Barton Even Lies About His Lies Being Vindicated

Warren Throckmorton, who really has become a very important critic of David Barton, notes that Barton is now lying about his previous lies having been shown to be true after all by two lawsuits. I’ve written before about the lawsuit that was settled over the claim that he is “known” for speaking at white supremacist rallies. The second was against a guy who said Barton is an “admitted liar.” Here’s what he has claimed about those two cases:

The more publicized of the two defamation lawsuits we won was the one where David was labeled an anti-Semite, racist, and white supremacist. But the second lawsuit we won addressed the false claims that David’s works are widely discredited, that he is an admitted liar, that he makes up his history, etc.

I’m sure you’ll be surprised to hear that much of this is also a lie. Barton did not win that second lawsuit, it was dismissed because the defendant disappeared and they couldn’t find him. And here he is on Bradlee Dean’s radio show making a nearly identical claim:

So after that having gone on for a number of years, we decided to take some folks into court on those two major claims, that we make up our history and it’s all inaccurate and that we’re white supremacists and anti-semitic. And going through the court process, we went all the way to the Texas Supreme Court and came back to District Court, and at that point, the folks settled the case and the court entered a large judgment with a validation of, no the defendants admit that he is not a racist, he’s not anti-semitic, he doesn’t make up his history, and so that’s what we were after was getting some validation that allows us to push back on them when they start telling people you can’t trust Barton because he makes up all his history. No, you can trust him because here’s the original documents posted on the website.

But neither lawsuit had anything to do with whether you can trust his historical claims or not. The first one was only about whether Barton associated with white supremacists. Here’s the apology that the two women he sued put out as part of the settlement:

During our respective campaigns in 2010 for separate positions on the Texas State Board of Education, we published a video entitled: ”A True Tale From Texas,” that created a false impression about David Barton. The purpose of that video was to discredit our Republican Party political opponents on the State Board of Education, and those on whom they relied, by depicting their position as politically extreme and detrimental to education. Thus, the video stated that David Barton, who advised the State Board of Education, is known for speaking at white supremacist rallies. We believed that statement had been fact-checked by our political consultant, Scott Garrison, who relied for confirmation solely on information provided him from The Texas Freedom Network. As professionals in education and the proper use of language, we understand that this statement suggested that David Barton is a white supremacist, and that the two organizations he is affiliated with, WallBuilder Presentations, Inc. and WallBuilders L.L.C., were associated with or supportive of white supremacists. After learning more about Mr. Barton, we realize this statement was false. We separately and jointly apologize to Mr. Barton for damage to him individually and to his two organizations as a result of that statement.

No mention at all of whether his historical claims are accurate and trustworthy or not, it was solely about the “white supremacist” statement. And the second lawsuit, as Throckmorton notes, was neither settled nor went to court.

A review of Parker County, TX court records tells a different story. Something does not add up.

The W.S. Smith mentioned by Aman in WND wrote an article for where he contested Barton’s veracity. However, according to Aman, Smith went into hiding. Thus, it is unclear how Barton could win a lawsuit against Smith if Smith could not be found. In fact, Parker County, TX records show that the suit against Smith was dismissed by Barton on April 18, 2012. There was no judgment against Smith according to these records.

The only thing that Smith said that was potentially actionable was his claim that Barton was an “admitted” liar. Barton is a liar, of course, but he has never admitted it. In fact, as this whole thing shows, he even lies about his lies. That he lies about history is absolutely undeniable and would be very easy to defend in a court of law.

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  • composer99

    Barton Even Lies About His Lies Being Vindicated


  • composer99

    Damn it, HTML fail.

    Barton Even Lies About His Lies Being Vindicated

    is what #1 was supposed to look like.

  • Michael Heath

    I’ve never encountered David Barton not demonstrably lying. But that’s true of all overt conservative Christians in the media that I’ve encountered, including journalists who work for conservative Christian outlets.

    This is why I’m somewhat bemused over some of the liberal media going after Bill O’Reilly in reaction to the Brian Williams suspension. If you want to catch Mr. O’Reilly lying, just turn on any of shows. You won’t have to wait long either.

  • caseyboucher

    So he’s lying about somebody accusing him of lying about lying. Just how many layers deep into bullshit can he go?

  • Bronze Dog

    I’ve never encountered David Barton not demonstrably lying.

    “Hello,” he lied.