Oh, Dave Agema. Will You Ever Shut Up?

We’re long past the point where Dave Agema, one of Michigan’s two representatives on the Republican National Committee, became an embarrassment to the GOP. The RNC has done everything it could to get him to stop saying astonishingly stupid and bigoted things, but all they’e really done is added fuel to the fire. His latest spew of stupid:

Concerning Obama’s recent march in Selma, I think a little clarification is necessary. The Republican Party is the party of anti- racism. The Republicans obolished (sic) slavery, gave equal rights and the right to vote to blacks ( 13th, 14th and 15th amendment) not the democrats (sic). During the same period the Republicans fought against polygamy that was being pushed by the Mormons. So in both cases the Republicans fought for Biblical morality and civil rights for all. In 1964 18 of the 19 Congressman were democrats that filibustered the Civil Rights Act to prevent it from passing. Al Gore’s dad was against anti-segregation. Obama is 50% white, 43.75% Arabic and 6,26% black. Obama does not have a history of overcoming discrimination and slavery like many others, yet he leads us to believe otherwise. In fact, his genealogy shows his ancestors owned slaves. His father was a Muslim and communist, his step father was a Muslim and a comminist (sic) and he went to a Muslim school in Indonesia. It’s time Republicans dispel the lies that the democrats (sic) are the ones that freed the slaves. Democrats fought to keep it, yet the lack of historical knowledge is being lost in the “SPIN” of politics. Welfare programs don’t make one free, they make one dependant (sic) and a slave to their government and a guranteed (sic) life of poverty. Some welfare is necessary, but not to the extent that even illegals get what our citizens deserve. This is just plan wrong! Truth is difficult to find in the political realm of “SPIN.”

The mind fucking boggles.

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  • Larry

    Me fail English? That’s unpossible!

  • StevoR

    I’m guessing the answer is no.

    Guess on the good side you’ll never run short of material from him Ed.

    OTOH, there’s well, pretty much everything else.

  • cptdoom

    Reminds me of when Rand Paul went to Howard U to address the students and began lecturing them about how the GOP was really the part of freedom, and the students – who knew history way better than the Senator – just turned on him. We all know which party was in power during the Civil War and the passing of the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments, and which party was in power when the Civil Rights Act was passed (and which President sacrificed the South politically to gain approval of the Act). We also know which President first used the “Southern Strategy” to gain disaffected Southern white votes, which President began his first campaign in the South with an appeal to “states’ rights” and into which party all the racist Democrats drifted in the last 40 years.

  • StevoR

    Obama is 50% white, 43.75% Arabic and 6,26% black.

    Um, what?

    Out of morbid curiosity, where the fuck does Agema get those remarkably precise figures from? Also Arabic how?

  • caseloweraz

    Agema: In fact, his genealogy shows his ancestors owned slaves.

    Well, that tears it! History shows that the ancestors of President Obama were the only slaveholders in history, and this historical travesty inevitably means his presidency is a treasonous travesty of history-making proportions. /sarc

    And that’s Agema’s story — his story…

  • caseloweraz

    Arghh: I meant to write “treasonous tragedy”.

  • scienceavenger

    The Republican Party is was the party of anti- racism


    @4 looks like 7/16 Arabic and 1/16 black.

  • heddle


    Yes. Amazingly he respected the simple 1/2^n rule. He must have had help. (Although, of course, the 1/16 should be 6.25 not 6.26).

  • dmcclean

    Meanwhile, on planet Earth, the bible is full of polygamy and slavery, and has been used to justify both with exegeses that are at least as plausible as the ones arguing for the opposite.

  • MyPetSlug

    Because focusing pedantically on Obama’s racial makeup and being totally wrong is the perfect rejoinder to dispelling your opponents’ accusations of racism. Much like calling him “halfrican-american” makes you totally not racist because Obama is only half black, amiright? And I’m sure that if Obama had been in Selma during the civil rights era, he would have been perfectly welcomed at any lunch counter if he just explained to the store owners that he was actually only 6.26% black. “Oh well, then, have a seat, Sir. Just wait a moment while I make a few phone calls.”

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Obama is 101% human? Are you sure there isn’t some “Gray” in there, Mr. Agema?

  • John Pieret

    Truth is difficult to find in the political realm of “SPIN.”

    And it especially doesn’t help if it is from the illiterate> realm of spin!

  • grumpyoldfart

    One day a man like him will be US president.

  • raven

    Obama is 50% white, 43.75% Arabic and 6,26% black.

    his step father was a Muslim and a comminist

    Agema is just making things up. Or more likely copying what someone else made up.

    Obama isn’t half Arab. He was raised a lot of the time by his white grandparents in Hawaii.

    The claim that Obama is half Arab is old, from 2008. It’s from lunatic fringe sites like Rush Limpbrain and Jack Wheeler, a writer for World Nut Daily and OneNewsNow and lives on in rightwing emails.

  • wreck

    “Obama is 50% white, 43.75% Arabic and 6,26% black.”

    What, no reptilian?

  • raven

    Wikipedia Barack Obama the father:

    Obama, Barack (16 October 2006). “My spiritual journey”. Time. Retrieved 5 March 2008. “My father was almost entirely absent from my childhood, having been divorced from my mother when I was 2 years old; in any event, although my father had been raised a Muslim, by the time he met my mother he was a confirmed atheist, thinking religion to be so much superstition.”

    LOL. Truth can be as strange as Agema’s fictions.

    I looked up Obama’s father on Wikipedia. He’s Luo and not even a small part Arab, AFAICT.

    He wasn’t a Moslem. He was…an atheist. Hey, that is as good as being a Moslem, a commie, a pointy headed college graduate, or a woman in David Agema’s murky world of demons, lies, and hate.

    C’mon Agema. Get your lazy thinking brain service dog up and you can do better with the truth.

    Obama’s father was a Harvard graduate, an atheist, and an African Black. His mother was a woman and a college graduate with a Ph.D.. In Agema’s world, these are nightmares right up there with Vampires, Zombies, Demons, and Normal People.

  • matty1

    Slavery was ubiquitous through much of history. I suspect all of us could find both slave owners and slaves in our ancestry if we knew where to look.

  • raven

    FWIW, Obama isn’t Arab. But if he was, so what?

    Arabs include Darryl Issa, the Obama hater and kook from SoCal. Three other members of congress. Ralph Nader. Jospeh Farah, the owner of World Nut Daily. An ex governor of Oregon. And many TV/movie stars including Paula Addul and Marlo Thomas.

  • http://www.clanfield.net janiceintoronto

    You guys get what you deserve. Don’t vote? YOU are the problem.

    What is it that keep these guys in office. Lazy Democrats?

    Surely the Most Mighty and Exceptional United States of America can do better!

    You are frightening the rest of the world.

  • theguy

    @19 “What is it that keep these guys in office. Lazy Democrats?”

    Don’t blame me, I voted (straight Democratic ticket)

    What keeps these guys in office, I suspect, is that lots of other American share his rabid, psychotic fear of people getting the tiniest bit of government assistance. People like that don’t know a damn or give a damn about what it’s really like to be poor or on assistance. They see somebody they consider inferior getting help, and it angers them the same way that a brutal hate crime would anger me.

  • scienceavenger



    Alternative media (Fox) creating an alternative reality.

  • lorn

    The best, most coherent and best documented, story about the origin of the “50% white, 43.75% Arabic and 6,26% black” claim:


    I found the “Greatest Hits” section interesting with this catching my eye:


    Of course once these memes are released into the wild they live on forever.

  • dingojack

    Pierce R. Butler – 100.01%. Obama is superhuman, but not that superhuman.

    😉 Dingo