Barber: States Should Have Ignored Roe v Wade Too

As the far right fringe advocates for the states to ignore the federal courts, including the Supreme Court if (when) they legalize same-sex marriage nationwide, Matt Barber says the states should have done the same thing after the Roe v Wade decision came down and started arresting abortion doctors:

Barber told Deace that whether or not the United States Supreme Court has “the authority to redefine the institution of marriage, which cannot be done, it’s contrary to reality to say that it’s anything other than the male and female,” Moore is on “solid legal ground” in claiming that the Alabama Supreme Court takes precedence over the federal district court that issued the marriage ruling.

Deace asked Barber why the conservative movement was less willing to defy the federal courts during Judge Moore’s 2003 standoff over placing a Ten Commandments monument in his courthouse or after Roe v. Wade, “when the court said, ‘We’re going to start just massacring, dismembering little innocent babies.’”

Barber agreed that states should have simply ignored the court’s ruling in Roe: “Why, back when the courts issued their ridiculous, non-scientific ruling in Roe v. Wade, why didn’t states like Texas and other states say, ‘Okay, well thank you for your opinion, but nope, here in the state of Texas, you kill an unborn child, you’ve committed murder, we’re going to throw you in jail for it’?”

Now imagine if the situation involved a Supreme Court ruling that Barber liked. Like, say, Lamb’s Chapel v Center Moriches, which ruled that public school districts had to let religious groups rent their facilities on an equal basis with non-religious groups. That decision was absolutely correct, but imagine if the ACLU or Americans United came out and said that the decision was wrong and therefore state and local governments should ignore it and continue to forbid religious groups from renting their facilities. Barber would have a fucking conniption over it. Nazis! Communists! The devil is destroying America!

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  • whheydt

    To paraphrase an old remark… How many divisions does Roy Moore have?

  • theguy

    “back when the courts issued their ridiculous, non-scientific ruling in Roe v. Wade”

    Aha, so now dipshit thinks he understands science. Didn’t RvW rule on the basis of privacy and not whether a fetus is a baby? I don’t remember.

  • dugglebogey

    Why does he say “should have?”

    They can go do it right now.

    Try it.

    I dare ya.

  • Doug Little

    Ha Ha, I’m seeing more and more of this as the realization slowly clicks in that legal marriage for same sex couples is all but guaranteed. And when this doesn’t work what are they going to think of next? I’ll go get the popcorn.

  • marcus

    Doug Little @ I agree it is a worthy spectacle, I so enjoy seeing their little heads asplode, brain matter dribbling from their respective rectums.

    The next step in their “master plan”, well-documented in this very blog, is to pass “religious freedom” laws that will enable them to continue to discriminate against those that they hate. I predict temporary wins in meaningless battles at the polls and state courts before the hammer comes down from federal judges once again. Thanks for the popcorn!

  • anubisprime

    The right-wing jeebus sunbeams were really butt hurt by that Roe v. Wade ruling were they not?

    Same as the cretinists’ with regards to the Dover fiasco…

    And maybe they will be in for the bum ache of all time if the supreme court actually rules in favor of rationalism. fairness and equality in the summer…

    Now that is a performance brewing in the wings that will require popcorn. a comfy chair and a few tubes of the cold and lively….and a massive intake of anti-irony medication, not so much a car smash more a complete breakdown of bodily functionality amongst the bigots and haters, shaping up to be the drama of the modern era in our lifetimes…history is in the ferment methinks!

    As for Matt, it must be rather disheartening to finally be told by the courts of his own country that he has been, and is, on the wrong side of humanity.

    Mind you with a dipshit like Barber it is highly likely that the eventual winners can very well do without his services to dumbfuckery…so when push comes to shove he might well be on the ‘right’ side of the issue after all 😉

  • fifthdentist

    Fuckin’ courts, how do they work?