More Proof Barton Lied About Non-Existent Basketball Career

Warren Throckmorton has found even more proof that David Barton flat out lied about his basketball career at Oral Roberts University. Not only does the university say he was never on the basketball team, the trainer for the team says his very specific description of the team’s workouts isn’t even in the ballpark of reality. To refresh your memory, this is what Barton said:

I remember when I was playing basketball, the college stuff that we did. We started every day with a five mile run, then we lifted weights, then we had an hour of racquetball, then we had two hours of full-court basketball, then we came back for another run. It wasn’t particularly enjoyable, but in those years, our college team set the NCAA record for two years in a row for most points scored. We averaged 105, 104, 103 points a game, I forget what it was. But you had to run a lot, it wasn’t a lot of fun, but you get the results.

And here’s what the trainer for that team had to say about this:

I then asked Smith if this routine sounded “like the type of practices and training Ken Trickey or the coach after him ran.” Smith wrote back immediately and said simply:

Trick [ORU coach Ken Trickey] ran the loosest practices ever! They were nothing but Run and Gun Scrimmages for the entire practice!! Smitty

In a subsequent email, it was obvious Smith did not know who Barton was and he wondered if perhaps Barton attended before Smith joined the school in 1972.

I followed up by asking if Ken Trickey’s replacement, Jerry Hale, ran loose practices or ever required players to play racquetball. Smith replied that Hale was more organized but did not include racquetball as a part of the training routine.

So as Throckmorton notes, every single claim Barton made is a lie. He didn’t play on that team, he didn’t do any such workouts and he had nothing at all to do with their record-setting scoring. So far, Barton has remained silent on being caught red-handed telling a blatant lie. Maybe he’s praying about it.

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  • rationalinks

    And yet conservatives will still trot out his Jefferson lies as if they were gospel. Being a conservative means never having to say you are sorry…or worry about the repercussions of your actions or words (or both).

  • machintelligence

    When you are used to lying about US history, rewriting your personal history is small potatoes.

  • wreck

    Maybe crack(head) investigative reporter Bill O’Reilly can get to the bottom of this.

  • llewelly

    He should go back to lying about Thomas Jefferson.

  • Modusoperandi


  • Sastra

    Look, it’s all metaphorical. “Playing basketball” symbolizes “Bible study.” Then just apply that framework to the rest of the analogy. Starting the day with a “five mile run” means a prayer circle. And so on.

    Atheists are such uninspired, shallow thinkers.

  • carnerojo

    Let’s see – a 5 mile run as a starting warm-up point of a prolonged workout routine would probably take around 1-1.5 hours. Lifting weights would probably be another 1/2 hr, 1 hour of racquetball, 2 hrs of basketball, and finishing with a run of an undefined distance – I’ll assume it wasn’t 5 miles – so let’s say a 1/2 hr for the final run of the practice. That works out to 5-6 hours (give or take) of solid workout time in a single stretch. Maybe that explains why Davy never had time to properly study History as a subject in college. Then again, it was Oral Roberts U, so I guess the Bible was the only textbook he ever needed.

  • yoav

    Isn’t it obvious? Barton was part of the TRUE™ basketball practice run by Tomas Jefferson’s fundi evil twin and jesus.

  • Kermit Sansoo

    Why would any coach have basketball players waste an hour on racketball? It’s another sport! If they had the energy at that point to play anything, it should be basketball – skills are very specific, even if fitness isn’t nearly so. They would, however, become the best racketball players in the basketball league…