Christian Right Suddenly Loves Immigrants. Some of Them.

Michael Farris, president of Patrick Henry College and head of the Home School Legal Defense Association, is proposing a bill to grant asylum to immigrants who are not allowed to homeschool their children in their home countries and it’s going to be taken up by the House next week:

Amid the immigration debate in Washington, D.C., a new bill would make it possible for families who are persecuted for homeschooling to find refuge in the United States. This legislation was developed by HSLDA along with supportive members of Congress in the wake of the Romeike family’s 2013 asylum case after they fled their home country of Germany under the threat of fines and imprisonment for homeschooling their children. Introduced as H.R. 1153, the Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act of 2015, the bill is scheduled for a vote in the House Judiciary Committee this week.

“We did not want to have to leave our home in Germany in order to homeschool,” Uwe Romeike explained. “But when we were harshly treated, America opened its doors to us. America has become our new home. We want to be citizens of this great country, and we are so grateful to the congressmen for writing this bill.”

So the Christian right finally finds a good reason to grant asylum to immigrants coming to this country, as long as they’re white Europeans being “persecuted” for their desire to homeschool their kids. But those tens of thousands of women and children fleeing Central America to escape rape and murder? Fuck them. They want them deported immediately, after being forced to keep the babies of their rapists.

Estimates suggest that anywhere between 60 and 80 percent of migrant women and girls are raped on their journey as they travel across the southern United States border. But many of the organizations that provide medical care to these migrants are refusing to provide emergency contraception or make pregnancy-related referrals to girls who have been raped. What’s more, the religious organizations that operate these groups are opposing a move by the Obama administration to address epidemic rape of young unaccompanied migrants by requiring contraceptive care.

During last year’s border surge, a total of 68,541 unaccompanied children streamed through the southern Texas border from Latin America. Almost half of the children apprehended by border patrol agents were girls. Rape and sexual assault are “major motivating factors” for why girls flee their home countries of El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, a Women’s Refugee Commission report found last July. The report stated that children on the run who traveled with smuggling guides known as coyotes reported sexual abuse, including one child who “told of how women and girls were kept in a separate room and could be heard screaming while being raped.” And even once in the United States, some migrants alleged that sexual assault (especially among LGBT detainees) took place in detention, sometimes by guards.

So let’s tally up the score:

Young brown women from Central America who’ve been raped? Send them back! They’re freeloaders! And they’ll destroy our freedom!

White European families who want to homeschool their kids? We must let them in! Because freedom!

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  • timgueguen

    Watch them do a 180 if we suddenly see say a bunch of Turkish Muslims try to claim status, because the Turkish government won’t let them homeschool.

  • llewelly

    And perhaps they’re hoping “homeschooled” correlates with “creationist” .

    I’m not sure the correlation is real in Europe though.

  • raven

    in the wake of the Romeike family’s 2013 asylum case

    I read that a while ago.

    They are typical illegal immigrants. Complete with anchor babies since they’ve been here a while and have had a few more kids.

    They also seem to be moochers as the articles I read didn’t indicate that they actually had jobs. Which would have been illegal anyway since they aren’t in the USA legally.

    They do have some things going for them. White, German, fundie xian. It’s just tribalism.

  • dugglebogey

    When the headline said “Some of them” I said to myself:

    “Let (white) me (white) think (white) which (white) ones (white.)

  • raven

    The Romeikes are almost certainly creationists. They are bog standard fundie xians.

    1. They also had other options. Germany is part of the EU. The EU allows free flow of people. All they had to do is move to a different EU country!!! Austria would work and they even speak German.

    2. This is a bad idea for many reasons. This family just refused to obey the laws of their own country. If we let people in on that basis, the number of potential asylum seekers is everyone in the world.

    They didn’t get asylum because their claim is bogus on several levels.

    3. What is really behind this is an attempt by fundie xians to add to their failing numbers by recruiting Oogedy Boogedy xians from other countries. Tribalism.

    4. Of course, as usual they haven’t thought it through. Persecuted for homeschooling would work for just about anyone in the world as a claim. Just find out what the rules are in your country and…refuse to follow them.

    They are going to be surprised when hordes of Moslem, Chinese, African, Asian, and Latino parents somehow are being persecuted for homeschooling.

  • tbp1

    Fear of rape, imprisonment, torture and death does not constitute persecution or grounds for seeking asylum, but not being able to homeschool your kids does. Riiiiiight…

  • Chiroptera

    Well, this kind of makes sense. Seeing how conservatives view kids as their parents’ vanity projects, this could fall under “freedom of expression” or something.

  • Modusoperandi

    Boo! Go back to Germany! We don’t need your filthy foreign influences, corrupting our culture with your exotic and erotic oompa music! But we’re keeping Oktoberfest!

  • Chiroptera

    Maybe we can let in other European refugees who are being presecuted by not being allowed to punch gay people in the face.

  • Chiroptera

    How do we know that the Romeikes aren’t really ISIS agents who infected themselves with ebola to spread it around the US?

  • raven

    Free movement of persons, asylum and immigration – Europa

    europa. eu/…freedom…/free_movement_of_persons…/index_en.h…

    The free movement of persons is a fundamental right guaranteed to European Union (EU) citizens by the Treaties. It is realised through the area of freedom, …

    This is why this German family’s claim of persecution is bogus.

    1. The EU allows by treaty for free flow of people. There are something like 28 countries in the EU.

    2. The US could pass an asylum law that exempts Europeans who can escape “persecution” by simply moving to another part of the EU. No reason to flee to Tennessee from Germany when you can flee to Austria or the UK.

    3. That would solve our fundie problem. A lot of them would die from frothing hatred and severe brain shock.

  • quax

    “I’m not sure the correlation is real in Europe though”

    @2: I’m sure the correlation is real in Germany. And in parts of Germany is catholican and lutheran christianism officially taught in public schools. Who want to homeschooling their children in Germany is most likely creationist.

  • Chiroptera

    Maybe we can offer asylum to parents fleeing the tyranny of being forced to seek competent, professional medical care when their kids get sick?

  • anubisprime

    Yep sounds right…trawling for genesis dipped home schooled ignorant blessed brown skinned jeebus retards abroad to eventually boost the poll ratings of ignorant blessed white skinned jeebus retards at home…tis called balance!

  • Sastra

    @anubisprime #14:

    Point taken, but I wish you hadn’t used the “r” word.

    I also think a good part of the motivation for this bill is to emphasize the idea that U.S. homeschooling is a fight against oppression. They’re probably more interested in what this bill says about them than they are in importing more fundies from elsewhere.

  • raven

    They’re probably more interested in what this bill says about them than

    The state rules vary and none of them are enforced or enforcable. The states don’t have the people or money to do it.

    Quite often fundie xian homeschooling = No schooling

  • raven

    patheos Progressive Secular Humanist: edited for length

    Christian Homeschoolers try to sell daughter into arranged marriage

    February 22, 2015 by Michael Stone Leave a Comment

    Another tale of horror from the Christian homeschool movement: A young woman narrowly escapes being sold by her family for $25,000 into an arranged marriage to a man twice her age.


    Much of the abuse is all too familiar: growing up and being denied any meaningful contact with the outside world,


    Perhaps even more heartbreaking, according to Austin, the going rate for the Christian homeschool bride is closer to $50,000, however, because Austin had been sexually abused as a child, her family and the the associated Christian homeschooling community considered her to be “damaged goods,” and thus worth only $25,000.

    Read more: http:// http://www.patheos. com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2015/02/christian-homeschoolers-try-to-sell-daughter-into-arranged-marriage/#ixzz3TfFaucKE

    And here is your fundie xian atrocity for today.

    Homeschooling doesn’t have to be child abuse, most probably isn’t. But some is.

  • lorn

    I can see the right going in big for the God given right of parents everywhere to keep their kids ignorant.

    They will go to the wall to defend ignorance, superstition, and the right to not know.

  • Ellie

    The HSLDA is very big on protecting child molesters, child abusers, and killers of children, as long as they all homeschool. For information on this group, is a good source. Ferris has just written a book on how the Evil Librul, Feminist, Commie Establishment likes to pick on homeschooling parents, especially those women who have the nerve to be divorced and probably deserve it to begin with. Libby Anne has also been writing about that book.

  • raven

    The Rapture ate their homework

    Mano Singham FTB August 14, 2014

    (edited for length)

    Michael and Laura McIntyre decided in 2004 to homeschool their nine children, … But his twin brother Tracy noticed that the children never seemed to be doing any actual work, instead singing and playing. He also overheard one of the children tell a cousin that they did not need to do any work because they were going to be raptured.

    Then one daughter ran away from home in order to attend high school and when the authorities asked the parents for the curriculum the parents used for her so that they could place her properly, they refused to provide it. continues

    Here is another case of child abuse among fundie xian “no-homeschoolers”. From FTB’s Mano Singham, follow the link to read the whole thing.

    This couple had nine children. They didn’t teach them anything because they somehow decided they were all going to be raptured.

    One brave girl ran away from home to enroll in high school. Apparently she was bright enough to know her parents were kooks and abusive.

    So how often does this happen? Probably a lot but it isn’t like collecting these statistics is going to be easy among anti-government types whose best idea is to wait for the Sky Monster to kill everyone.