Trump ‘80%’ to Run for President, Will Crush Hillary

Donald Trump and his ego put in an appearance at CPAC last week (his ego needed a separate suite) and he did an interview with Bloomberg News in which he said that he was “80%” sure he was going to run for president. I’d say there’s a 99% chance that’s total bullshit. In his ego’s talk to the conference, he said he’d crush Hillary.

Trump told Fox News on Monday that he has “a great team” in place for a potential 2016 campaign, and said, “If I run, I think I’ll win.”

“I think I’ll beat Hillary,” Trump said. “I understand Hillary, I know Hillary. I know the weaknesses; I know the strengths. And I think I would beat Hillary, and I think it would be more likely that I would win than somebody else.”

“I think she’s not going to have such a clear road as people are saying and I think the election’s going to be a very, very tough one depending on who the Republicans pick,” Trump added.

And if elected, he promises to bankrupt the country as often as he has his companies.

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  • Trebuchet

    Donald Trump and his ego put in an appearance at CPAC last week (his ego needed a separate suite)….

    And a third one for the squirrel that lives on his head. Seriously, all he needs his white makeup, a big red nose, and oversized shoes.

  • llewelly

    I think he should hire whoever made this image of Ronald Reagan riding a velociraptor , and have his image photoshoped into it, riding in front of Ronald Reagan. Then, Trump would whoop Hilary for sure.

  • daved

    I have no doubt that Trump would indeed crush Hillary, if he were dropped on her from a considerable height.

  • scienceavenger

    Dear Donald,

    If you are 80% sure you will run for president, then I offer you a wager that you won’t. At 80% odds, you should jump all over this. That is, unless you are just masterbating your ego in public again…

  • Nick Gotts

    With regard to Hillary, what sort of coverage has this story: Hillary Clinton’s exclusive use of a private email account during her time as US secretary of state had in the USA?

  • Raging Bee

    ANYONE could crush Hillary — she’s an abysmally incompetent campaigner, and she’ll probably never be able to energize (what’s left of) the liberal base. All she did as First Lady was roll over and let the loony right demonize her and dominate the political dialogue, even before they took over Congress. Her 2008 campaign was known for that inexcusable story about receiving fire in Bosnia (you’re going to run with that against a real veteran?), and using WorldNutDaily to support a bogus charge against one of Obama’s advisors.

    And don’t even get me started about this latest email fiasco — just another classic case of innocently doing something that makes you look both guilty and unprofessional.

  • sugarfrosted

    Trump didn’t lie. He said “if I run then I’ll win” He won’t run, thus his statement is logically sound. Vacuous, but true.

  • bahrfeldt

    He is not going to run because he is never going to release his tax returns. Or allow his remaining assets to be placed in a “blind trust”. Or be a totally oblivious hypocrite and use Bill’s dalliances against Hillary. Oh wait, that’s a xtian republican “conservative” base, so he’s cool with the third one.

  • xuuths

    I know, Raging Bee, you are clearly on the money. HRC is so incompetent as a campaigner, she’s never won a single election. Oh, except for that U.S. Senator thing. I guess your analysis is somewhat flawed . . . by your rage, perhaps?

  • Matt G

    Can Trump run with his ego as his running mate? And which one would be president/vice-president?

  • Nick Gotts

    Matt G.,

    But that would leave no place on the ticket for his, er, head covering.

  • Matt G

    Nick @11- Surely there is room for his “hair” in his cabinet….

  • StevoR

    @ 5. Nick Gotts : Jim Wright author of the Stonekettle Station blog has totally debunked that story on his facebook page :

    .. listen, about that, see here’s the thing: those rules? The ones Clinton supposedly broke about using personal email accounts? Yeah, they didn’t exist until AFTER she left office. The Times left that part out. Oops.

    Oh, and she turned all of her email over to the state department in accordance with the rules that DID exist.

    There’s no scandal.

    … (snip) .. Hillary Clinton left office as Secretary of State on February 1st, 2013. The law, specifically the Presidential and Federal Records Act Amendments of 2014, Section 10, which now requires federal officials to use government furnished email accounts didn’t even leave the House until January 2014. A full year later for those educated in American schools with conservative school boards. Prior to that, public officials were required to turn over their email to the government for archive, but they were NOT prohibited from using personal email. Secretary of State John Kerry is the first secretary EVER to have an official government email account. Prior to the change in law, many officials used their long term personal email accounts, ones they had for years, to provide continuity. Plus, up until recently, government email didn’t work very well, and outfits like BlackBerry provided full time, worldwide, secure service which is critical to people like the secretary of state. This isn’t a secret, and it isn’t rocket science. And the records and laws are part of the public domain, go look for yourself.

    So, however much coverage it gets,wherever it gets it that story is crap.

  • StevoR

    In his ego’s talk to the conference, he said he’d crush Hillary.

    Ah but what does Trump’s super-ego and id think?

  • StevoR

    PS. Out of morbid curiosity do any Republicans actually expect this clown to run and would any of them – besides him – actually vote for him and support his presidential bid?

  • caseloweraz

    Maybe he’ll run for 80 percent of the presidency, leaving the remaining 20 percent share to minority shareholders. Diversity and all that…

  • dingojack

    Surely the other 20% of the Presidency will go to the smarter half — the taxidermic squirrel stapled to the Donster’s scalp!


  • Kermit Sansoo

    dingojack says: Surely the other 20% of the Presidency will go to the smarter half — the taxidermic squirrel stapled to the Donster’s scalp!



    OK, now I feel like an idiot. All this time I thought it was roadkill.