Roy Moore and Cindy Jacobs: Partners Against Satan

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore posted a video to his Facebook page of Cindy Jacobs, the self-declared “prophet” with the magic bowl of divine spaghetti, saying that God told her the state of Alabama was going to “reverse what Satan has done” and destroy “judicial tyranny.” Nope. Alabama and Moore are going to lose this battle, as they have every other time.


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  • John Pieret

    Just goes to show Moore’s level of sanity if he thinks it’s a good idea to associate himself with Jacobs.

  • U Frood

    Can’t wait to hear her explain what happened when the last county in Alabama starts issuing same sex marriage licenses. Is she going to say God was overpowered by Satan? Will she try to claim she misheard what God told her? Will she claim that “It’s coming, God just hasn’t acted YET” .

  • ArtK

    @ John Pieret

    There was some doubt about it? I didn’t need his association with Jacobs to know that he’s batshit insane*

    * Not to be taken as any kind of medical diagnosis. The term “batshit insane” is meant as a shorthand for a collection of observably irrational behaviors — no attempt at determining a cause is implied by the use of the term.

  • haslar53

    She sounds like Donald Duck.

  • richardelguru


    “She sounds like Donald Duck.”

    I’m reporting you to the Audubon Society (Cartoon Division) for that!

  • Artor

    Why does Cindy have a menorah on stage with her? Isn’t that a tool of Satan?

  • anubisprime

    Roy Moore and Cindy Jacobs: Partners Against Satan

    The theocratic / woo woo dynamic duo…what could possibly go wrong!

  • busterggi

    Jacobs is a poe – you can’t drain spaghetti w/o a collander.

  • The Other Lance

    the self-declared “prophet” with the magic bowl of divine spaghetti

    She Pastafarian? I thought she was a fundy Christian?