Klingenschmitt: Murder of Muslims Was Anti-Christian Violence

The mind of Gordon Klingenschmitt is a very weird place. It’s a place that generates some of the most bizarre, convoluted claims imaginable. Like this one. Remember the guy in North Carolina who murdered three Muslims? He thinks that was anti-Christian violence.

Among the things he had posted on his Facebook page was an image asserting that despite their opposition to one another, “radical Christians” and “radical Muslims” actually hold similar ideological positions on a wide array of issues … and because of that, Colorado state representative Gordon Klingenschmitt is convinced that these three Muslims were really killed “because they were like Christians.”

Taking the Religious Right’s persecution complex to its absurd conclusion, Klingenschmitt cited this particular Facebook post on his “Pray In Jesus Name” program today as proof that this “radical left-wing atheist who is going around killing people of faith … killed these Muslims because they think like Christians.”

Okey dokey.


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  • Chiroptera

    “…killed these Muslims because they think like Christians.”

    Wow! Talk about making an own goal! If Muslims can “think like Christians,” then that sort of supports the secularists’ point that each Muslim needs to be judged based on what they actually do, not on the label that gets attached to their beliefs.

  • John Pieret

    radical left-wing atheist who is going around killing people of faith … killed these Muslims because they think like Christians

    Well, then, the radical left-wing atheist, Obama, must be ordering all those air attacks on ISIL because he thinks they think like Christians! Except, of course, for the “fact” that he isn’t fighting ISIL at all and is secretly in cahoots with them because they think like Christians!

    Oh, look at the pretty polka-dot sky!

  • MikeMa

    Well in a sense he is right. Radical religious claims are similar across many religious doctrines. The point (of many) that Gordo misses is that the 3 murdered Muslims were in no way radical. Unlike Gordon himself.

  • The Other Lance

    The stupid is strong in this one!

  • StevoR

    Hey what’s the difference ‘twixt A/Ibraha/i/mic faiths between, um, “friends” eh? Jewish, Christian, Muslim, all believe the same thing kinda really, sorta, maybe if seen from a few light years distance squinting into the Sun. (Or other bright star of ones choice.)

    Killin’ each other over these subtle differences? Nah, would they do that? I mean they all believe in a kind loving forgiving and merciful god* that never did get his followers convinced to somehow chop off heads and burn folks at the stake and steal and baptise babies and persecute, persecute persecute da hairy-tick ort nuthin’ ..

    * And if you say he ain’t all dat why he’ll just broil ya down in Hades flames fa evah und evah und evah ..

  • StevoR

    The mind of Gordon Klingenschmitt is a very weird place.

    Ya but its not really a nice place to visit and I certainly wouldn’t want to live there!

    (Not that I’d fit anyhow.)

  • martinc

    People like Klingenschmitt are often this stupid, but they are not usually this poor at reading the mindset of their own deranged followers. I’m suspecting Klingenschmitt’s nutty religious followers aren’t going to like the whole “those Muslims were just like Christians” analogy one teeny little bit, and they might well blow their collective tiny minds and vent their collective little spleens to Klingenschmitt. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bloke.

  • StevoR

    Although da man, Klingenschmitt, sure is an expert on how atheists and particularly the individual murderer in question think isn’t he? Oh wait he isn’t?

    The reason he thinks he’s qualified to say this ’bout dat murderers mind and choice of target is .. what ‘zactly?

  • MikeMa

    @martinc, they may not like it but they won’t remember this past next Thursday. Anybody challenging Gordo next election can bring it up but unless they are worse than him, no one will care.

  • teawithbertrand

    If this nutjob (the shooter, not Gordo) wanted to kill people who were “like Christians”, why didn’t he just kill some Christians then?

  • StevoR

    @ ^ teawithbertrand : Perhaps they were too hard to find? Oh wait ..