    I think this new anti-divorce crusade should be strongly encouraged. Then they will lose elections, and they can go back to the fringe and pretend they’re being persecuted instead of trying and failing to govern, and everyone will be much happier.

  • theguy


    That’s pretty much what the fundamentalists keep doomsaying about, and I’m getting pretty sick of it. I think they crave the destruction of society. Like a kid who has to take turns with a toy, doesn’t want to, and instead breaks it so nobody can play with it.

  • matty1

    we support the traditional view of marriage, one man and one woman for life

    He missed the bit about coverture, though I have a horrible feeling he’d support that as well.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    Weber does have a point though. Gay marriage has been legal in Canada for a decade or so now and I’ve lost count of the smoking craters I see all around me that used to be the foundations of a happy family.