Wingnut: Supporting Obama Just Like Supporting Hitler

One of the hallmarks of being a wingnut is that everything reminds you of Nazis — except, of course, actual Nazis. It seems virtually everything Obama has done as president is the second coming of the Third Reich. Right wing talk show host Ken Matthews said merely supporting Obama is just like supporting Hitler.

KEN MATTHEWS (Host): This is now the comparison I’m going to start using for people that still go to Obama rallies. Not in the beginning, because I know in the beginning the kool-aid was sweet. Oh it was so sweet, it went down so nice. Now we’re in 2015 and guns are being banned and the ammo market was messed with effectively and our health care has been taken over and now our internet has been taken over. And I know you’re thinking, “No, no, no, Ken you just don’t understand, you see, I understand because I sense that.” No you don’t understand either because no ones read it yet. So now its official and you still haven’t read it. And if you trust the government then you have more work to do intellectually than I thought. If you really in your gut believe it, “We’re from the government, we’re here to help.” If you believe that, there is very little I can do to sway you if that’s your belief. If you really believe that, after Solyndra, after Obamacare, after Benghazi, after the IRS targeting, after illegal immigration, after Fast and Furious, after Brian Williams, after Chris Matthews, after Al Sharpton, after the head of the VA, if you really believe the government is here to help, wow you are far gone.

You know what you are? If you believe that, you are one of those people that stood — you were in the farm country or the fields of Germany and train cars of human beings would go by, because that’s how Germany did it. Now they don’t really teach this that much in schools because if you were to let young people know what men are capable of, what man, what we are as a race, what we are capable of, I think some of them would be scared and they wouldn’t accept a lot of the crap that is peddled out of the Obama administration. Now I’m going to connect these two and I know you’re — and if you’re really wacky your saying, “Oh my gosh hes doing it again, hes comparing Barack Obama to Hitler.” Not at all. What I’m comparing is, I’m comparing people in 2015 who nod in agreement and believe the government are as if worse, from a gullibility standpoint, than the people who ignored the train cars. There were people that saw those train cars. You cannot have giant factories where you’re killing humans and making lampshades out of them and collecting their bones as trophies by the millions and nobody knows it. And the people that got the feeling about it and the people that saw the train cars and said, “You know, I know it sounds weird but I think there are humans in those cars” they said in German, which I cannot speak. And there was always plenty of people to say, “What are you crazy? Hey, Heimlich over here is a nut! He says that they’re killing a bunch of people. You better shut up Heimlich or I’m going to report you.”

So there were two groups. There were groups that said, “Go Hitler, you’re the man.” And then there were the group that said, “I’m not messing with Hitler, he’s the man. I don’t want to end up on that train.” And then there were the people that said, “What the hell is this whacko doing?” So I guess the question you need to ask yourself as you’re driving along now, getting angrier as your blood pressure rises: “Which group are you?” Wow, really upset people with the talk about the Jews and the trains. Now was that upsetting to people because you don’t believe that the Germans put Jews in trains and killed them by the millions? Or was it upsetting to people that I implied that if we all sit around with our thumb in our butt, as my grandfather used to say, bad things happen? The government makes bad things happen.

Sounds like Heimlich needs to do a maneuver on this guy. He seems to have some stupidity lodged in his throat.

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  • coragyps

    “Guns are being banned…”?

    I thought they all got confiscated back in 2009! How can they be getting banned now? America wants to know!!1!

  • alanb

    Brian Williams? Chris Matthews? Al Sharpton? How did they get in there?

  • John Pieret


    Brian Williams? Chris Matthews? Al Sharpton? How did they get in there?

    Dontcha know? They are part of the gubbermint run liberal elites who control the lamestream media to keep the sheeple docile so that Hitler Stalin Pol Pot Mao Obama can take away our guns by not passing Federal gun laws, take over healthcare by turning it over to private companies, and control the internet by making sure everyone has equal access to it! Sheesh! Doncha know anything?

  • John Pieret

    there were two groups

    [1] There were groups that said, “Go Hitler, you’re the man.”

    [2] And then there were the group that said, “I’m not messing with Hitler, he’s the man. I don’t want to end up on that train.”

    [3] And then there were the people that said, “What the hell is this whacko doing?”

    Hmm … he didn’t even have to take his shoes off …

  • D. C. Sessions

    Guns are being banned? Did I miss something?

  • thebookofdave

    Give it a rest, Ken! At least Glenn Beck switches to Stalin once in a while.

  • Modusoperandi

    Look, just because guns aren’t being banned doesn’t mean guns aren’t being banned.


    Besides, after two or three more mass shootings, the Democrats might again consider thinking about discussing putting forward a mild Bill to ineffectively nibble around the edges of the problem, before watching it get chopped up, poisoned and, eventually, abandoned and forgotten.


    Which is just like banning guns!

  • petemoulton

    “Our internet is being taken over…” So, this is just another moron who doesn’t understand net neutrality? Why should anyone take his maunderings seriously? He clearly doesn’t know his ass from his elbow.

  • Nemo

    The only de facto gun ban I’m aware of is when a company made a “smart gun”, which would refuse to operate in the absence of its control ring, and the NRA dissuaded every gun store in the U.S. from selling it, because New Jersey had a law that would ban dumb guns once smart guns were available… so cue the black helicopters, I guess? I never did quite understand how the gun nuts got from point A to point B on that one.

  • felidae

    I’m sure Kevin would be glad to see those cattle cars go by if they were filled with those brown people being deported to Mexico

  • Larry

    If one were playing Obama Derangement Syndrome Bingo, you couldn’t do much better than this article. Benghazi – Check! Solyndra – Check! Obamacare – Check! Sharpton – Check! Throw in Nazis and you’ve got the makings of a great game.

  • dugglebogey

    What kills is that the guy that they love ACTUALLY LITERALLY lied to get us into an unnecessary war.

    But the guy who wants health care for everyone is a Nazi.

    Really? He leads with Solyndra? That’s what you’ve got? Not Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning? You go with Solyndra? Fuck off you pinhead.