Breaking News: James Inhofe Is an Idiot

James Inhofe (R-Oil and Gas Industry), one of the dumbest men ever to serve in the U.S. Senate, pulled a childish and ignorant publicity stunt on the floor of that body on Thursday, bringing a snowball into the chamber and throwing it to another member to show that global warming is, as he has called it many times, a hoax.

A few inches of snow provided one lawmaker with all the evidence he needed to disprove global warming.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., who has called global warming a hoax, came to the Senate floor armed with a snowball from the few inches Washington, D.C., received earlier in the day and the remnants of a weekend snowfall.

“You know what this is?” he asked, holding up the white orb he extracted from a Ziploc bag. “It’s a snowball, just from outside here. So, it’s very, very cold out, very unseasonable.”

He thinks snow on the ground in Washington, DC in February is “unseasonable”? After how many years he’s lived in that city as the representative from the great state of Oil and Gas Interests? And seriously, anyone who claims that snow disproves global warming is too stupid to vote, much less hold public office.

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  • StevoR

    Hardly breaking news!

    That’s been well known fact since .. well, long as I’ve heard of the fool. Many years ago now.

    But this latest episode is certainly unneeded further confirmation of it – another flake on the already rolling Indiana Jones sized snowball of evidence for the title proposition here.

  • John Pieret

    So, it’s very, very cold out, very unseasonable

    Um, numbnutz, “unseasonable” weather is what climate change is all about.

  • Michael Heath

    Well in fairness to Sen. Inhofe, all AGW denialists rely on idiocy.

    It’s long been my observation that creationists challenging natural selection generally have superior arguments then AGW deniers. I find that somewhat ironic given that creationists don’t have anyone in their camp publishing topical peer-reviewed work whereas AGW denialists do or have, e.g., Judith Curry, Roy Spencer, Richard Lindzen, Willie Soon, etc.

    What I do see in common with both groups is the relative ease bad scientists can achieve name recognition and celebrity. And that’s merely by practicing and preaching denialism and depending on fatally flawed arguments a bright high sophomore should be able to discern is bullshit.

  • StevoR

    Inhofe’s record summed up here with quotes :

    Via DeSmogBlog. Acts of idiocy recorded since at least 2003 or so.

    Inhofe also gets a mention or two – deservedly critical – in Mike Mann’s Hockey Stick’ account.

  • StevoR

    Also as mentioned in another recent thread here too – changing patterns that can bring “Arctic” weather further south due to Climate change – also known about :

    For many years too.

  • raven


    Why Alaska Is Warmer Than the Continental U.S. | The Weather Channel

    The Weather Channel‎ – 2 days ago

    Numerous record highs and warm lows have been set across the state, including widely scattered cities as Bethel, Bettles, Cold Bay, King …

    While it is snowing and cold in the eastern and central USA, Alaska and the West Coast have been setting record highs for the winter months.

    Inhofe somehow forgot to mention this.

    PS The cold and snowing winters might be the new normal for the lower USA. The cold that used to stay bottled up in the arctic isn’t bottled up any more and it runs down to Minneapolis and Boston. Warmer air from down here moves up to replace it.

    No one knows. The best guess is one climatologist who says we need at least 10 years worth of data to figure it out.

  • Mr Ed

    Remember the time we decided to tell all those without a scientific background that the Earth wasn’t flat, and they bought it. I mean they could just open their door and see for themselves how flat things are but if a scientist said it it must be true. They swallowed the Earth goes around the sun thing hook line and sinker too. I guess a third hoax was just too much. I blame the big pharmaceutical companies for huge profits off of salt water “vaccines.”

  • raven

    Meanwhile in realityland, things aren’t looking too good on the west coast. Again.

    1. California Sierra snowpack is 20% of normal. They’ve already declared a 4th year of drought. This is partly lack of rainfall but also higher temperatures.

    Needless to say, everyone who needs water is upset. It’s going to do wonders for the wildfire season in a few months. Again.


    No snow: ‘We’re setting new record-low measurements …

    www. katu. com/…/No-snow-Were-setting-new-record-low-measur…

    Feb 16, 2015 – Record low snowpack in Oregon Cascades (150) · Record low snowpack in Oregon Cascades (94) · Record low snowpack in Oregon …

    The Oregon Cascades have record low snowpacks. It’s rained enough. But it is raining at elevations where it is supposed to snow.

  • colnago80

    In the DC area, although the temperatures have been well below normal throughout January and February, the snowfall has also been well below normal for that period.

  • colnago80

    Re Michael Heath @ #3

    It should be noted that the climate change deniers are rallying behind Judith Curry with Breitbart front and center bad mouthing her critics. They are also rallying behind Willie Soon, brushing off his unethical behavior as a tempest in a teapot. Josef Goebbels would be so proud of them.

    Remember the blog’s former resident denier , Sir Lancelot, commenting here a while back defending Judith Curry as his latest go to expert (what ever happened to Roy Spencer, his former go to guy)?

  • Doc Bill

    Senator Whitehouse: “You can believe NASA and what their satellites measure on the ground, or you can believe the senator with the snowball.”

    Brilliant takedown!

  • D. C. Sessions

    California Sierra snowpack is 20% of normal. They’ve already declared a 4th year of drought. This is partly lack of rainfall but also higher temperatures.

    That’s another lie from the radical-left media on the Left Coast, and I can prove it: I have here a glass of water. No so-called “drought.” QED.

  • Dr X


    That was excellent, though I’d have left the Catholic Church out of it.

  • John Pieret

    Doc Bill:

    Buying a US senator … $1 million in campaign contributions.

    “The Senator with the snowball” … priceless!

  • Artor

    Raven, this has been an unusually dry year here in Oregon too. It hasn’t rained nearly enough. I don’t think the passes have had enough snow to ski on all winter this year.

  • Michael Heath

    Re Doc Bill’s reference to Sen. Whitehouse:

    I think this is the video that Sen. Whitehouse is referencing:

  • raven

    Artor at #16. Are you sure about the rainfall?

    Portland Oregon NOAA NWS:


    YESTERDAY 0.30 1.32 1976 0.13 0.17 0.26

    MONTH TO DATE 3.71 3.53 0.18 5.12

    SINCE OCT 1 22.02 22.53 -0.51 13.64

    SINCE JAN 1 7.04 8.41 -1.37 7.82

    I just looked it up at NOAA. For Portland.

    Water year 2015< Oct 1, is 22.02 inches, normal is 22.53 inches. It's roughly the same for January and February.

  • howardhershey

    I always say that people who pull this stunt ought to hie themselves to a dictionary and learn the meaning of “global” and “climate” and how those terms differ from “local” and “weather”.

  • georow

    Apparently, the senator has a fairly short memory if he things snow at this time of year is not seasonal. I was in Washington DC last February, when it snowed so much the Government had to be closed.

  • georow

    Gack! Make that “…*thinks* snow…

  • Michael Heath

    georow writes:

    Apparently, the senator has a fairly short memory if he [thinks] snow at this time of year is not seasonal. I was in Washington DC last February, when it snowed so much the Government had to be closed.

    That’s datapoint two proving that Sen. Inhofe’s correct and credible scientists are involved in a hoax. [/snark off]

  • Childermass

    Global warming is up to nearly 1 degree Celsius averaged for the whole planet. Naturally one degree will stop all snow in James Inholfe’s version of climate “science.”

    In the real world, one degree might not stop all snowing on the planet, but it will result in changes in weather patterns, more extremes, and a bit warmer day in, day out, averaged across the planet will result more evaporation that will result in more precipitation. And where it is cold enough, it will come down as snow.

    It never ceases to amaze me that people can’t figure out why increased global temperatures can result in more snow. I figured it out without being told in seconds the first time I heard the rant there was increased snow.

  • sunsangnim

    Almost the entire map is red or orange, but one of the few blue spots is on the US, which is where most of the denialists live.

    Either nature has a sense of irony, or it has a deathwish.

  • Al Dente

    Childermass @22

    In the real world, one degree might not stop all snowing on the planet, but it will result in changes in weather patterns,

    Changes in weather patterns is the key phrase. When agricultural regions get more or less precipitation, have growing seasons begin and end at different times, etc., then fewer crops are grown. People like Inhofe need to realize that Malthus wasn’t making up fables, unlike Soon and Monckton.

  • gilgamesh

    It could be argued that if he genuinely thinks this is a fraud, he’s perfectly placed to actually do something about that law enforcement wise.

  • Kermit Sansoo

    Raven – Pfffft!


    You’re talking about the Coast; Artor is talking about east of the Cascades. Down there and up here in Eastern Washington State we are between the area which is getting warmer and wetter (Westside) and the area which is getting much hotter and drier (east of the Rockies). This past winter, it rained a little longer when winter started (before snowing), and started raining a little sooner (instead of still snowing).


    Eastern Washington isn’t in trouble yet, but maybe in a few years. I’m hoping my in-between location will see me through my old age without having to relocate or anything like that. With any luck, my turf will not go to a completely Hellish state until the whole world has…

  • steve78b

    Inhofe is from Oklahoma. If he would look at his state once in a while he would see the effects of a multi-year drought. The wildfires or rangefires in the summer are getting worse and everyone else in this state can see that. You can see on the news of more and more weather related disasters and deaths.

    The snowball is probably more aware of the world than Inhofe is.

  • steve78b

    … more and more weather related disasters and deaths worldwide.

    (sorry, left out the worldwide part.)