Happy Anniversary, Ellen Page

Valentine’s Day was the one-year anniversary of actress Ellen Page coming out at a Human Rights Campaign conference. The short talk she gave was incredibly moving, so much so that I wish every person who opposes equal rights for the LGBT community would watch it. If they cannot see the humanity, the vulnerability, the authenticity of it, and if that does not move them to embrace their common humanity with her and all gay people, then I’m afraid they are truly hopeless. I can only assume that they are incapable of genuine empathy and understanding.


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  • imnotspecial

    You just got to love this girl.

  • http://www.thelosersleague.com theschwa

    Ah, so THAT explains why I no longer love my wife, and why this Valentine’s Day was so meaningless. Thanks, Gays!

  • marcus

    I don’t understand how someone can look into the joyous faces of those lovely, happy people finally able to marry the person they love and not see the truth.

    Inconceivable! (And I know it means what I think it means.)

  • magistramarla

    I was watching Rachael Ray this morning and Nate Berkus made an appearance. He and his husband are looking forward to welcoming their first child through a surrogate very soon. The look of joy on has face as he described their preparations for that baby was beautiful to behold.

    He lost his love several years ago in the tsunami in southeast Asia. As a fan of his, I’ve watched him deal with his grief, meet a new love, get married and now prepare to welcome a new life into their relationship. I agree with Marcus. I don’t know how anyone can see those two men and the love that they share and not feel happy for them.