I Want to Meet Roy Moore’s Gay Friends

Like pretty much every bigot since the beginning of time, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore swears he has lots of friends from the object of his bigotry (gay people, of course). He says he has lots of gay friends and I bet he even lets them use his bathroom:

“I’ve had many friends who are homosexual,” Moore said during an interview with John Heilemann and Mark Halperin of Bloomberg Politics. “I’ve treated people just like other people. This is not about how I treat people, or how I go to a wedding or a marriage or anything. It’s about the constitution of Alabama and the Constitution of the United States.”

“You wouldn’t be reluctant, personally, to go to a same-sex wedding, then?” Halperin prodded.

“I would not go to a same-sex wedding,” Moore responded. “No.”

So let’s take a look at what Moore thinks about his “many” gay friends, from a 2001 ruling he handed down in a custody case involving a lesbian parent where the fact that she was a lesbian was not an issue in the case at all (it was about allegations that the father had abused the children). But Moore said that the mother should be stripped of her custody because she was a lesbian, an argument the father hadn’t even made.

To disfavor practicing homosexuals in custody matters is not invidious discrimination, nor is it legislating personal morality. On the contrary, disfavoring practicing homosexuals in custody matters promotes the general welfare of the people of our State in accordance with our law, which is the duty of its public servants. Providing for the common good involves maintaining a public morality through both our criminal and civil codes, based upon the principles that right conscience demands, without encroaching on the jurisdiction of other institutions and the declared rights of individuals.

The State may not interfere with the internal governing, structure, and maintenance of the family, but the protection of the family is a responsibility of the State. Custody disputes involve decision-making by the State, within the limits of its sphere of authority, in a way that preserves the fundamental family structure. The State carries the power of the sword, that is, the power to prohibit conduct with physical penalties, such as confinement and even execution. It must use that power to prevent the subversion of children toward this lifestyle, to not encourage a criminal lifestyle.

So he has LOTS of gay friends, he just thinks they should either be imprisoned or put to death so they don’t pervert the children. Because that’s clearly the basis of a solid friendship, isn’t it?

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  • StevoR

    No, no its really not.

    Oh & I also doubt his claim to have gay friends too.

  • llewelly

    “I’ve had many friends who are homosexual,”

    “had” is the operative word. They’re not friends with him anymore.

  • John Pieret

    The follow up question should have been “Name one”!

  • Larry

    It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the also has a number of friend who are black. And everyone gets together at Chez Moore every year for a ripping, good time.

  • sharonb

    Christianist asshats like Moore are the same type as the ones in missoui that tried to obstruct my contact with my children for 13 years. Well, pretty soon my kids figured out what these people are really about, and want nothing to do with Christianity at this point. Good job, CHRINOs! Mission accomplished.

  • U Frood

    It must use that power to prevent the subversion of children toward this lifestyle, to not encourage a criminal lifestyle.

    Ignoring the fact that homosexual parents don’t lead to homosexual children for a moment. Does he think that homosexuality is a criminal lifestyle?

  • Abdul Alhazred

    My guess is Moore really does have gay friends. Only he doesn’t know they are.

  • http://drx.typepad.com Dr X

    Moore said today on Fox News that the US Supreme Court can’t overturn God’s law.;

    Whatever. They’re only going to change bigoted state laws. Bigoted gods aren’t their concern.


  • http://drx.typepad.com Dr X

    Meantime, a self-described Alabama redneck has investigated the fallout from homosexual marriage in Alabama.


  • http://drx.typepad.com Dr X
  • marcus

    John Pieret @ 3 I would assume that if Roy Moore actually does have gay friends that they would prefer to maintain their anonymity. I can understand that.

  • theguy

    I can imagine ShitMoore screaming his lines in German. Shame on everybody in Alabama who voted for this psycho (twice!)

  • Sastra

    Moore probably thinks he has “gay friends” because he’s always pleasant to the guy at the flower shop. They even use first names in the friendliest way. They always chat and chuckle about pleasant topics when he’s doing business there. And please note that he does indeed do business there, despite the fact that he could go somewhere else.

  • John Pieret

    marcus @ 11:

    The person they would be most anxious to remain anonymous to would likely be a certain Roy Moore.

  • Crimson Clupeidae

    I have a pretty wide circle of freinds, from all over the country (I move a lot), and I only know of two that are gay. I doubt Roy Moore would know if he has any friends at all, let alone if any of them are gay……

  • http://festeringscabofrealityblogspot.com fifthdentist

    “I bet he even lets them use his bathroom.”

    Sure, that’s just good Southern hospitality. Afterwards, though, he has a special eight-man team — all sworn heterosexuals — in hazmat suits strip off all the paint, bleach the walls, replace all the cabinets, tub and toilet, repaint and then pray with him for four hours in a big circle until all the last remnants of gayism are flushed from the air.

  • dan4

    @6 “Does he think that homosexuality is a criminal lifestyle.”

    Moore was obviously referring here to anti-sodomy laws in Alabama.

  • marcus

    John Pieret @14 Point taken.

  • http://drx.typepad.com Dr X

    “I’ve had many friends who are homosexual,”

    I bet you’ve had many friends who are Negro, too.

  • ebotebo

    I believe that Roy Moore is a liar as well as being religiously insane!

  • Die Anyway

    Roy Moore… I unfriend you!