DOJ Hires Imam Who Called for Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Death

The Department of Justice has hired a Muslim imam who called for Ayaan Hirsi Ali to be put to death a few years ago. Fouad ElBayly, the leader of the Islamic Center of Johnston, Pennsylvania, was hired to teach prison inmates about Islam. Because that’s what we want is a bunch of ex-cons trained in reactionary Islam.

According to federal spending records, Fouad ElBayly, the imam at Islamic Center of Johnstown in Pennsylvania, was contracted by the DOJ’s Bureau of Prisons beginning last year to teach the classes to Muslim inmates at Cumberland Federal Correctional Institution in Cumberland, Md.

The records show that ElBayly has two contracts worth $12,900 to teach the classes and to provide the inmates “leadership and guidance.” One of the contracts is dated Feb. 20, 2014, and the other is dated Dec. 8, 2014.

It was April 2007 when ElBayly, the imam at the Islamic Center of Johnston, protested Ali’s scheduled appearance at the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown…

Those comments have angered many, including ElBayly, who called Ali’s statements “poisonous.”

“If you come into the faith, you must abide by the laws, and when you decide to defame it deliberately, the sentence is death,” the imam told a local newspaper ahead of her university visit.

The right, of course, will use this as proof that Obama is trying to create radical Muslims, blah blah blah. But you don’t have to go all conspiracy theory to find this appalling. The DOJ needs to void this contract immediately and do a much better job of vetting people. Come to think of it, why the hell is the DOJ paying for religious counselors at all?

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  • my2cents

    Honestly if the right wants to use this to prove Obama is creating radical Muslims they couldn’t have asked for better ammunition to do so. If they do fain outrage and it causes this man to be fired I won’t cry about it either. Whoever was irresponsible enough to hire a man who publicly states that someone like Ayaan Hirsi Ali should be sentenced to death should also be fired as well.

  • sunsangnim

    I’m not saying the story isn’t true, but this is from the Daily Caller.

    Also, how many muslims live in Johnstown, PA? More than a dozen?

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Presumably these inmates will be released sometime. The DoJ/FBI always needs a set of losers primed to fall for some fake jihadi scheme so they can be busted for show trials to “prove” the Feds are on the job and need even more powers to violate our rights.

    Holder is just speeding up the process a bit as a courtesy to Loretta Lynch.

  • John Pieret

    Here is a story from 2007 that confirms that ElBayly did make the remarks but was apparently asked to resign from the Islamic Center of Johnston by its board.

    And here is a government website that apparently confirms ElBayly does have contracts with the DoJ.

    So it appears the story is true, even if it is being pushed by the likes of Wally Shoebat and the Freepers.

  • WMDKitty — Survivor

    Oh, there’s no way that’s gonna go pear shaped…


  • anubisprime

    If this tale is genuine then it really sounds suspiciously like a speculative sting operation is being set up.

    One really has to question why this particular character was deemed appropriate to have access to mentally vulnerable convicted felons.

    They have transgressed the borders of general society behavior once, or maybe several times…one more nudged transgression would seem to be a no brainer easy peasy effort to get them to ‘pay back’ against a society that jailed them in the first place neatly advertized and packaged under the banner of religious identity.

    If this particular goon has a history of radical ideas of the Jihadi kind, enough for his own to kick him to the curb, then the betting it those ‘ideas’ are still bouncing around inside this goon.

    It is asking for grief so obviously and certainly would explain this insanity.

    Whoever concocted this cockamamie scheme are either naive clowns or they are after a reaction where they can swoop in like superman or the cavalry and swat the sunbeam…then point to radicalization in Imam sessions and let the brainless dolts in congress & senate spout and demand that ALL commune with the community religious leaders in this context should be heavily scrutinized if not outright banned.

    But of course this does not apply to them nice xtian bunnies that could not possibly be involved in such nefarious naughtiness and therefore are exempt from such governmental oversight, or indeed outright ban.